2013 Scott Genius 700 – 650b Ride Report

27.5 All Mountain Trail

The latest Mtbr Reader Survey (with 2700 responses) shows that over 10% are planning to buy a 650b bike. 7.5% of that are focused on a full suspension 650b bike.  With very few choices in the market right now, Scott is in a good position with this bike to cater to this new appetite.

A good discussion on this bike is available here: http://forums.mtbr.com/650b/2013-scott-27-5-a-799396.html

Check out the geometry on the Genius 700.

Here is a comparison between the told 26er Genius and the two new Genius wheel sizes. The graphic below compares the geometries of the New Genius 700 (green) and 900 (blue). It reveals that the geometries are almost identical in spite of their differing wheel sizes. Because the bottom bracket drops as wheel sizes increases, the BB axle migrates further below the wheel axles for a low slung feel. With the new Genius, riders will therefore enjoy a more ‘in-the-bike’ experience than ever before and reap the rewards of improved handling and stability. The Genius 700 and 900 are the only bikes in the Trailbike segment which offer adjustable geometry. By changing the shock mount chip, BB height increases 6 mm and steepens the head tube angle 0.4°, while handle bar position remains unchanged.

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  • duder says:

    beautiful bike with a lot of quality bits and geo, but meh on a single pivot


    Looks like a spark

  • duderabides says:

    Meh, I’d ride a single pivot…..nothing wrong with ‘em. Bike looks great. Well done, Scott.

  • Wasupwitdat says:

    And my bikeshop guy said 650b wouldn’t go anywhere. I turned my Spark into a 650b two years ago and never looked back. Also dumped the Nude shock for a Fox RP3. That Nude shock sucks. The Fox is fantastic. Scott must be using a 29r fork because Fox hasn’t made that leap to 650b yet. I went with a White Bros. The bike is a dream now.

  • Izzy says:

    “an entirely new wheel standard”
    It’s statements like these that is fodder for 650B critics, and doesn’t help the 650B-ignorant.
    I’m still not a fan of switches. I went SS to simplify things. If I were to go full sus I’d rather go with a design that doesn’t require extra switches or levers to make it more efficient.
    That said, everything else on the new Genius screams engineering art. I love that linkage, and the dropout system is way cool. I also like how clean the rear brake mounting is. However, I’m no suspension expert, so this leads me to ask, how will this affect braking on this single pivot design?

  • Brad says:

    This is the future thanks scott

  • professore says:

    So far the best looking bike I’ve seen. I love how the linkage disappears. Well done Scott.

  • Daniel Owen says:

    Izzy, when you ride a single pivot bike you just don’t use the back brake as much,,, makes you a much faster rider,,, and anyway, with small rotors it should should not “brake jack”…. but SP do climb well as the tend to dig in…

  • SpruceHead says:

    Was this written by MTBR or by Scott? Anyone else concerned about snagging something on those cables hanging off the BB?

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