About the author: Jeff Lenosky

Jeff Lenosky helped pioneer urban mountain biking, fusing his background in BMX and observed trials, then taking it to the streets. Featured in dozens of mountain bike movies, the New Jersey native travels constantly doing trials demos at bike shops, festivals and races, and even jumping in the occasional cross country or enduro race.

How-to: Taking mountain bike selfies like a boss

Trials ace and media maven Jeff Lenosky lets us in on his tips for taking better trail selfies.

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How-to: Jeff Lenosky shows us how to ride up steep inclines

Jeff Lenosky’s monthly how-to column focuses on proper technique for conquering steep inclines.

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How-to: The skinny on riding skinnies according to Jeff Lenosky

In this month’s episode, mountain bike legend Jeff Lenosky gives us some tips on how to keep our balance and ride skinnies.

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How-to: Trials ace Jeff Lenosky shows you how to ‘punch’ trail obstacles

In his first Mtbr column, mountain bike legend Jeff Lenosky shows us how to the “front touch” or “punch”—a move that makes riding over trail obstacles faster and more fun.

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