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What we have here is a 29er built under the Banshee philosophy. And it is a great addition to the 29er hardtail spectrum of bikes. Instead of building another smooth, comfortable 29er hardtail, Banshee built an All Mountain 29er hardtail. It loves to jump, take aggressive lines and carve grooves into corner.

It is not for everybody but it certainly fills a void in the aggressive 29er hardtail arena. Bravo to Banshee for sticking to their core values and using the 29er platform to build a fun and aggressive bike.

The downside to this frame is it is pretty harsh for a 29er. They bent the seatstays but it’s still an aggressive ride. But we won’t ding it for not being as smooth as the steel or 29er hardtails. This is an aggressive, all-mountain hardtail so the buyer just needs to understand what they’re getting in to.

At $600 for the frame, value is awesome.  Quality, durability and finish are excellent for this price point. It looks pretty good too and appears more expensive than its cost.

We’re giving it a 5 star rating for the frame if you are the right buyer for this frame. If you are a big rider or someone looking for an aggressive 29er hardtail, this is a good one and redefines the boundaries that shackled 29er hardtails before it.

Value Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars



Overall Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars



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  • rockhop says:

    12.4″ BB height with a FIVE inch fork?! Don’t buy if you live hear in the NE. Best ride that on those buff trails like in the pic!

  • greg says:

    yea.. thats pretty much a west coast thing there … bad mud clearance and a low BB = east coast failbike.. My voodoo has 13 7/8 with a rigid fork..

    Its a neat looking frame but no place for it over here…

  • What's your point? says:

    The Paradox’s BB height with a 5″ fork is 1/4″ taller than an Eastern Woods Research sled (26 or 29) with a 4 inch fork.

  • francois says:

    What is east coast thing?
    :) Right on fellas. Definitely useful feedback as we here in the West definitely have smoother and flowier conditions.

  • Pulsepro says:

    I have a Paradox with a 120mm Drake, and the BB measures 12.1 inches. I ride in Massachusetts. The lowish BB height took some getting used to, but the stability and carving-ability it affords are undeniable.

  • CJ says:

    I think the BB comments are missing the point and unrealistic. I am with Pulsepro on this one. Most will run a 2 chainring setup on this type of bike with a 34-36 tooth big ring & granny and you’ll have enough clearance and gearing for 99% of most situations.

    It’s a 29er for all mountain and enduro riding not XC. Check out Banshee’s home turf it aint buff and flowy around Vancouver it’s burly and technical wet and rooty and oh MOUNTAINOUS…

    I think it’s a great frame and a refreshing take on the 29er hardtail.

    • Lumberjake says:

      Agreed. I get a laugh reading all the east coast is so much more rocky and rooty compared to the west. Sure., if the west is only California! I would bet my local BC trails are more rocky, rooty and technical than most east coast trails. Just have a look at any photos or videos of Vancouver trails, we have big trees and big rock and big drops so please don’t say the west is all fire road glory single track because I rarely run into that.

  • Tim from NY says:

    I saw Pulsepro’s Paradox do fine on techy New England terrain -when I could rarely follow on my 5″ dually 6er!

    Good point CJ too!

  • jon says:

    Not intending to criticize here, but curious…The over shooting on the turn in the pic makes me wonder how flickable that bike actually is. I mean that is way off.

  • Francois says:

    >>Not intending to criticize here, but curious…The over shooting on the turn in the pic makes me wonder how flickable that bike actually is. I mean that is way off.

    That is a good point :). That turn is actually tricky as it is flat and powdery in the center. Then it berms up a bit and the grass is solid. I think the best line is just touching the grass a bit. I think I overshot a couple of inches but I have never leaned a bike there that well in the summer.


  • js says:

    This is a super late entry! Got my paradox stolen a few months back and have spent a ton of time riding and researching bikes of the same vein and this is by far the best. As mentioned in the con list, this bike is ridiculously stiff. I hated that initially but the added stiffness makes a super responsive ride. As for the BB height, i challenge the haters to take a ride on some colorado front range trails and tell me its not enough. For anyone who’s ridden here they know the type of chunder that exists and I have never felt the BB needed to be any higher. That low BB makes for some “wicked” fast cornering. I’ve smoked numerous riders on 6″ FS bikes on downhill. As for the overshoot in the photo, can’t explain that one. It must be the rider :)

    • Slaker says:

      I am thinking of switching my 29er to this frame, I live and ride on the front range and I know what your saying.I would probably run a bigger fork since I am used to about 12.75″ bb height and I like the added slackness,But it looks like every thing I want in a 29er hardtail frame.

    • Slaker says:

      Who did you get your frame through?

  • Slaker says:

    Why not just run a 140mm fork on it?That will raise the bb and shaken the head angle,you can’t go wrong.

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