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DRIFT – included mounts and the VIO double hook and loop mount


There’s not much to say about the Drift HD 170-provided mounts which haven’t been already covered in Brian’s article. I predict most people will use the vented helmet mount and the goggle mount. I tried the handlebar mount but without much success. In my opinion, too much movement is transmitted by the bike that handlebar-mount footage is generally not acceptable in rough trails. People with smooth trails will have more success with the bar mount.

I will note that there is a standard threaded receiver on the HD170. Simply unscrew the mount adapter and you’ll find it on the underside of the camera. With this received you can attach tripods, suction mounts, clamp mounts & roll bar mounts.

Here are some additional comments about the mounts provided with the Drift HD170

1. Handlebar mount; see Brian Mullin’s article for some pictures and example of useage

2. Goggle mount; this is the mount that will work with full-face helmets provided the user wears goggles. With the weight of the Drift HD170 its well-nigh impossible to get the goggle tight enough so the camera doesn’t move around while you’re filming (to get the goggle strap acceptably tight you’ll be cutting off blood circulation. I found the goggle mount worked if you you do some modifications. Put a strip of velcro under the mount and put another strip of velcro on your helmet so there is a firm contact between mount and helmet and the mount will not move while you’re on rough terrain.

Goggle mount used in obviously a skiing situation (from the DriftHD website)

3. Helmet mount (plus included velcro); this vented helmet mount option works really well. It’s secure. It doesn’t move. When you need to remove the camera you can remove it easily. It’s only downside is that your field of view is somewhat isolated from the rider (this is also true of the handlebar mount); its hard to position this mount so you get any part of your bike or hands in the field of view so your video is suspended in space. Having said that, this is a personal preference issue. A slightly more obvious downside is that Drift does not supply much of the velcro you need to attach the mount to your helmet and once attached; the mount is there permanently. This will be an issue if you change helmets or if you want to put the Drift on more than one helmet.


About the author: Lee Lau

Lee Lau calls North Vancouver and Whistler BC home. He's had over 15 years experience riding bikes mainly in western North America and in Europe. Unlike many people who learned to ride bikes on North Shore trails, he actually enjoys riding (and sometimes bushwhacking) uphill.

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