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A Brief History Through Time
Progress through Change

The 1992 Norco Rampage was the first Mountain bike to be engineered specifically for use with a suspension fork. Before this time, if a bike utilized front suspension there was a geometry tradeoff based on the elevated front end and slack, tall geometry. In its day, this change was a big deal!

Looking at the bikes of 2012, changes such as this have molded what we ride today. It has been a series of small, influential changes that have made a world of difference. One change drives another, one advantage spurs more progress. Before you know it, we are looking at a whole different era of bicycles, technology and performance.

The Rampage in it’s original form may not seem relevant today but it now represents the theory of Norco development. This bike came out of a need and desire for a performance suspension mountain bike. Through the development of one technology, others needed to change in order to get the most benefit out of the whole ensemble.

What started with a frame re-design ballooned into nearly every other aspect of the bike being replaced with something stronger, lighter, faster and in every way better. The Brakes went from Canti to V, then to disk. Shifting went from 7 through the range up to 10 speeds, steel became alloy or carbon. Each aspect of the bike is a symbol of the evolution the bicycle has taken. Each aspect of this bike represents an important step in the creation of your bike today.

Today, we look at a bike like the 2012 Norco Aurum and again we see the same principles driving development. Features such as hydroforming, tapered head-tubes and A.R.T suspension are all the result of a need or desire materialized on a bike. Thinking back to the original geometry change of the Rampage. This subtle yet racical change is again realized with the launch of Gravity Tune. Offering bikes with geometry tuned for the specific size of a rider seems like a no-brainer. Riders of different heights have different needs when it comes to geometry. Designing the Aurum with specific height and weight distribution characteristics for the rider seemed like a natural and necessary step.

Teaming Up for the Ride
Norco Supporting the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Norco has been supporting the Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer since it’s inaugural ride back in 2009. In our fourth year of support there will also be a team of riders from Norco participating in the Vancouver and Toronto rides. The team will consist of 11 riders in the West and 5 from the east. All 16 participants are committed to riding over 220 kms each and raising a minimum of $2500.

The team will prepare for the upcoming events through group training, individual efforts, and perseverance. They will also work on their own and as a team to raise their individual fundraising goals. You can follow their personal and group progress on the Norco Ride To Conquer Cancer page that can be found at norco.com/rtcc. In the coming months leading up to each of the Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer events you can follow the team’s training and fundraising progress. Additionally we will be providing resources on training, tech and preparation for all participants. If you are looking for tricks, tips and ideas for your ride, check this site for regular updates.

The Norco RTCC team is assembled and they are well on their way to meeting their goals for the ride. Take a few minutes and watch this introduction to some of the team. Learn the personal reasoning for each of our team members in participating in the 2012 Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer.

Cold, Dark Days are (hopefully) Behind Us

Well, January was predictably wet, cold, and even miserable at times. Mixed in though were moments of positivity and enlightenment as well. I’ve started up my 2012 training plan and am getting back at it. Despite the lousy weather, I managed to ride 3 days a week as planned, snuck in 3 runs as well and attended Yoga with Ryan Leech (always a plus). You all know it takes some dedication to walk outside when it is pitch black and pouring rain and ride right past your parked vehicle and head off to work. Same with coming home… by the time my work day ended it is fully dark again, and seemed to be quite often raining when it was time to put on riding clothes to head home. Luckily I only do those commuter rides 2 days a week right now as some days it just isn’t fun.

However, on a positive, we are past the shortest day of the year now WhooHooo, and I think we would be hard pressed to have as WET a ride on our weekend longer training rides as we did a few weeks back – so things are looking good. I’ve recently signed up for a big event in July, so I’m stoked to be riding again and training with an end goal on the calendar.

Sometimes, like this past weekend, we luck out with back-to-back nice days. When that happens it is so fun to sneak in a big “dual-sport” weekend, with a great Mountain Bike ride on one day and a great Road Bike ride on the other. Oh what fun… I’ve had the honor and pleasure of testing 2 of our new 2013 bikes too, so getting out is really not a chore. Being on cool bikes that really rip make any “effort” not really an effort after all.

So, I hope this note finds you all healthy and happy, and some dry pavement or snow free trails starting to show up around your place. Remember, get out while you can. Make the most of it, and if not, at the very least pull that trainer in-front of the TV and jump-start that fitness plan for spring 2012. You will be thankful you did it later on when you DO get back outside.

Enjoy your riding – or skiing – or running – or swimming – or whatever it is that you do to keep yourself sane and fit. Remember, 2 wheels = fun. Hope to see you out of hibernation and pedaling soon.

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  • Rob says:

    I purchased a Rampage new in 1992. Loved that bike, and rode the heck out of it. It stood up to everything I threw at it. I still have it hanging in my garage today!

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