Fox Racing Shox 2010 Product Launch


The major breakthroughs for 2010 that Fox was going to focus on were with 32mm fork lineup and the rear shock program. The forks are still called the F series but every fork got a serious makeover. With FIT technology now being integrated into every fork, Fox has once again raised the bar with performance. Weight was a huge improvement as well with these forks; most 32mm forks dropped a significant amount. For instance: the F100RLC is now under 3.19 lbs. Fox always puts performance first, but this year they want to have the lightest and best performing forks on the market. As for the rear shocks, Boost Valve technology is going to be included in all high-end offerings. Boost Valve Technology was developed and refined on the World Cup DH circuit last year. This same technology is now going to help make your riding more efficient and enjoyable on any trail.


The Flagship XC Fork drops weight and competitors
In 2009 Fox presented the completely redesigned 32 F-Series chassis improvements including the revolutionary new 15QR system, new crowns, steerers and lower legs which improved suspension performance and rider confidence.

FIT (FOX Isolated Technology) dampers are brought into the 32 line up of forks. The FIT RLC dampers bring FOX damping control to a whole new level. The FIT damper uses a unique bladder design, which provides the lowest possible friction for a sealed damper, reduces fluid aeration for enhanced suspension consistency, and reduces unsprung weight for faster wheel response and increased steering precision. The ergonomic, handlebar-mounted remote lockout is now available in both left and right hand versions, offering riders flawless transitions between open and lockout damping modes. Now available with an optional 1.5˝–1 1/8˝ taper steerer for added stiffness, the F-Series forks also boast a reduction in both weight and friction throughout the fork, resulting in better small bump sensitivity and increased front wheel traction.
The harder you push the damper the more confidence it inspires. FIT dampers will be found in 32 F series, Float, TALAS, and Vanilla forks for 2010.

All Fox forks receive new tunes to their air spring curves for better utilization of travel. The TALAS forks receive a larger and more ergonomically friendly travel adjust lever.

My bike was spec’d with a 32 TALAS 150. Here are my findings for the new TALAS:

  • High and Low Speed Compression are far more sensitive than last year.
  • I rode much of the time with my low speed compression knob almost all the way on. The fork stayed high in it’s travel on the climbs yet still provided great control over small bumps.

  • On the DH the bumps got larger the fork was able to access it’s full travel even with the low speed knob turned all the way on.
  • Lockout force knob was easy to access and therefore usable during the ride.
  • Once again beginning stroke compression has been vastly improved. The small bump compliance is much better giving the fork more of a coil type suppleness.
  • TALAS adjuster was easy to use and I found that the forked had the same characteristics at all travel settings

    I want to emphasize that Fox has made HUGE improvements in the following areas for this fork:

    1) Small bump compliance in the initial 25% of travel. This has much to do with the improved beginning stroke (low speed) compression.
    2) Sensitivity of the adjustment knobs. Each adjustment not only works but you can tell the difference with minor adjustments.

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    • mehukatti says:

      So still no competitor to RS Totem from Fox?

    • Paul says:

      Brilliant lineup and with the same reliability over Rockshox too :D

    • ryon says:

      did the beef up their warranty policy to cover the consumer for leaky forks v. robbing the consumer? RS will atleast warranty their stuff when it fails.

    • Forrest says:

      There currently no 7\ single crown fork offerings from Fox.

    • flystagg says:

      Sounds like it was a legendary day, fox sure knows how to put on a party.

    • Forrest says:

      I can’t wait until next year man!!!!

    • spaniard says:

      Israel Romero, the men with 2 clocks on every pic !!!

    • Junky says:

      Many of fox’s shocks are being reported as faulty

    • Hardmtnbiker says:

      Great stuff! Fox is still on top but should have had added a longer 36 model to fill the gap and maybe a 32 w/20mm TA. IMO

    • Rob Krotee says:

      Sweet! Dirt Rag in the House!

      PMBA uses FOX !!

    • goodshox says:

      Nike running shoes,good shox for stylelife..

    • WFO partypack says:

      Boost Valve my azz, it’s a non functional POS that doesn’t hold it’s nitrogen pressure and do it’s job. I’ll take a pre 2010 RP23 any day over this worthless, overpriced failing feature known as Boost Valve. “Subtle difference” is a nice wasy of saying it doesn’t work. I want Pro pedal working stoutly when set on 3 when I turn it on and I’m climbing fire road deciding to stand and mash. If I want to climb rocky root infested single track, I’ll turn it off and set it to 1. Doesn’t matter, set on 1,2, or 3, Propedal on or off, the shiat don’t work. You can verify it yourself, let all the air out of your shock, then cycle the shock in positions 1,2, and 3, with pro pedal, off, then on, for 6 tests. No difference. Scam, or failed design, you decide! My WFO comes with a POS Fox Float labeled as something super duper, that climbs like shiat.

      Total RIP off Fox Racing, Shame on you! May as well just buy a Fos Float with a lockout feature.

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