Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er & Anthem X 29er W Sea Otter Demos

29er Sea Otter Classic Video

Mtbr has teamed up with Giant! Test ride a Giant, give your feedback and walk away with a pair of Mtbr socks! Stop by the Giant test ride center in the demo area at Sea Otter for details.

A few reactions from the first people at the Sea Otter Classic to demo the 2013 Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er and the Liv/giant Anthem X 29er W. If you’re in the neighborhood, come by and try out these brand new Giant bikes!

Mtbr Test Panel First Impression Reviews – We took a select crew out there early Thursday morning for a 12 mile loop on slippery climbs and twisty singletrack. The singletrack was laced with poison oak so we put our faith in our 29er steeds.

By Okie Dokie
Had chance to ride the new Giant Anthem Carbon today….and what a sweet ride it is. I had hoped to ride a large like I do on my Tallboy…but after getting on the medium I think that it actually fit me better. This bike is geared more toward the racer or XC crowd….and it certainly lived up to that calling.

Impressions of the bike….it just felt like it wanted to hammer. No kidding aside I just felt like I wanted to hammer on this bike. It takes off very fast…very quick and responsive. Very “flickable” as well where the bike felt smaller then a 29er (possibly due to my exp on a large TB?) The suspension felt active and responsive on the downhills and firm as you would expect a XC bike to be.

The biggest thing of all though was the climbing. This bike climbs like a hard tail. We took some pretty steep climbs today and the bike just wanted to go fast uphill. Tire stayed to the ground…and the bike just climbed. Very very efficient…and astonishingly impressive. I know for a fact that my Tallboy does not climb as well.

Anyway hats off to Giant for creating a great bike…and sharing it with us!

By urban turban
Today I had the pleasure to test the 2013 Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er 1. After hearing that this full suspension 29er weighed in around the mid 20 pound range, the stakes were high. Has the bar been raised or will the bike feel soft?

First off, the bike has a great design and is very pleasing to the eye. The frame geometry is identical to last year’s Anthem, but for 2013, Giant has taken the Anthem to the next level by building the front triangle out of carbon fiber. This has reduced the weight of the bike while increasing the stiffness where it matters. At the suggested retail price, the bike comes with an excellent component spec. Taking it through its paces on some twisty and sandy singletrack, I found myself second guessing the bike’s ability less and less the further I rode. The rear suspension tracked true and kept me comfortable on the descents. I would have felt more content with a larger frame and a shorter stem since the long stem made the steering feel a little slower than what I expect. At the same time, the Anthem’s handling was more than sufficient and it never felt sloppy or uncontrollable.

When the trails turned upward, the Anthem really shined. Coming from a hardtail 29er, I expect a full suspension 29er to feel somewhat soft through the pedal stroke, but Giant has worked its magic with this frame and suspension. With it’s incredibly low weight and Maestro link, the Anthem climbed like a dream. I was not able to detect any pedal bob when climbing seated or standing. There were a couple of steep and loose gravel climbs which the bike handled with ease, something I can’t say my hardtail 29er would have done so willingly. Overall, I was very impressed with this bike. With it’s low weight and great pedaling, it would please any cross country racer. It could also be outfitted with a shorter stem and telescoping seat post and turned into a do anything trail bike.

By mike5krnr
My impression of the bike was a good one. It was my first ride on Giant Anthem x Advanced FS 29er and I thought it handled great in all the different terrain we hit including gravel fireroad, sand, and dirt. It felt tight and stable heading down the twisty section single track and climbed with out any noticeable “bob” back up the trails. I appreciated the opportunity to test ride this bike, it made for a great day!

By Twowheelmotion:
The Anthem X 29er…

Parts Gruppo
Head tube angle
wheelbase made for good trailing in the corners
acceleration due to stiffness
OEM grips
I have always liked the square tubing giant does.. so that was cool too
suspension was also dialed.. so dialed

Elixer brakes were brand new and not burned in, so the pads were a little late to engage…
oh and.. I dont own one. Yet.

Just wanted to use this time to say thanks to FC for giving me the chance to participate in the demo with Giant, as well as pick the route we rode, because riding my own trails on the demo bike really showed me some contrast compared to my 2011 epic carbon. Also wanted to say thanks to the guys at Giant, having lived in Camarillo (next town over from Giant in Newberry Park), and have ridden and raced Giant for years and years, and working for a Giant dealer, it was good to talk about the good old days of riding Ventura County and such while riding the newest in new. And of course thanks for representing our little area of CA while you were in town, as well as on this thread, I grew up riding Giant on Backbone, and the Santa Monicas were in fact the very first place I ever rode a mtb way back in ’87….

Great meeting you all, Andrew and Co, you all really made me feel like it was about the rider and not the bike. Probably the closest I will be for a long time to feeling like a pro, when I asked the mechanic to set the bike up for me, changing the stack height, adjusting this and that and then again.. It was all well worth it to me, the bike rode fantastic – Thanks for everything Giant.. Thanks to MTBR as well for all the good times, it was great to be a part of it all. The 2012 Sea Otter is one for the books.

By xls
I wasn’t really planning on demoing it, just needed something to do while my wife tested the women’s Anthem 29er. I was lucky and they had one in my size. If I was in the market to get a new MTB (I’m not, really… No, I’m not!!) I would strongly consider this bike. I really liked it. It was fun for everything on the demo loop, which had a bit of everything except for some real jumps. The frame felt stiff, and the suspension worked as well as the dw-link on my Mojo. Nice parts spec also. The only thing I did not like as much was that the wheels seemed a bit flexy. But I’m used to 26″ AM wheels, so my standard may be off a bit. I’m also not a big fan of the graphics, but that’s just a minor and very subjective issue.

By rj2
First bike I’ve ridden that’s superior to my NRS1

I’ve tested many bikes, but none felt significantly better until now. All the reservations regarding the larger wheel weren’t there. Wheels came up to speed quickly, it fit me, and I didn’t miss the granny gear. It rode a little firm, but a quick turn of the dials on the fork and shock rendered that a non-issue. At $4,650 for X0/X9 build, it’s an amazing value.

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