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Introduction by Mtbr:

Ahh, remember the good old days when we had choices when it came to shifters. One of earliest poll/vs. sections of Mtbr was ‘Trigger shifter vs. Gripshift’.  It was fairly evenly split but most were just happy that there was choice and competition.  The old XRay shifters were, trick and light but they just didn’t work that well. They were finicky and they were a bit fragile.  Gripshifters improved from there but they were slowly relegated to commuter or low-end duty.

Well, it looks like they’re back and that’s a great thing. Choice and competiton is always good. A ton of R&D has gone into it and it looks like a a very smooth and reliable system.  Of course it is quite a bit heavier now than the XRays of old.  But the big issue is the price of $225 to $295.  Quality isn’t cheap and we certainly hope it shows up at the lower price points so everybody can have their choice of shifting again.


From SRAM:

Rainbow Jerseys Don’t Lie
The original SRAM Grip Shift burst onto the scene in 1990, when Greg Herbold used it to win the first-­‐ever UCI World Downhill Championship. As XC and DH racing grew in global popularity, elite racers grew to embrace Grip Shift. XC legends John Tomac, Ned Overend and Thomas Frischknecht swore by it. Downhill stars like Anne-­Caroline Chausson joined Herbold in adding it to her arsenal.

Today, athletes are riding farther and harder than ever before, pushing the limits of component technology. It’s time for the next chapter in Grip Shift history. Designed for SRAM 2X10, the all-new Grip Shift has been reengineered from the inside out. And, in true form, its inaugural race was Jaroslav Kulhavy’s 2011 XC World Championships win. Simply put, it’s one of the most advanced shifters ever created.

  • 10 speed
  • Full-metal shift indexing
  • Three rows of ball bearings
  • Integrated lock-on grip

XX Grip Shift Set 2X10

  • XX Grip Shift (207g with cables and clamps)
  • Ride-­On Sealed Low Friction Cable System
  • Carbon Cover
  • Ball Bearing Movement
  • Lock-­On Stationary Grips (80g)

X0 Grip Shift Set 2X10 or 3X10

  • X0 Grip Shift (207g with cables and clamps)
  • Aluminum Cover
  • Ball Bearing Movement
  • Lock-­On Stationary Grips (80g)

Speed Metal Shift Indexing

  • Full metal indexing
  • First 10-­speed Grip Shift
  • Crisp and precise shifting

Rolling Thunder Ball Bearing Technology

  • Zero friction or play
  • Less force needed to shift
  • Three rows of ball bearings, 120 ball bearings
  • Long-­term performance under all weather conditions

Jaws Lock-On Grip Technology

  • Super secure
  • Shifter and grip connect into single unit
  • Easily assembled and removed
  • Grips included with shifters
  • Converts to work with any grip

2012 Grip Shift Athletes
Annie Last
Burry Stander
Carl Decker
Christoph Sauser
Emily Baay
Florian Vogel
Heather Irmiger
Irina Kalentieva
Jaroslav Kulhavy
Jeremy Horgan Kobelski
Jérôme Clementz
Jose Hermida
Julien Absalon
Kelli Emmett
Lisi Osl
Manuel Fumic
Marco Aurelio Fontana
Nino Schurter
Ralph Näf
Ross Schnell
Rene Wildhaber
Russell Finsterwald
Sam Schultz
Todd Wells

Shifter XX Grip Shift Set 2X10 with Ride-­On Sealed Cable System and Lock-­On Stationary Grips: $295
Shifter X0 Grip Shift Set 2X10 Red with Lock-­On Stationary Grips: $225
Shifter X0 Grip Shift Set 3X10 Red with Lock-­On Stationary Grips: $225
Shifter X0 Grip Shift Set 2X10 Silver with Lock-­On Stationary Grips: $225
Shifter X0 Grip Shift Set 3X10 Silver with Lock-­On Stationary Grips: $225

Available April 30, 2012.

Source: Tyler Morland

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  • Steven Cole says:

    I’m a huge fan of Grip Shift. I started with the old X-rays back in 96′, and have been riding every upgraded version since then. Four times, I’ve went back to triggers, but I always come back to GS. Dumping and picking up as many gears at one time, not to mention the excellent indexing are what I have always liked about them. The old X-rays were the best as far as ergonomics, but I did go through several pairs (broke them), before the XO’s came out. I’ve been waiting to the 2×10 versions for a while now, and while the price is too high (so are the triggers), I be putting a set on my new build. Cheers, and twist on.

  • Barny says:

    I saw these at the scram tent at the Mont this year, they look the business. I’ve been riding my Cube pro for 18 months on the old 9×3 speed XO twisties and they never miss a beat. You can make small adjustments to the chain giving me more usable gears and forgiving my lack of technical ability. Only cost me $80 on line so until the cost comes down a bit I won’t change to 10×2 (which is a shame). Go twisties :)

  • Phil says:

    I fitted the X0 gripshift 2×10 set last weekend, took all of half an hour, another couple of minutes to fine tune. shifts were smooth, much better than the X7 triggers I replaced. Braking and shifting at the same time takes some getting used to, but shifting under most situations is almost a reflex action rather than a planned action, I found myself using gears more efficiently and concentrating less on changing.

    Being able to dump several gears in one movement is a real bonus. You do lose around 20mm for the extra width of the shift mechanism, I found that no real issue, 1 or 2 finger braking was no problem. The grips are wide enough to ride (at least with my hands) without actually contacting the shift area, but regardless of where my hands were on the grip there was no accidental shifting.

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