Jet Lites Blast 1000 – HID Review

Lights Shootout

Mounting the Jet Blast 1000 HID

For the purposes of this review, I only mounted the Jet Lites Jet Blast 1000 HID with the helmet mount. I was using the light as my only light source during the rides, and a helmet mount allows the light to follow my eyes instead of the bars. If you are planning on having a single light source while you ride, I highly recommend using a helmet mount.

The helmet mount on the Jet Blast was easy to install and adjust. The velco straps were long enough to fit around larger sized helmets like the Fox Flux and getting the light centered was a breeze. Once the helmet mount is secure, it doesn’t move or come loose during riding.

The angle of the light is controlled by the swivel base and the tightness of this base is adjusted by to hex head screws under the light mount. I keep these bolts tight enough that the helmet mounted light does not move under normal trail vibration, but not so tight that I can’t adjust the angle of the light on the trail. I did find that the location of these bolts made trailside adjustments difficult because the light had to be removed. The hex head bolt size is also smaller than anything I have on my Crank Bros multi-tool, so make sure you have this adjustment set correctly before you hit the trail.

The battery connection threads into the light wire and this provides a very secure fit. Once the battery was placed in my pack, everything was set and ready to go.

Jet Blast 1000 HID On The Trail

All of the stats, mounting, figures and bs are great…but what you really want to know is how the light performs right?


The operation of the Jet Blast 1000 HID is incredibly simple. There is only one button on the top of the light unit and it is either on or off. There are not multiple light brightness on this light, and this was a missed feature for battery power conservation. That said…I never fully ran the battery out while on the trail. The claimed 5 hour run time is a bit conservative and you do see the complete 3 hours at full charge.


Stupid bright! I am not joking around either. This light from Jet Lites gets the full 1000 lumens as claimed. Riders in front of me were actually laughing because this light was completely drowning out their HID’s. The spread was decent, but their was a distinct hot spot on the trail in front of the rider. This is pretty normal among bike lights and the overall brightness of this light really increased the amount of light in the spread. The most amazing part of this lights brightness was the throw. You can light up power poles down the street by just pointing your head at them and that is a true sign of the power of this ballast.

The following shots were taken with a Nikon D80 with the Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 18-135mm1:3.5-5.6G ED lens. ISO 100; 18mm; f/3.5; 1.0 sec

The Jet Blast 1000 HID bike light has a truer white light than most HID’s. For those of you that are used to a more bluish tint, you will notice the whiter light gives more definition to shadows and objects on the trail. This color is closer to a true natural light source.

Many confuse the bluish tint of some HID lights as brighter than a more traditional whiter light. When comparing two lights with equal output, the bluer tint is going to appear brighter because your eye is more sensitive to blue and perceives it as glare. A truer white light creates more visibility for the rider.

Note: The color tint of HID ballast is determined by burn temperature. OEM legal limits on cars is 4100-4300k (true white). The blue you see on these lights is actually created the light bending around the cutoff shield that prevents you from blinding on coming traffic, and not the color of the omitted light on the ground.

Good Jet Lites Blast 1000

  • So much light it should be illegal!
  • Decent light spread to left and right of trail
  • Battery lasts as long as quoted
  • A true white light from a HID
  • Light enough for helmet use

Bad Jet Lites Blast 1000

  • Mount difficult to adjust trailside if it comes loose
  • Absence of multiple brightness settings for battery conservation
  • Battery may be large for some riders
  • Price…you pay for all of that light!

Overall, the Jet Lites Blast 1000 has been an incredible light. The little annoyances that it did have did not over shadow its performance on the trail. To sound really corny in a light review…it just shines. Everyone at the trail head will been looking towards you when airplanes come to land on the trail when you are wearing this unit, but better than that…you will be able to see everything you need to on the trail. That is the important part.



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