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  • neil says:

    stupid. special ed tries to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. i’m actually dumber for reading that article.

  • Michael9218 says:

    Agreed. Solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Adding weight to a race bike for tools seems counterintuitive. Carry a hydration pack if you really need more water and storage for tools. Keeps the weight off the bike. Plus you can carry proper tools….

  • TBrown says:

    Some of us hate racing with things on our back.. I won’t use the plastic box thing but the hidden tools are great! Tools in the frame, tape a tire to the frame somewhere with Co2.. done.

  • Mr_T says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but SRAM chains specifically instruct you to NOT push the pin back into a chain when shortening it.

  • whogivesarats says:

    On your back, on your bike, weighs the same. Some great solutions for those that want them. Easy answer for those that don’t……………don’t!

    ‘neil’ is dumber for reading the article? Forums should be used to offer constructive solutions, not to waste everyone’s time with negative comments. Very dumb neil!!

  • Scott1race says:

    I think all of this stuff is great, especially the top cap chain tool and the shock mount multi tool. I an a hard core mechanic and tend to carry full sized tools with me, but don’t forget that this stuff could save your ride, or make you the hero of the day for carrying them. Plus get style points. Racing whiners are just that.

  • Natedog says:

    Very cool stuff, all the Specialized haters are just jealous. I’m tired of wearing Camelbak on hot summer days…on my MTB and my road bikes. Count me in! :)

  • andy says:

    Can you guys please have your author catch a clue? No chain manufacturer in the past 10 years (ie. since 8-speed) has recommended, or allowed you to push the pin back in. Quick links are both faster and more reliable in those circumstances.

    As for the rest of you Camelsak lovers. Enjoy! I’ll have a 2nd bottle cage on my full suspension while you are tickling the hose. This system, along with the 2nd bottle cage, has the potential to be REALLY good. Time will tell. And I guess time will tell if it will work on previous generations of Epics??

    • Francis Cebedo says:

      >>Can you guys please have your author catch a clue?

      Pushing the pin back is something we’ve seen done when there is no quick link of the right chain width around (8-9-10-11) speed. It may not be recommended but we’ve seen it get the rider back on the ride at least a dozen times over the last few years. With this tool, that is not an option.

      Putting it in older, Epics? Not a chance unfortunately.

  • Jeff H says:

    >>>>Can you guys please have your author catch a clue? No chain manufacturer in the past 10 years (ie. since 8-speed) has recommended, or allowed you to push the pin back in. Quick links are both faster and more reliable in those circumstances.

    To Andy. If you kink a chain, you need to pull off the offending links. True, you don’t push the link back in, but you still have to pull off the ruined link(or two). Sure your chain will now be to short and you may loose some of your big/big cross chainring combos… but you get to ride home instead of walking.

    I still carry a chain break with me. Never ruined a chain on my own bike, but have had to remove a few links off a buddy’s bike and push the pin back in. We limped home, but still was better then walking.

  • Jeff says:

    I’m amazed by the polarized reactions to the swat idea. I credit specialized for comming up with options. As riders, we pick what we want to use and what we don’t. Here is the great thing about SWAT: use if if you want and when you want. Doing an XC race? take off the SWAT box and go. Doing a 100miler or super long training ride? throw on the SWAT box and use you pockets for more food and less gear. Kudos to speciailzed for fitting two legit bottle cages on full-suspension bike. Thanks for options.

  • gnarvey says:

    So strange to see people so opposed to a company being innovative. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Got a race? Take the swat box off. Got a 100 miler? Put it back on. Have to get your opinions out but don’t want to be embarrassed in real life? Post on the internet.

  • PSonntag says:

    Clever – if the tools are of any quality. I prefer the flexibility of a seatbag that is packed tight and silent. It’s also portable if you have more than one bike.

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