Mega Underground Bike Park Opens in Louisville, Kentucky

Huge complex 100 feet under ground provides year-round riding conditions

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Today marks the Grand Opening of the Mega Underground Bike Park in Louisville, KY. It is the ONLY underground bike park in the world and spans 320,000 square feet. It is located 10 stories underground and the designers (Joe and Alec) have created over 45 trails.

Huge underground complex offers dirt jumpers tons of options.

Huge underground complex offers dirt jumpers tons of options.

The bike park is one of four parts of the Louisville Mega Cavern that also hosts 3 other attractions including zip lines, ropes course and for the less adventurous a tram tour. In addition, the Cavern has meeting rooms and party rooms available for rent and they do a pretty cool lights show during Christmas.

Two riders airing it out over the dirt jumps.

Two riders airing it out over the dirt jumps.

We talked by phone with an employee who said the Grand Opening was going awesome with several local TV stations sending their news crews to cover the event (who are filming remote since TV and radio signals cannot be transmitted while so far underground). The cavern was created as a massive limestone quarry — with miners blasting out an amazing amount of rock for over 40+ years during the middle of the 20th century. It is now privately owned and has been running as a tourist attraction for approximately 8 years.

Jumps are huge, but DJ is just part of what the park has to offer.

Jumps are huge, but DJ is just part of what the park has to offer.

Riders enjoy perfect weather all-year round in the cavern, even when the outside temperatures are not conducive to biking. The bike park has dirt jumps, pump tracks and even a dual slalom set-up. You can bring your BMX, dirt jumper, 4x or XC bike since they have cross country single track trails, too. Currently bike rentals are not available but the organizers are working on this and hope to have them available in March or April.

Check out this video submitted by Dirt Hick Productions that gives a good overview of the park.

Daily rate for an eight hour pass is $40 and the daily rate for a four hour pass is $24. Riders can buy tickets in advance online or on-site. Kids of all ages are welcome (kids must be accompanied by an adult). The daily hours of operation are: 10am to 5pm Mon-Thu and 10am to 8pm Fri-Sun.

About Mega Bike

“Join us in early February 2015 to experience a one of a kind Underground Bike Park. Enjoy the comfort of our 60 degree temperature year round. Come experience what the buzz is all about. You simply won’t believe what you see.”

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About the author: Gregg Kato

Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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  • Kevin says:

    $40 for a 8 hour pass when they are only open 7hrs, mon-fri.. humm must be why there is a discount from the $24 for 4 hrs

    • Gregg Kato says:

      Hey Kevin, I actually brought up this very same point with the employee that I talked to and told them that the 8 hour pass made no sense for Mon-Thu riders. They had no clear answer. I DO notice that since I first posted this article, they have expanded their two pricing options to ten including a 10-punch card, IMBA discount and multi-attraction discount (if you want to ride and do zipline or ropes course).

  • Sam says:

    I would imagine insurance costs account for a fair chunk of that fee. They should come up with a monthly/yearly pass.

  • Jim says:

    The market will dictate whether it’s a success or not. I’d think that $40 would be comparable with a lift ticket for the ski areas that allow bikes. I don’t live anywhere near Louisville, so I’m not likely to ever ride there. My area has an incredible number of trails that are free, and the weather is nice pretty much year around, unlike many other states.

  • says:

    What kind of bikes are available for renting ?
    Are they just jumper bikes or a mix of hardtale and suspension bikes ?
    What are the rates ?
    Csn yoh book bikes in advance ?

  • joe says:

    I rode here opening week had a blast !! Jump lines are great !! Bmx or dj bike for sure !! As for xc ….well i can only hope that part gets worked out better has so much potential !! I hope megacaverns gets the message and takes this as constructive criticism ..i really want this place to make it !! I realize duplicating MTB single track Indoor is a difficult task ..having someone more in touch with flowy outdoor xc singletrack helping design and build would be money well spent! ! If a person comes to ride xc only and pays his $40 it is right now ..most likely going to leave kinda bummed

  • Harris says:

    I’m from Louisville. I’ve been riding here for 25 years. The caverns has a very mixed reaction from local riders. They’ve done an excellent job hyping this place online, and those close to the builders/owners defend it rabidly… but there’s lots of grumbling behind closed doors from actual riders. The grumbling has been growing and growing, but until now I’d only heard about it in face to face conversations with other riders. Today it’s come to my attention that there’s already a “boycott Louisville mega caverns” face book page but it appears that its about to be taken down due to ‘in” fighting. It looks cool to be sure! Nobody is arguing that. It seems to me that the only ones talking this place up are young single dirt jumpers and their friends who have been involved in the process of building this and people who have been getting in for free during the build process/invited to media events. I think the owners of the cavern have been told that this is the best thing since sliced bread, and have been fed data about mountain bike ownership (stated in a TV interview that there are more mountain bikers than golfers) and they think they’ve stumbled on a gold mine and think they can price according and tell anyone who thinks differently to take a flying leap….but I’m not so sure that’s the case. It all depends on who you talk to, but word is getting around that the local bike community (with the exception of those closely affiliated with the dirt jumpers who built this place and their “crews” ) are sort bummed about the “trails” and the pricing. They’re also being very stingy with discounts and other promotions. I know an IMBA member who tried to cash in on a small discount afforded to IMBA members, but was told he’d have to also buy tickets to other activities in the “caverns” in order to get the discount. Because he was already not happy with the pricing, but was going to “give it a try” with the small discount, he and his family, just decided not to go. Ironically Louisville just had small snow storm, you know, the very thing that makes the mega cavern special….the constant temps in inclement weather? And they closed. Not only did they close, but according to reviews on trip advisor left by those who had their money taken, they kept the full deposits of clubs who had pre booked zip line events there. I think maybe their hubris is getting the better of them, and they need to realize that Rays indoor is located in a place where they actually have long hard winters, Louisville not so much, and when Louisville DID get some actual snow, they closed! Plus Rays charges less than half of what the caverns does. And, most of all, many mountain bikers don’t want to ride 20 foot jumps and sheer drops, and don’t consider a dirt clod path with some rocks tossed in to be single track, but rather, prefer nice single track, and Louisville has lots of great single track outdoors, for free.

  • craig says:

    That description of the “cross country” trails is what I was afraid of hearing . I figured as much from the small amount of video I have seen of the place .
    I appreciate your honesty Harris .
    What will the outdoor riding weather be like down there in May ?

    • Harris says:

      Craig, May in Louisville is usually very nice. The Kentucky Derby is the first Saturday in May and typically weather is in the 70’s and sunny. Mornings are brisk/cold giving way to mild afternoons. Sometimes it’s rainy, but that’s hit or miss. Not only are there current trails that are excellent, there’s a lot of new trails being built in Louisville Parks by IMBA, and are opening in 2015, supposed to be world class so check into that. As far as the caverns go if you look hard you can find more”mountain bike trail videos. I looked and found a video from the same guy who made the video featured in this article above, of “new mountain bike obstacles being built” and it consisted of large narrow uneven rocks placed in a row, which would appeal to some I guess. Another obstacle appeared to be a shipping container with telephone poles on top of it and coming off it at a steep pitch, high in the air, leading down to a dirt ramp. Someone above commented asking if there was anything for non acrobats or tight rope walkers, which sort of nicely summed up what the “big” obstacles look like. Looks like right now it’s ride telephone poles in the air and balance boulders, or dirt clod path with rocks, not much in between. I think the owners of the cavern are non riders, and made the mistake (depending on how you look at it) of hiring consultants that are dirt jumpers/free riders first and foremost, and have convinced them that this sort of thing is mountain biking. So they’ve created a playground for people that fit into the free ride big jump daredevil niche, but I think they’ll find that most bikers don’t fit into that niche. The owner did an interview on TV stating that they think it will be a success because more people own mountain bikes than golf clubs, and while I could be totally wrong, my experience in riding for 20+ years (from coast to coast) and reading forums, and with my own friends, is that big jumps and dare devil free ride obstacles appeal to the minority, not the majority. Riding across a log or boulder on the ground is one thing, riding down one 15 feet in the air is another. I’m not sure they’ll be able to keep the place open with their current expensive rates, given the small group they’re appealing to. I think people initially will visit just to see what it’s about, then taper off, which is a shame. That’s just my opinion though. -H

      • joe says:

        This Harris guy pretty spot on most of what he saying. not all young single dirt jumpers …I’m 43 married have a son and really dig these jumps on my bmx or dj bike !! BUT .i realize I’m the minority for sure!! 90% of your xc guys will want nothing to do with these jumps. $40 i had hope to ride both mtb and bmx . I did ride my mtb for maybe 1 hr to give it a chance …wont be wasting time doing that again! ! Not without some real changes!! Someone who builds flowy xc trails needs brought in to make it right. ..also the cavern is huge…why have all the xc trail stuck in this little corner a long loop into other parts of caverns

  • Cooper says:

    Made my first reservation for Feb 21st and was notified that morning that they were closing due to weather. Bummer and a total surprise to me (since…uhhh…they’re underground), but I believe they had some local safety authority pressure to shut down and keep folks off the roads. I was offered a rain check which was fine by me, but I can see how out-of-towners would be disappointed in getting a raincheck vs. a refund given that Mega essentially cancelled on them. Anyway, after cashing in my 4-hour rain check, I can honestly say that I will probably not return for quite some time. As others have stated here, this place is really built more for dirt jumpers (not me) than trail riders (me), and it was quite evident from the rider demographic….there had to be a few dozen bmx/jump style bike riders and just a handful of trail bike folks. After an hour or so of riding the trails, the wonder of pedaling underground wears off and things get boring. I agree that some expertise with true xc/flow trails was sorely lacking in the design. Also, the trails are quite bumpy and tight, whereas the jump courses are, of course, super-smooth and flowing 😉 It was pretty fun watching the jumpers do their tricks and bailouts though, and I enjoyed rolling (with minor air) some of the jumps, and other obstacles. So to be fair, there certainly is fun to be had especially if you’re into jumping, but don’t go there expecting to have a fun-filled 4 hours of just trail riding. Also, I’d recommend flat pedals as you’ll likely be unclipping a lot to stop and find your way around, and you’ll probably want to be unclipped if you get bored enough to try some jumps. Oh, the IMBA discount was 20% when I bought my pass, so that’s about $20 for 4 hours…not bad.

  • Phil says:

    Rode this place today for 45mins of a 4hr pass the first and last time. This place is strictly for jumpers and expert ones at that. They try to cram too much into too small a space so some of the lines are tricky. The lighting was nothing like what the pictures show and there was an issue with water causing mud to build up and then gather the small rock they have on paths to other sections. This pretty much gummed up my tires and parts of my suspension. Having read some of their press I find it hard to believe any family outside of the bike version of the The Flying Wallendas would want to risk bringing their kids here, this is not a family bike park, it’s not even a bmx rack. Lastly, I don’t know whose genius it was to use much larger rocks to outline the edges of parts of the course but the size, number, placement and shape of these rocks are asking for someone to get seriously injured. For anyone who knows who Michael Schumacher is and what he lost while skiing and wearing a non-full face helmet you get the idea. I give the designers an A+ for trying but only if your interesting in a X-game or Red Bull Rampage level track.

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