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We didn’t know what to to expect when I opened this package with a funny name, MyTinySun. Was it another rebadged Magicshine knock-off?  Oh how wrong we were.

What we have here is a meticulously engineered light from Germany that is one of the most powerful lights I have ever tested. The MyTinySun Sport2700x is a light that houses three of the most powerful lights, the Cree XM-Ls and it claims an output of 2700 lumens.

So two things that jump out at us immediately are the craftsmanship  and  the brightness of the light. The light head is CNC’d to bring out a ton of cooling fins. Three  XM-Ls running at full tilt need quite a bit of cooling. So of course, we rushed outside to turn it on. The light is dramatic in brightness as it is huge, bright swath of light. It measured 204 Mtbr Lux and that falls right in between the more expensive Lupine Betty 2300 and 2600.

Comparison with the Competition:
Baja Designs Double Stryk $450.00 150 Mtbr Lux
Lupine Betty 2300                 $930.00 197 Mtbr Lux
Tiny Sun Lights Sport2700x $500.00 204 Mtbr Lux
Lupine Betty 2600                  $930.00 217 Mtbr Lux

It is great to have options at the very high end of the market. MyTinySun has a lot of experience developing and selling replacement batteries for other manufacturers like Lupine so they know their engineering and testing.

The light uses a 14.4 V – 5.8 Ah battery as opposed to a 7.2 volt or 11.1 volt that most companies use.  This allows MyTinySun to extract a little more brightness out the CREE lamps.  Also, they  use ‘triple optics’ to produce a beam pattern that is very even. There are no hot spots or bright center spot.  The light is just a bright 20 degree flood.  This light can be complemented by an XM-L based spot helmet light to extend its throw.

Some of the features this light has are:

  • Cables and connectors are industrial quality
  • Waterproof – counter spray, water jet and temporary immersion tests all exceed industry standard: IP67
  • Universal PLUS with light carrier mounting aid for mounting on different tube diameters and configurable cable outlet in three possible directions to prevent cable pivoting and wear.
  • Includes high quality storage and transportation case
  • Extremely bright – up to nom. 2700 Lumens
  • Wide illumination – 20 ° optics
  • Longer burning light – up to 28 (14) hours (2.6 W power, nom 425 lumens) with Li-ion technology
  • Lightweight – lamp head about 110 g, battery unit 460 (240) g
  • High sensitivity – CNC machined and anodized aluminum components
  • Environmentally friendly – EU-style, CE certified, RoHS compliant

It’s a German light so it has to respond to higher testing standards.

Packaging was a little rough at press time with the battery wrapped in velcro and the case it came in was a generic hard case with foam inserts. These were being improved and developed while we were testing.


  • Price: $500
  • Claimed Lumens: 2700 Lumens
  • Light Head Weight: 110 grams
  • Installed Weight: 460 grams
  • Run Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Measured MTBR Lux: 204 Lux
  • Measured Lumens: 1850 Lumens


Mounting is pretty neat with an evolution of the simple rubber loop style. It has a lever that allows you to hook the rubber loop and cinch it down with an alloy lever. Reverse action is performed for removing the light.  So the mount is still lightweight and minimalist but at least the user doesn’t have to fight and grab a tight rubber loop that’s difficult to handle.

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  • Blackbean says:

    John, sorry late to the press. But the answere to your question is that your light only makes about 1200 lumens (or possibly less). You will also find that if your light did include rechargeable batteries, it will lose the ability to hold a proper charge within a year. Within 2 years you will get less than 30 minutes on high power from it. That’s if it lasts that long. Also, your light will be very big and heavy compared to this light. And most likely you don’t have multiple modes to choose from.

    Now, it doesn’t mean that $92 for a 1200 lumen light that will last 2 years is necessarily a bad deal.

    • john says:

      My torch uses the same emitters as this light and on high they are effectively direct driven (Ive measured at 4A) so whether its output is 1200,1850 as claimed by the light reviewed or 2500 isnt really important. Though buying Chinese lights is a crapshoot of course, if I had ordered the same light with warm tint emitters the regulation circuit was different and according to other users at CPF only good for about 2.5A.
      I understand the point about additional equipment, still… I think its a matter of mfrs drive the price until the market does and we now can get a lot of bike light for $92.

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