New Cannondale RZ 120 and RZ 140


The ever popular Rize is now called the RZ. New for 2010 is the RZ 120 (120mm of rear travel) and the RZ 140. Why the name change? It was actually due to a trademark issue that involved another company outside of the bike biz (note: the change came very recently so you will hear and see these bikes referred to as the Rize in the videos and these photos). The name may be changed, but everything you loved about the Rize is back and even better.

Ride Impression:
I personally tested at length, a Rize 1 last year ( ) and I got to test the RZ 120 at River Run in Sun Valley, ID. The RZ 120 rides as if it were 140. I didn’t get a chance to ride the RZ 140, but I’m sure it also rides as if it has more travel.

The rear suspension is now better matched to the plushness and stiffness of the Lefty Carbon Max (one of the lightest and best tracking forks ever). The rear stays efficient on the climbs and still plush on the descents, even under braking.

In these two videos, Double D (aka Doug Dalton, Cannondale R&D) shows us the highlights of the RZ 120 and RZ 140:

Info about the 2010 Cannondale bikes coming soon.


About the author: Gregg Kato

Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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  • pete says:

    the graphics on the rz120 are horrid. don’t tell me this is how dorel is influencing design :/ the 90′s called they want their decals back

  • vinny says:

    Looks a bit like commencal/sunn design decals to me :)

  • dfa says:

    I agree the colors are horrible.
    Current rize 1 is just so beautiful.

  • Jdog says:

    I spent the last 3 days on these bikes. They are amazing. They look very good in person. The RZ120 is killer. If they make that in 29″ they would really be onto something.

  • And I’m so glad I did!

    I agree with the comments on the colors. The 2009 Rize 1 is gorgeous, and Pete, you really got a good laugh out of me with the 90′s comment.

    Despite the color, the bike rocks!

  • pete says:

    me like the updated piccies with the chickies :D

  • Strange says:

    Kind of sucks you get the hot blond in the first picture than have to look at and listen to the scraggly headed blond in the video… DD you screwed us. lol

  • Hmmmm says:

    Judging by the top photo, they should have kept it “Rize”! : )

  • jaze says:

    Ummm… what bike. Just noticed 2 gorgeous girls.

  • John says:

    gosh …. in german this is a rude word …. RI(T)ZE

  • mac says:

    is that the chick from scrubs ?

  • me says:

    more pix of the chix!!!!!!!!

  • M2R says:

    Hmmmm. me really liking the babes! Maybe not so much the bike

  • Blasterbates says:

    she’s got a firm grip on that saddle

  • lele says:

    sti cazzi che fighe!!

  • brianguy says:

    yes graphics are horrid, not only do they look bad (person that said “hello 90s” is right). but why a huge, high profile bike manufacturer like Cannondale would want to make the name on the bike practically unreadable except to someone standing almost directly in front of the thing is beyond me. those graphics (the name part) are going to wear out very fast being right in the line of mud, rocks, and dirt. no one should have to worry about using fenders just to preserve the original graphics, well the name anyway. the rest can take a long walk off a short pier.

    bottom line, their models are nice, and the latest bikes are OK too.

  • Mike33 says:

    I have the 2009 Rize 3. Amazing bike.

  • SX/Prophet says:

    Trail riders crack me up! Its all about the image, who has what component, what year, colour bike! Lets face it next year will see a new colour and this years will be dated so who cares? Out on the trail is where its at! The buzz of the ride NOT the B/$h!t of the carpark and forum. I like the RZ its a great looking frame and probably rides much better than my 2005 Prophet!

    (P.S no offence with the Trail rider comments, I ride Trail and DH/FR it’s just something I have come to observe while amongst trail riders)

  • Tom says:

    The blond is hot!!!

  • After all these years, I still can’t get used to that fork design.

  • IntheBush says:

    Do the girls come with the bike?

  • YogiProphet says:

    Jdog, it sounds like you need to look at the GF Superfly 100.

  • miel says:

    if you guy’s complained anymore you would turn into those chicks in the picture.

    the bikes are awesome ! i’m a cannondale dealer. and i ordered one already.

    the bikes are great and your all a buntch of Wankers

  • mountain_bomber156 says:

    Gee! I never liked the look of the Rize, but that thing is AWESOME!

  • DaleCan says:

    Seriously brianguy? If you know anything about mountain bikes at all, you would know from a mile away what brand a bike is if it has a lefty on it. That is the lamest thing I have ever heard. The only people that hate on Cannnondale are the ones who have never been on one. Its all about the ride. Cannondale has never been about flash or style, its about what preforms better.

  • james says:

    My gosh the Rize 120′s graphics are hideous. If ever there was an influencing factor to give the diamondback mission consideration, this is it. I think Specialized also looses points on this account. Just give us matte black, white or other and forget the cheesy Hawaiian graphics.

  • New RZ 120 owner says:

    The paint work didn’t bother me when I was flying through some awesome single track at Stromlo ACT, Australia. I have a Cannondale hardtail in the Team Sobe colours (now there is a crazy paint job). Mountain Bikes get dirty and I was that impressed with the ride of the RZ 120(have tested a fare few new 2010 models not just the RZ 120), I went and bought one (RZ one twenty – 1). Happy Trails and remember, it’s about the rush of the riding the trails the gets people hooked on MTB riding and not the fashion stakes.

  • Stonehands says:

    Forget about color and paint, function is king. I bought and RZ 140 last spring. Great bike however I am having rear shift cable problems down by the crank and rear hub. I have to clean and lube the cable and sheath after each ride as water and silt get inside and makes it almost impossible to shift gears without mega force. Does anybody have a fix for this problem otherwise it a a MAJOR design screw up on this bike.Having trouble with rear cable.

  • Dazzler says:

    If he was the Doctor Emmett Brown in the films, the car would have been an Aston DB5. With a naked brunette in the passenger seat. And it would have been Einstein, not a mutt. Rock on.

  • L Buchanan-Dale says:

    Got my Rz120-4 in the middle of Nov. 2012. This bike is almost too good to be true. It HANDLES like a dream, overcomes obstacles unfathomable by most, and cruises like a Lamborghini on steroids. The power discs are unbeatable and I can truly say “I have arrived”

  • L Buchanan-Dale says:

    obviously I got it middle of Nov 2011. I’ve got nothing but compliments on the looks of “Casper” (pure white frame with incredible graphics-hence Casper the friendly ghost). People tell me it looks incredible, to which I readily agree. And then I tell them it rides even better than it looks. WOW!!!!!!!

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