Niner Bikes Go Presidential


Niner logoFormer President George W. Bush checks out 29ers with Niner Bikes

Niner Bikes co-founders Chris Sugai and Steve Domahidy spent Thursday morning of this week delivering and fitting a Niner Jet 9 full suspension bike for Former President George W. Bush, with assistance from local Niner dealer
Kennebunkport Bicycle Company.

“Most of Peloton 1, Mr. Bushʼs regular mountain bike crew, is on 29 inch wheels and he wanted t check them out. He asked Brandon Gillard, owner of the Kennebunkport Bicycle Company and Peloton 1 rider, if he could try a Niner. Brandon called us and of course we were stoked for the opportunity” said Sugai “ It is really hard to believe that just a few years ago we were showing our first frame at Sea Otter and now we are riding with a former President of the United States”

Bush, Sugai, Domahidy and the rest of the Peloton 1 crew (as well as a full complement of Secret Service people) went for a ride on the crewʼs usual morning loop. “Mr. Bush is really fast” said Domahidy, ”and a very good technical rider, too. He was flying on the Jet 9 and at the end of the ride said he dropped 3 minutes off of his fastest time!” Post ride, there was ample opportunity to chat, and the groupʼs conversation covered everything from trails, trail access and trail building to entrepreneurship in the USA. Said Sugai, “I found that he was very interested in the challenges of being a small business in the current economic atmosphere. This has been an amazing opportunity and we really have Niner owners to thank – their support over the years has gotten our little company to this point”.

Ninerʼs Jet 9 is their race-ready full suspension mountain bike. Light and fast, the frame features Ninerʼs proprietary CVA™ full suspension system, and 3” of travel. It is available in three color options and retails at local Niner dealers for $1749.


Additional information can be found here:

Niner Bikes was founded 2004 in Southern California by Chris Sugai and Steve Domahidy. The company is dedicated to the ideals of passion, commitment and 29ers only.

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  • RLB says:

    You would think/hope that a former president of the United States would at least want to buy a product made in there own country.

  • Mark W says:

    RLB, were you thinking that North Hollywood wasn’t in the USA? Niner bikes is building its bikes in this country, and they’re wicked cool bikes on top of that.
    Now, if Bush wants to be really bad ass, he needs to ditch the extra gears and go single-speed. Gotta give him some props for actually riding his mountain bikes the way they were meant to be ridden. Now if we could only overlook everything else he did.

  • mark i says:

    I really do love just about everything about cycling, both the road and mtn scenes. I must admit though, I am still amazed at how many political nimwits seem to gravitate toward the cycling community. Not a big W fan, but please, the ignorant comments about Bush still,in light of the current situation our country is in?

  • slowtoast says:

    He has a history with Trek. Why wouldn’t he just go right to the top and ride a Gary Fisher? Seems silly to waste time on some little boutique brand.

  • leadphinger says:

    Heh, heh…ignoranamous comments, heh heh…yeah, dubbya’s cool. Let’s right him in on the ballot…bring Cheney back too while we’re at it. He, Rummy, and the boys at KBR must certainly have another fabulous war in mind…FAIL.

  • James says:

    That is a sweet deal. I’m jazzed to see the former President keeping in great shape. Politics aside that’s cool. Ride on George!

  • Your Mom says:

    Niner bikes are not made in the states. And “silly to waste time on a boutique brand”? Boutique brands drive the bike industry. They innovate and the big companies copy and gain all the market share. Do you only eat at McDonalds because they are the biggest?

  • Dude says:

    Cancel my Niner email subscription. How is taking a photo next to that idiot going to actually improve Niner or popular opinion of the 29er platform? Don’t be a dumb monkey like Georgie.

  • mattb says:

    That’s great. What a boost for the sport.

  • Andrew Woolf says:

    I can think of plenty of other people I’d rather see representing this Sport.

  • Steve says:

    Very cool.
    And for the baby’s that are crying here…Zero has had his chance.

  • Troutslayer says:

    Holy crap, people. Get off your political Big Wheel and relax. He’s a former president, and most every former president we have did some stupid stuff while in office. If you won’t consider this company because George “W” rode one, will you not smoke a cigar because of Bill Clinton? Keep your politics off the singletrack please.

  • the heckler says:

    there is more integrity, character and honesty in that pinkie finger hanging off of that saddle than in the whole white house now days ! hope yall are all happy with the muslim in the drivers seat now….I am not !! great to see him riding !! ride-on mister president !!

  • Bobster says:

    Troutslayer….well said.

  • ROCK says:

    Why don’t you liberal whiners stop your crying and get a job….If you were as worried about being men as you are jumping on the main stream media bus, you would keep your mouths shut..No wonder you guys ride 29ers, you don’t have enough skill to hang with 26″ wheels…..Grow UP and Shut UP…….


  • dB says:

    … yeah, not always a fan of W’s political decisions, but that is politics for y ya. I hear from my friend in the SS that Obama is STILL smokin’ like a freight train – maybe someone needs to put HIM on a bike? I mean – it seems like he gets plenty of vacation time and all.

  • Leonardo says:

    I think that’s cool as heck. W is a down in the dirt get yourself sweaty kind of guy. Reagan was like that. On their vacations they would put fence up for fun. All the haters are really just disappointed in themselves and have now been shown the way to blame everyone else for their smallness.

  • Brian P says:

    dB, I heard a statistic the other day that may blow your mind. At this stage in their first terms, Obama is at around 70 days of vacation time. Sounds sweet to me. W, well he had taken something like 210 days at this point. Thing was, it was usually down in Crawford, so it didn’t make headlines, as opposed to just about anything our current Prez does.

  • leadphinger says:

    I really wish I hadn’t said anything…Troutslayer is right and this is rediculous. Awesome! Dubbya is a biker and you know what? I would love to rip a single track with him. It is a huge boon to this sport that a former president is a mountain biker and that’s just swell.

  • Rob says:

    Bush messed up on some things and gets the blame for things he had no part in. Just as our current president is messing up on some things and getting blamed for things he has no control over as well. They all make mistakes. Let the guy ride his bike and let Niner enjoy a thrill of proving a bike to a former president. Be BIG like your wheels!

  • Tidan says:

    I think George would be a blast to hang out with regardless of the fact he did things I didn’t approve of while president. Sh’t, I have lots of friends that are really cool and fun whom I don’t think should be president! LOL!

    Props to George for getting out there and riding. Would love to take him out for some DH riding!

  • todd says:

    Yes but his shaking hands with Chris and Steve will probably be enough to drive the brand into a trillion dollar budget deficit and a deep recession. :D

  • todd says:

    Oops sorry the Jet9 already did that.

  • rob says:

    I never rode niner bikes cause I thought only leftists commy atheists elitist libs rode them.

  • CDC says:

    Picture does not show the training wheels in the back…LOL Remember Bush on a Segway.

    And where does he ride in Kennebunkport? Probably down his father’s grand staircase.

    And yes, the horrid Niner frames are outsourced…

    All you Red boys Keep on outsourcing junk for us to buy! Georgie did not get his two class system yet.

  • B'nut says:

    F&*^k bush and the god damn horse he rode in on. The bastard was the biggest traitor this country has ever seen. 9/11 ? Katrina ? wanted to put social security into the stock market ? billions to the very banks that drove the country into the ground ? You republicans do not have a whole brain. Cheney drove 9/11.

  • Bill says:

    The other day there was a non political article in the news and there weren’t any a$$holes that felt the need to politicize it. Then I woke up.

  • Michael says:

    Bill I agree wit you. This is about bikes not politics. But Bush is helping the economy here is the US. I just ordered 3 Niner bikes because of this very thing. We were looking to replace our family Fishers and wanted to go 29er. This article brought me to look closer at Niner. Good job guys.

    Yes I do miss him. :)

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