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Complete Bikes
Introducing more ways to get rolling on a Niner – complete bikes that arrive at your Niner Dealer with all the components necessary to hit the trails. Our Star Builds represent our most popular Niner configurations at various price levels from Mild to Wild:

Best paired with Niner’s RDO frames, our “spare no expense” 5-Star Builds are filled with top of the line components for the cycling connoisseur or athlete who refuses to compromise.

A careful blend of practicality and passion, 4-Star Builds know where to put the bling and where to get clever when it comes to optimizing performance. Perfect for the privateer racer or anyone who recognizes top-level performance but has bills to pay.

Field a loyal and trusty steed without breaking the bank. Our 3-Star Builds offer the best technical features from each manufacturer with an eye for substance over style. Great for riders who want a sweet bike but know that it’s the engine that counts.

A 2-Star Build is designed to get Niner owners out on the trail, happy in the knowledge they got a great bike at a great price. Perfect for riders who desire a taste of how quality components can transform the riding experience.

These introductory builds are lovingly curated to deliver the most bang for the starter buck. The 1-Star Build is a popular choice for high school racing and great for a first niner because it’s riding, not frills, that ignites passion for the trail.

A Sample of Available Bikes
Pictured below are just a few of the complete bikes we have ready to go, check with your dealerfor additional information. A full list of bikes and specs is available here.

New S.I.R. 9 In Stock!
Oversized headtube (headset included), awesome Reynolds 853 DZB tubing, 142mm Maxle and new BioCentric II make this bike a must-have for steel loving Ninerds! Contact your dealer to place an order.

At a time when carbon super bikes (including our own flagship models) dominate the stage, why would Niner shine a spotlight on the S.I.R. 9? Perhaps it’s better to ask “just what is it about steel bikes?” Why, when we get on a steel frame, are we instantly transported back to that first bike we loved as a kid? Why is steel just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago while other materials have come and gone?

Like other Ninerds, we ride and love steel bikes, as do bike connoisseurs around the world. But something about steel being equated with retro seems almost unfair. There is simply no reason frames built with one of the best metals on the planet shouldn’t benefit from and take full advantage of cool technologies like updated headsets standards, tapered forks and through-axles.

Introducing the new S.I.R. 9 – All the fun, all the advantages, all the steel.

S.I.R. 9 3-Star and 2-Star Bikes
Of course the new S.I.R. 9 is available as a frame only, but take a look at the two complete bikeswe’ve created:

S.I.R. 9 3-Star – $4199
Tamale Red S.I.R. 9 frame with matching RockShox SID XX fork, Shimano XT 2×10 drivetrain and brakes, Sun Ringle Black Flag wheelset, Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires , Niner WTB Volt saddle,Niner Flat Top CarbonCarbon Seatpost and Alloy Stem

S.I.R. 9 2-Star – $2999
Arctic White S.I.R. 9 frame with matching Niner RDO fork, SRAM singlespeed drivetrain and brakes, Sun Ringle Black Flag SS wheelset, Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires, Niner WTB Volt saddle,Niner Flat Top Alloy,  Carbon Seatpost and Alloy Stem

Full spec details are available here, or ask your Niner Dealer for more information.

New Colors For AIR 9 and E.M.D. 9
We are starting to receive frames in the new colors we debuted at Eurobike and Interbike. The AIR 9 is now available in a beautiful Tamale Red and Raw (that pairs well with our Tamale Red SID XX fork) and a Moondust Grey and Black that takes understated awesomeness to the next level.

Certainly no less impressive is the new Arctic White finish on the E.M.D. 9 frame that looks stellar with a white fork of your choice.

Color Kits for JET 9 RDO and JET 9 Carbon
Ready for something different? Dress up your Jet 9 RDO and Jet 9 Carbon with a new Color Kit and matching 34.9mm Seat Collar. The Color Kit includes all of the pivot hardware necessary to add a personal touch to your carbon dream bike. The kits and seat collars come in orange, blue, black or green (darker than the Niner Green) and are available in the Niner store or through your Niner dealer.

Things sure have changed since we showed that first Niner in 2005. From a couple of folks still working their day jobs to a crew of 25 with our own engineering department, our growth has amazed us all. Not only has our employee roster swelled with talented people, our riders now span the globe. A quick stop on our Facebook page show the extent of that community – on any day we have pictures from places as far flung as Sicily, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain and of course the United States.

As a part of bringing our bikes to the world, we like to learn about the local riding scenes, check out the shops and find out what makes riding special in new parts of the world. This fall, after attending Eurobike, Interbike and Outerbike, our crew still had a bit of travel to do…

Roc D’ Azur
What is Roc d’Azur, you ask? We had the same question, so Carla and Mike headed back to Europe to see what this event is all about.

It turns out that when it comes to mountain bike festivals, the big Kahuna is in France. Roc d’Azur takes place in the beautiful little town of Frejus, on the Mediterranean Sea. Attended primarily by French riders, Roc d’Azur is a massive event lasting 5 days. There are XC races every day, a huge jump jam and a rider friendly show where folks can check out the new gear from numerous vendors.  Our favorite event? The urban night XC race through old town Frejus. Narrow and steep staircases, sharp corners, no padding on potentially dangerous road furniture and and some excellent viewing from the bar made this a race for the crowd and the riders!

Night-time XC racing in old Frejus. The racers are blurs, but the beers were pretty easy to see!

After five hard days on the beach sampling local singletrack and food, Mike and Carla headed South, with stops in Nimes, France and Girona and Barcelona in Catalonia:

Sherco Motorcycles
First stop was  Sherco motorcycles to look at their production facilities in both Nimes and near Barcelona. Their spotless facilities were a great place to see a small company that not only makes motorcycles but their own engines, too. As a young company, looking at production methods in other industries helps us to better develop Niner’s growing production capabilities. Plus,who doesn’t love looking at beautiful motorcycles?

Sherco trials bikes on the assembly line.

Suspension assembly – lots of beautiful pieces add up to one beautiful bike.

Two Shops in Catalonia
After a few hours of lusting after motos, the crew headed down to Girona and Barcelona. In Girona, we stopped at Bici Oci – home shop of our favorite racing twins, Judith and Laia! This shop is the perfect example of the European boutique shop – personal service, lots of passion and a trail just a few hundred feet from the door.

Next, we beelined for downtown Barcelona and ProBike. This shop is HUGE! Not only do they have tons of great clothes and equipment, they have a great lineup of Niners on the floor and a little bit of North Shore woodwork on their patio!

Carla, owner David Mateu and Mike at Bici Oci in Girona

Wood-work on the patio in Barcelona

Bike Motion
Meanwhile, Brett went to Berlin to visit dealers. Activities included a rainy night ride on Devil’s Mountain and a visit to Utrecht in the Netherlands for the Bikemotion show. The booth was packed all 4 days and we were stoked to meet so many riders from the area!

IMBA World Summit
Finally, Chris spent some time in Santa Fe at the IMBA World Summit. For those of you who haven’t been to one, the IMBA Summits are a great way to see the global impact of your memberships and donations. Riders from all over the world meet for learning opportunities, the chance to network with other chapters and to ride, of course! The highlight of this event was the grand finale ride on the Winsor Trail which began at over 10,000 feet and ended with a BBQ in downtown Santa Fe! – the perfect ride for the original IMBA Niner frame!

Chris on the Winsor Trail – great riding on the first IMBA Niner.

Gathering for the ride – amazing people who make your trails possible all around the world.

Reunion! Chris and Jim Hasenauer – an original founder of IMBA and coincidentally, a college professor from Chris’s college days.

XTR 2X Crankset Recommendation
We’ve revised our spec recommendations for XTR 2x cranksets – the 38x26T version is now recommended for our full-suspension models. Check the specs online or find detailed info in the Niner Encyclopedia.

When we determined chainring recommendations earlier this year we found that it varied by model. Rather than risk incompatiblity or frame damage with certain models we chose to not recommend the cranksets until we had more data. After further evaluation (especially of new models launched at IB) we have determined that all CVA (full suspension) models give proper clearance with 38T or smaller.

XTR 2x cranksets are still not recommended for use on our hardtail frames. Even if the crankset mounts properly on your frame, it may not provide enough clearance to avoid serious damage under heavy load or if the chain sucks past the chain stay.

What Year is My Niner? Where Can I Find Frame Specs?
It’s a question we hear all the time, with good reason! The bike industry standard is to implement graphic and construction changes annually whether they are necessary or not. Niner chooses to update models when there is a reason to do so: a new technology, changes in industry standards or to take advantage of new materials and construction techniques. We also expect our riders to hang on to their bikes for more than a season. The version charts in theNiner Encyclopedia list these updates and provide an archive of specifications for older models so that you can work on and upgrade your bike with confidence. If you don’t see your frame listed or have any questions just give us a call: 877-NINERXC

In addition to identifying your frame version, complete technical details for all Niner models current and historical, installation instructions, warranty info and everything else you need to keep your Niner running in tip-top condition are available in Niner’s big electronic book of info – the Niner Encyclopedia.

Blue Ridge Cyclery, Charlottesville, Virginia

From bare bones to a staple in the cycling community – In two short years Shawn Tevendale has put Blue Ridge Cyclery on the map in Charlottesville Virginia. For an area that boasts a trail network that circumnavigates the city, one thing was missing: a shop that was focused on the community. Blue Ridge Cyclery opened modestly with roughly 30 bikes on the floor and has grown tremendously in two years. They stock in excess of 130 bikes, including a solid line up of Niners and an extensive demo fleet to ensure that riders are finding their perfect bike. This focus on riders has cemented Blue Ridge Cyclery’s role as an energetic community focused shop in a city that is teaming with riders of all disciplines.

With a focus on community it is no surprise to find Blue Ridge Cyclery front and center. The shop boasts of their 2-3 weekly rides that depart from the shop and hop on the trails that are just out the back door. They also maintain an active role in the local racing scene. October signaled the end of the season and they helped it to go out with a bang supporting and organizing the Paranormal 6hr race, which offered riders time bonuses for racing in costume. New for the winter will be a bicycle school that will help riders with basic maintenance skills as well as advanced tricks of the trade for those that have a solid mechanical foundation.

As Blue Ridge Cyclery continues to grow the prospering cycling community in Charlottesvilles, Niner is excited to grow with them. For riders looking to get on a new Niner, or a Niner for the first time Shawn and company are ready to get you setup on a true demo on the local singletrack. The best way to find the bike that is right for you is to hop on and take for a spin on trails. For this, Blue Ridge offers a full range of demo bikes to put to the test to see what the Big Revolution is all about.

As Blue Ridge Cyclery continues to grow the prospering cycling community in Charlottesvilles, Niner is excited to grow with them. For riders looking to get on a new Niner, or a Niner for the first time Shawn and company are ready to get you setup on a true demo on the local singletrack. The best way to find the bike that is right for you is to hop on and take for a spin on trails. For this, Blue Ridge offers a full range of demo bikes to put to the test to see what the Big Revolution is all about.

To find out more about Blue Ridge Cyclery head in for a demo today or check them out on their website: or on their facebook fan page. The crew would love to get you out on a ride and show the beauty just outside the backdoor!

Current Demo Bikes Available:
Jet 9
Rip 9

Industry Bikes, Chandler, Arizona

Industry Bikes seeks to create a complete “experience” for the Chandler area riders with their new shop. The main focus of the shop is mountain bikes and at the forefront is Niner. This has been an enormous undertaking for Michael Thiele, owner of Industry Bikes, as he seeks to build on the loyal following he has garnered in the Ahwatukee corridor and greater Chandler area. The focus of the shop, like all shops, is the rider, but the greater focus is on creating custom builds from top to bottom. Michael wants riders to have the experience of personally specing every part of the bike and watching it come to fruition and the excitement that the process builds to be the heart of every new Niner that rolls out the door.

Since the earliest days of Industry Bikes the focus has been on custom builds. At the time Michael wasn’t that familiar the 29″ wheels, but had seen Niner grow as a company and in popularity and once he got behind the handlebars of his first One 9, he was hooked. It was at that time the model for Industry Bikes was conceived, a Niner focused custom bike shop. After a first iteration, a small shop run in conjunction with an import auto business, Industry Bikes has taken the reins of its own destiny and recently opened its doors on a new location. The new shop had a soft opening over the last weekend of October with the formal opening/party on the 16th of November, with a Niner demo to follow the next day.

Located less than a mile from the South Mountain Park trail system, Industry Bikes is set to give riders the complete experience. From demoing a Niner on their local trails at South Mountain, to choosing every part for the bike with no detail left untouched, riders will guide the process. This all culminates with the completion of the build and fine tuning of the final setup, with riders getting to experience the complete custom build process, personalized to their unique requirements.

To find out more about the unique experience that Industry Bikes has to off head in and get started with a demo today or check them out on their website: or on their facebook fan page.

New Demo Bikes Coming Soon:
Jet 9 RDO
Jet 9

Source: Niner Bikes

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