Race report from the BRIGADE: Fort William & Maxiavalanche


Fort Bill ! What a crazy moment !


It was a year day by day that I get my knee surgery and i was really happy to be able to celebrate this moment in FORT WILLIAM ! Why Fort William ? Just because I had a lot of good moment in the past and some bad ones (Worlds , when I broke my wrist !). Fort William is always special in anyway, nice spectators, crazy track, weather, you never know what’s going to happen there : )

I had a good begining of the week with the BRIGADE crew , riding around, taking pictures and the weekend started even better with the practice in the dry !



The track was so fun with the new line in the rock ! Until some top 10 riders complain to take it out without asking me and other ! For ones the track was for moutainbikers, technical, fun to ride and good for the spectators ! But no, they took this part away and we ride the old good slow and easy 4 cross ! Thanks UCI again.
In the end of the day I didn’t enjoy myself riding and I get out in 1/4 final.


After some really good fun on the track I finish 28 in 1/2 final but knowing I had a lot of second i could save from my own time because I ride the 1/2 rally easy to make sure i will go to the final, no like Slovenia ! : ) On sunday everything was perfect! Kev (my mechanic) prepare my V 10 carbon and i was really happy to take this babe to the top of the hill to give him the run of his life : ) !

In the beginning of my run i felt really confortable, taking all my lines, saving it for the bottom but by 45 seconds from the start i hit a bad ROCK on the track and got a mechanical ! I had to cruse down the track and try to keep some speed for the last jump ! Than I did : )

I had an incredible time in Scotland even if the results are not the one I was expecting but the fun I had on the DH track and spectators make me forgot the bad things .

Thanks everyone who was part of this weekend and thanks to all my sponsors for the warm support .


MAXIAVALANCHE – Vallnord, Andorra

Well this weekend, I was at home and for ones I had a weekend off just to recover from the last two world cup.

It was before I find out than the MAXIAVALANCHE will take place here in Vallnord, Andorra : )
I decide to race it ! But not the normal way of course, I decide to take my V10 carbon bike just to do some hard training on it (climbing, pedaling , 25 minutes run).

I qualify 3 behind Remy ABSALON, and let me tell you this is the hardest training I had ever do on the DH bike : )

On sunday I decide to race my 4 cross bike the NICKEL, just to have less of a bike to carry on a “cross country enduro track” and it work incredibly! I crash at the start and got pass by 10 riders, but I manage to pass them fast enough to don’t get behind them on the pedaling section : ) ! I got 4th of the 1st final run.

The run 2 of the final was different, it start to rain a bit on the track but this time I had a good start! I was 3 on the front with the big boy and i control them until the up hill when i decide to show them who is the DADDY ! I took the front of the course with Franck PAROLIN for a long time but I could feel a bit tired due of the attack : ) ( normal I am just a dowhiller ! ) by 3/4 of the track Absalon past us with another rider, and I try to bring back Frank to the front but I was banking big time ! Franck and myself decided to ride as fast as we could with what we had left : )

In the end I got 3rd of the run and 3rd overall ! Not a bad weekend for sure and surprise I could keep up with the enduro boys : )

Thanks Kevin for the preparation of the V10 carbon and the NICKEL and thanks to the fan’s on the side of the track in the moment I needed it the most !

The Sergeant


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Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato has been the Site Manager of Mtbr.com for over 14 years and enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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