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The weather could not have been more perfect for the riders attending the first ever Ray’s Dirt Jam Pro/Am. The riding from every class was on a crazy high level, and its amazing how all the kids in the amateur class now a days could have won the pro contest only a few years ago. Best of all, the top finishers at the event left with something thanks to all of our amazing sponsors: Red Bull, Trek, Mirraco, Albes, Solid Bikes, Alienation parts, YUMS shoes, and ODYSSEY bmx!

The day started out fast. Kids from Beginner and Expert were already ripping it up and getting their lines down. A huge thanks to the trail boss Andy Kobak and his crew. The jumps were in perfect condition all day long and it looked like everyone was loving the course.

Beginner looked like an expert class from a few years ago. It was so fun to watch, but unfortunately not everyone can run away with a podium finish. Larry Hatter finished in third place due to him making it through all the jumps smooth. Stylish E.T.s and grizz airs definitely helped his placing. Second place went to Patrick Karban. This kid was not afraid of the ‘look ma no hands’ over the tunnel jump and the last jump in the big section. Finally, Austin Pasela won the class. He flowed all the jumps effortlessly with style and flow. He even threw down a huge trail inspired no footed cancan on the last set!!

Expert/Amateur was up next and all I can say about this class is WOW!!!! Third place went to Keegan Coldiron who tried one of the biggest tricks in the contest going for a huge flip whip on the last set. Second place went to Jan-Michael Sauter who got bumped up from Beginner to Expert. He had some serious trail style and flow – no footed cancan on the step up, turndown on the second and a picture perfect 360 table on the last set!!! Last, but not least by any means, went to Nick Yanetta. This kid had some bangers up his sleeve. For his first run he did a superman, a toboggan and then ended with a double tailwhip on the last set. For his last run he 3’d the first set, pumped the second set for all it’s worth and then threw a huge front flip on the last set. The wildest part about it was he has never done any of those tricks on a real jump before and pulled them off for his run. I added a little note to his prize package saying. “You are now a pro! You can never enter another Expert/Amateur contest again!”

The Mtb class only ended up having two entries but that doesn’t mean the riding was small by any means. Kyle Surkovich ended up in second place. He was tricking every set in all 3 of his runs throwing big tuck no handers on the second set and doing big no footed 1 handers over the last set! Hometown Rays MTB local Austin Koenigsmark took the win in this class by pulling out some amazing combos over the last trick set. His laundry list of combo tricks definitely helped take the win.

Last but not least we are on to the Pros! This was the class everyone was excited to see. Guys like Robbie Armour and Lance Mosely were in town and ready to send it! Highlights from some of the entries in Pro was Mike Needs blasting a huge 180 lookback over the last set and just missing the roll back or Matt Omichinski busting a huge 3 tuck on the last set. Third place went to Robbie Armour who barely warmed up before the contest but nothing about his riding was cold as he busted 720s on the last set and huge front flips on the first set. A couple falls and incomplete runs held him back a bit. Second place went to Lance Mosely who has been in the game a long time and has been competing in BMX dirt for many years. He rode really solid and tricked every set including 3 tables, flips and a superman midset. First place went to Nick Bruce with a really solid performance in his first pro win ever!!! Runs like double tailwhip to midset 360 table to 360 whip on the last set just looked so effortless for him. He had a little trouble getting started, but he put on a solid finish by throwing down a 360 double tailwhip on the last set, landing perfectly! My all time favorite trick from him was the shoulder buzzing 360 table midset!!! Congratulations to all the riders that attended the Dirt Jam. The riding was amazing!!

Special thanks again to Red Bull, Trek, Mirraco, Albes, Solid Bikes, Alienation parts, YUMS shoes, and ODYSSEY BMX!

Happy Trails!

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Source: Rays MTB

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