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Editor’s Note: This review is part of the Mtbr All Mountain Helmet Shootout.


iXS is a new player in the helmet arena so you figure they’d take a few years to figure it out right? Well, in a nutshell, this helmet is dialed. iXS seems to exhibit good core values as we’ve noticed in their armor and protection products: deliver well-designed products at a great value.

The Trail RS helmet is a light, attractive, full coverage helmet that can be had for $119. Read on and see if it’s right for you.

Fit, Pads and Retention System

The helmet cavity is roomy and it seems to fit a lot of heads, both round shaped and oval, and it is complemented by a great set of pads. Similar to the Bell Super, iXS did not skimp on the pads, as it offers a one-piece unit that is comfortable and easy to remove and wash. Retention system is rubberized for comfort around the temples and has pads near the big dial on the rear.

One downside is the helmet sits low on the brow with a slight forward tilt. So one has to really adjust it to get enough clearance and away from obstructing the view during climbs and big descents. The retention system is adjustable to control helmet tilt, but we found we had to adjust the straps too to lean the helmet back a bit.


This is where the Trail RS excelled, as this helmet was the best performer in our ventilation test. It was second only to our control Uvex CP road helmet which seemed to be all vents in the front. The reason for the Trail RS’s success is revealed as one views the helmet from the front. The vents are huge and they’re uninterrupted by the visor. In fact, the visor seems to port the wind through the vents instead of directing airflow over the helmet.

Continue reading for more on the iXS Trail RS and the full photo gallery.

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  • Bikethrasher says:

    I got a IXS Trail RS this fall. The IXS is Easily the best fitting helmet I’ve used. Great coverage, ventilation, and reasonable price to boot. Great job guys.

  • Michael Mierk says:

    Francis, thanks for the review. You sold me on the IXS over the Bell. I heat up easily and ventilation is key for me. One question, how is the light/GoPro mounting capability? I have a Kali Avita now and the light has to be positioned in such a way that the weight from the light pushes the helmet down in the front causing it to be uncomfortable and a bit of a pain.. From the looks of it, it seems you can mount a light more on top of the helmet, rather than the front as is the case with the Kali. What say you?

  • scott says:

    Francis: Do you have any suggestions on sizing? My head measures right at 58cm with nothing on it, but I often wear a hat or sweatband. I have to order online, and I hate having too big of a lid.

  • Manitoumtbr says:

    I’m 57/58 & had to go with the m/l size. There’s plenty of room in that size for headbands/hats. Other than wishing for an intermediate size, the helmet rocks.

  • Bizarro says:

    I’m very interested in this helmet and it looks great! The problem i’m finding out in shopping for a new lid is there’s not a lot out there for big mellons like I have.. I love my Giro Hex and might get another one but want to try something else that 63cm+.. I had to send back a POC b/c of that. I wish there was more of a market out there in the XL cag.

  • Paul says:

    Way don’t these reviews state which tests these helmets have passed??

  • Rad Ralph says:

    I picked one of these up the other day. I was planning on buying the new Bell Enduro helmet, but it just didn’t fit. I find myself in-between sizes with Giro and Bell’s 3 size system. IXS’s 2 size system fits me perfect, and the helmet looks great. It has plenty of vents, but it does sit very close to my head without any internal channeling. It doesn’t look like as much air will flow between the helmet and my head as my old Giro Xen with internal channeling. I’m taking both helmets out to the 24HOP this weekend, so I’ll get a good comparison. There is more coverage in the rear than the Xen, and the visor and fit adjustment system seem more substantial and sturdier. Actual weight for my S/M is 308g.

  • Robin says:

    Bought one of these (iXS trail RS helmet). A few months back. Great helmet. Excellent ventilation. Easy adjustable and comfortable to wear. It sits nicely on my head with minimal weight. Great price as well. Even preferred it to my friends Bell Super. Looks good as well.

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