R.I.P. – Anthony Sloan mtbr member, Yeti employee, photographer, mountain biker


Anthony Sloan from Golden, Colorado was a long time member of Mtbr.com and also the Demo Manager for Yeti Cycles. He was also an extraordinary writer, rider, and photographer. He never hesitated to share his Passion for mountain biking, through his words and incredible photography.

Anyone who has ever had the priviledge of reading one of his posts can understand immediately, just how much he loved mountain biking and loved to share and spread the joy of riding. Even if you had never ridden with him or met him in person, you could tell that Anthony was the kind of person that lived his Passion every day. His Passion inspired the Passion in many others.

I met Anthony in person at Interbike last year. I thanked him for all of his contributions to our site and we chatted about the site and riding, in general. We traded a few emails after Interbike as well, and Anthony was always friendly, outgoing, and cheerful.

Anthony passed away in his sleep on May 6th, at the age of 38. More details are available in the forum thread below.

Mtbr.com would like to express our condolensces to Anthony’s family and friends. We missed you the last time you left, we’ll miss you even more now. Thank you for the many contributions you’ve made to our site, and to the mountain bike community as a whole.

-gregg & francis

Read or share along with the many comments and memories of Anthonys in the memorial forum thread: http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=517081

Or feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

Anthony’s website (mountain biker and world traveler): http://www.anthonysloan.com/

A couple of photos of Anthony (courtesy of scorpionwoman):

But a small sampling of photos by Anthony:

A list of Anthony’s ride reports, photos, and write-ups:

Spring Green passion

Peaks Trail Passion

The final passion hit – Mount Princeton, Colorado Trail

Yeti and Bear sightings at Golden Gate!

Tres Perfect Days in Derangedeo

The Wonders of Crested Butte

The Wonders of Crested Butte, Pt 2. (as always, dial-up beware)

The Wonders of Coming Home from Crested Butte

Searle Pass, Colorado Trail. (I’ve come full circle.)

RMH07 Wowzers!

Rocky Mountain High Gathering ’07, a few pictures and words.

Rocky Mountain High Gathering ’07, a few pictures and words, Pt 2!

riding with the ladies

GITA 07: The stuff that reached my sensor

GITA 07 Part II: SBT!

That ain’t working…

That ain’t working, Day 2

That ain’t working, Parte de Tres

…which leads us to Moab


The road goes on to Moab….

Random sightings from the road

On the Road Again….

One last little thing from Moab

Bike a Go-Go-Go

Further reports from the land of enchantment.

A Little Vacation

First annual Fruita Death March

Fruita, lovely Fruita

p.s. Fruita, you rock my world….


The Remains of the Day

Amidst the mighty saguaro

Snow Day

Waltzing Across No Country for Old Men

Merry Christmas, Pigs

My 2007 in pictures: Mountains, Desert, Mountains…

Wow, from Cambodia (nbr)

Ramblings/Black is Beautiful

MMM mmm Desert goodness!

A second helping of desert goodness

Sunrise in the desert

Pass Mountain Loop, AZ

One more little Moab pic?

Moab is upon us

This looks like a good place for a drink, v.2008 [NBR>

Come on down to Texas for a while

AZSF08: and so it begins.

AZSF 08, part 1: 50 Year Trail, Tucson

AZSF 08 part 2: Getting Flang by the fling thing

AZSF 08 part 3: Hawes! Hawes!

AZSF 08 part 4: Stuff the Grandchildren Should Know

Close to Home; A Ride in the Backyard.

Westward Ho! Cortez, Moab, Zion!

Gould’s/J.E.M./Hurricane Rim

Paassion preview, North Rim Grand Canyon/Kaibab Plateau

Gooseberry Passion, in praise of SW Utah.

More Utah, I’m not done yet.

Travels with Grendel, or: From the Otter Sea to Fruita, Part 1.

Travels with Grendel, or: From the Otter Sea to Fruita, Part 2.

Travels with Grendel, or: getting closer to Fruita, Part 3.

Travels with Grendel, or: Fruita craziness, Part 4.

Travels with Grendel, or: Hey, isn’t this supposed to be about mountain biking!?!?

Slipping back behind the Zion Curtain.

Yeti Tribe Gathering, ‘ought 8.

Post Tribe Moab

Looking at it from the other side…

The convening of the Golden Mafia

Suddenly it is summer

Cranking the Cone, Musing on Mediums

Passion Hit: Golden Gate State Park Perfection

Vida Encantado, or: A trip to New Mexico

Vida Encantado, Pt. 2; Albuquerque

Vida Encantado pt 3, of Crested Butte and Crested Beauticians

Vida Encantado pt 4, or; Wasn’t this supposed to be about riding?

Vida Encantado pt 5, Crested Butte Goodness and Craziness

Vida Encantado Part Whatever the Hizzeck we’re up to; A little more Crested Butte

Sun Valley, Wowie!

A little bit more Sun Valley?

Breckenridge. Back Home.

Colorado Trail Passion


Quaerie: Can you ever go back home?

“It’s Tuesday. People WORK on Tuesday.’

The Road Really Does Go On Forever…

Outrunning the storm

Apropos of exactly nothing, here is a mountain goat doing a pirouette

Silver Creek, Georgetown, Colorado

Gnu Stuff/Keystone

keystone day 2

Bowman’s/Top of the World/Two Elk trail.

AZSF 08: Of Lemons and Lemonade; WRT ashes, as does Phoenix, so do we

Further Adventures in the New West: Moab to AZ and back. Pt 1

Further Adventures in the New West: Moab to AZ and back. Pt 2: Black Canyon

Further Adventures in the New West: Moab to AZ and back. Pt 3: Fantasy Island North

Further Adventures in the New West: Moab to AZ and back. Pt 4: Usery/Pass Mountain

Further Adventures in the New West: Moab to AZ and back. Pt 5, the back to Moab part.

Trading red for green

Into the Maze

Magical Moab

In Like a Lamb

This looks like a good place for a beer, Version 2009

A ride, recently

Keystone and Beyond

More Moab/Desert/addled ramblings

The Long Way Around

Suddenly it is summer. Pucón dreaming


RMH, ’08

(thanks to tougeep3 for the link compilation)

About the author: Gregg Kato

Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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  • Francois says:

    Anthony was a friend. He loved mtbr. He loved life. He loved biking. He always sought out adventure and he had the innate talent to capture it in his words and in his photographs. He had the gift and he shared his creations and his adventures with everyone.

    He is the epitome of a mountain biker and I shall remember him.


  • Joel White says:

    Anthony was such an inspiration to me. “Always ride” is something I won’t soon forget. His passion for mountain biking and life has inspired me to continue to push myself everyday to try and live like he did.

    While your life was too short, your experiences and the way you lived it are incredible.

    I look forward to seeing you again someday my friend.

  • t breheny says:

    thanks for doing this, francois/gregg…

    anthony will truly be missed– as both a friend and as a member of the board of directors for the colorado mountain bike association. in addition to his love of the ride, he understood (and stepped up to volunteer) that local advocacy is a worthwhile pursuit in order to give back to the trails and ensure access for others.

    terry breheny, president
    colorado mountain bike association

  • hatake says:

    I never met him but… Words like his were either very carefully crafted composition, or came straight from his kind heart – and I believed it was latter. Photos like his were either highly photoshopped or he knew exactly how to transpose his vision to pixels – I knew it was latter. His reports and images always inspired me and somehow made my day even when my day work stunk – it was a rare treat. Thanks Anthony, for eveything you shared with us all.

  • Matthew says:

    What a bummer he passed away on my birthday!!

  • Kirjo says:

    Rest in Peace mate. My condolences to his family also.

  • elleddubya says:

    I had just met Anthony back in early March of 09 when he came to our friends bike shop for a Yeti Demo day. (Elite Bicycles, Tyler Tx) In the few hours that he was there, we all talked, rode and even shared a beer, and he made a huge impact on us. It was tragic reading of his passing and in his honour, there are a few of us that will be going to a local park (Faulkner) to do a lap for Anthony. We’ll remember him. What a guy.


  • mgersib says:

    What a huge loss for Anthony’s family and friends and for the Colorado cycling community… I’m sorry to hear about his passing and know he will be very much missed.

  • frasiec says:

    wtf??!! I just met this guy a few months ago. He prepared my demo bike. We talked about trails, Bikes, the 575 I rode fit and adjustments. He was totally cool. My rookie questions were not too stupid. Total professional. I was hoping to see him again the next time Yeti came to town. Why on earth would a fit 38 year old pass away in his sleep. Too sad.

  • Steve says:

    shit man sorry to see him go.
    He sure took some great photos.
    pass mountain loop here i come…..

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