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The ride:
Right off the bat, I could tell that this bike has low rolling resistance because of the WTB tires. Whether on the road to the trail or on the trail, the WTB tires in conjunction with the bike’s geometry worked together to make this bike roll easily. Once I started the climb on the moderately steep grade, I can tell that this bike was made for climbing. Having the short chain stays and the Rocky Mountain’s steep 76 degree seat tube angle made this bike a very good climber. I would even say that this bike could compete with many of the XC racing mountain bikes for climbing. Having lockout in the front and rear shocks helped in this matter. No bobbing with this bike during the climb.

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Shooting the Rocky Mountain down the mountain, the Fox shocks absorbed everything the mountain had to offer. It had a very smooth ride that felt planted to the ground. But having the steep head tube didn’t help this bike in the handling department when the trail became technical. The steering I would describe as very reactive to your input. It is too quick and jittery for my personal taste. I had difficulty negotiating the switchbacks and high speed turns with the Rocky Mountain. It is better suited as a long travel climber with straight-line downhill lines. Once the trail starts to bend, you really need to work to keep the Rocky Mountain carved correctly.

Shifting and braking were first-rate. The Formula brakes were very powerful and even the rear brake alone was strong enough to slow the bike significantly on descents. One thing I did notice over time was the dropout bolt, if not properly torqued, loosened up and made the rear derailleur bang against the rear chain stay to create a lot of noise on descents. Once torqued properly, the loud noise was gone.

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  • Pedro says:

    76 degrees head angle??????
    First, from the picture it doesn’t look like it,
    second, RM website says 69 degrees, more in tune with this type of bike.
    You may have meant “seat tube angle”, but then you make reference of how steep and cumbersome the head angle is. Who are we suppose to beleive?????

  • t0mislav says:

    Seriously, Pedro is right on. Who checks these \pro\ reviews? The bike has a 76 degree SEAT angle. That is a big departure from other brands, probably the major difference in this bike and it doesn’t even get proofed?
    The wheel doesn’t go in easily? Really? When putting the rear wheel in, all you do is shift the front derailleur up into the big ring position. Short chainstay 29er riders have to deal with that \problem\ all the time.

  • Gregg says:

    Thanks for the catch, guys. The head tube angle is 69 degree and the seat tube angle is 76 degrees.

    I have corrected the text above.

  • leel says:

    I suppose those two glaring errors in the review may give some colour as to the reviewer’s experience & expertise – or lack thereof

  • Adam says:

    OMG. I might have written this shoddy of a review when I as just starting out but I’d probably do my research. Seat tube angle, head tube angle, who cares, use common sense. But complaining about mounting the rear wheel? As if its the manufacturer’s fault. Unless your talking some crazy MalWart bike, its totally rider error. By the way, Rocky is no cheapo brand; they make damn fine bikes.
    And the worst part of the review s that the “pro” let his rear Derailleur fall off?!?
    Jesus, what an idiot. I wouldn’t ave told anyone if I had done that.

  • Ecogeek says:

    If you can’t fit a rear wheel and never built a bike what the … are you reviewing anything for? If fitting the wheel w tire inflated is *really* an issue for you, then take the air out!
    NB If you have to fix a flat the air will be out already and removing will be easy! Just put it back in the drops before inflation.
    RM are one of the best. To dis cos you know nothing is a disgrace to MTBR.

  • Ecogeek says:

    Loud noise? Cos you didn’t torque. Embarassing that 1 it happened. 2 You mentioned it. And 3 it counts against the bike.
    This is one of the worst reviews I have ever read. The only info you can be sure of from reading it is that the reviewer does not know what they are talking about and so your time has been wasted.

  • mark merano says:

    Isn’t this supposed to be a “pro review”?

  • droopy says:

    pictures don’t match provided specs, what gives?

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