Santa Cruz Bicycles 100% Merino Wool Short Sleeve Jersey



Sun’s out, guns out!

When we introduced a limited run of Santa Cruz branded Swobo long sleeve 100% merino wool jerseys just before Christmas last year, we really did not expect that they would be as immediately popular as they were, and as a result we sold out of the damn things before we could say “superior-wicking-less-stinky-warm-when-wet-cold-weather-awesomeness-unmatched-style-better-get-one-fast-or-you’ll-miss-out”.

Well, winter is not over yet. Puxatawney Phil** is on the cusp of laying down how long it’ll be until the bad weather ends, and even if he goes for the “winter will soon end” approach, you can bet your best Bill Murray collectibles that there’ll be plenty of cold, wet misery between here and summer. So we’re doing some another run of Santa Cruz embroidered Swobo jerseys, made from the finest New Zealand grown sheep-fur on the planet. But this time we’re doing them with short sleeves, and offering two colors.


Short sleeves will render the jersey capable of comfort all the way up into summertime heat, and if you slap on a pair of Thermo-Gnar arm warmers, they’ll do just as well in the icy-cold grip of winter as their long sleeved brethren. And, since there may exist out in the world a segment of the population who does not think that black is the best color ever (and who probably don’t like Johnny Cash, for that matter), these jerseys are also available in a subtle shade of blue. Just like last time though, this is a limited run of wool finery, and once they run out, that’ll be the end of that.

Just gotta ask yourself, What Would Bill Murray Do?


** Puxatawney Phil has seen his shadow 99 times out of 114, indicating that each time he sees his shadow that winter will go a little longer. However, according to weather records kept since 1887, he has only been right 30% of the time. This brings up two thoughts: ONE. Puxatawney Phil is not to be trusted. TWO. 114 years is a long time for a groundhog to live. That’s more like 19 or so groundhog lifespans stacked end to end without factoring in predation or death by angry Pennsylvanians who don’t like being lied to about the weather. And finally, yes, we know that groundhogs are not, technically speaking, gophers, but we would like to point out that “gopher” itself is a sort of generic catch-all word for “burrowing rodent.” The things you learn putting together these newsletters. Who knew? We didn’t…


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