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Suspension Technology:

The low and centered floating link optimizes the suspension curve to support the rider in extreme g-out situations, while maintaining comfort and traction.

This suspension layout enabled our engineers to achieve all of the criteria our racers need. The heaviest parts of the frame are located in the same low central location. The weight gets lower under compression, keeping the weight between the rider’s ankles. This feature makes the bike change directions faster, corner with more stability and is a real blast to whip around in the air.

The floating link has almost no DU bushing rotation, increasing sensitivity and extending bushing life. We tested fancy bearing systems to decrease friction but felt this was a compromise. In the end we figured out a way to eliminate the problem rather than treat the symptoms. In addition, there is extremely low bearing load at beginning stroke, adding further sensitivity and durability.

Thanks to the floating link our engineers were able to give our racers exactly what they want in a suspension curve. The extra degree of manipulation allows for a perfect blend of support and traction, in the form of a slightly progressive beginning stroke, transitioning to a rising linear rate. Combining a linear and a progressive suspension curve is the key to giving our racers the tool to win races.

The lower leverage ratio with the longer shock enables the rider to tackle longer runs without compromising damping performances. Furthermore, the shock sees lower internal pressures and provides for a wider useable adjustable range of damping through external adjusters. This bike was developed on long extreme tracks and the lower leverage ratio really showed it’s advantages in both durability and performance.

The floating link creates a progressive feeling suspensionwith an almost direct compression of the shock, minimizing DU bushing rotation. By our calculations and testing this increases shock bushing life and improves small bump sensitivity.

The more the pivot height increases the more efficiently the impact is absorbed. The Gambler pivot height is as high as it can go before needing an Idler pulley. We find the pivot height on the new Gambler to be a perfect mix of improved acceleration, braking and impact absorption, without any negative performance traits.

This layout keeps all the weight centered and low between the rider’s ankles. This makes direction changes faster and more efficient because the bikes mass is pivoting around the center. In addition, this low and centered weight aids in cornering stability. The mass mimics the weight shift of a rider in a corner on the vertical axis. We feel this helps the rider feel “one” with the bike.


  • The Floating Link balances support & traction.
  • Minimized DU bushing rotation, improves small bump sensitivity & increases durability.
  • The low and centered mass placement enables faster direction changes & sicker whips.

Adjustable Geometry:

When designing the adjustable WC DH race geometry on the new Gambler we knew we wanted to offer what the pros have as stock. However, we also wanted to make sure normal riders would not be held back. Therefore; this bike has 2 distinctly different feeling setups. Much of the testing we did was to see if an intermediate rider could handle Brendan Fairclough’s exact race geometry. There is nothing wrong with pressing in angled headsets or short shocking bikes to get the low BB heights. However, we wanted to run stock geometry on real WC DH tracks. The higher and steeper setup works better for pedally tracks like in South Africa, and the lower and slacker setup is optimized for tracks like Champery. This is basically like having 2 completely different bikes, giving the racer a better chance of geometry optimization on any given race weekend.


  • The adjustable geometry on the Gambler is ready for racing.
  • Riding style and different race tracks need different setups.
  • The low and slack geo can handle the demands of tracks like Champery while the higher and steeper settings feel right at home on tracks like Pietermauritzberg or bike parks.

The chain stay length is adjustable from 421mm to 436mm in the high BB setting and from 425mm to 440mm in the low BB setting.

The Gambler is offered in three sizes with the seat tube staying at the same low height. The low seat tube and top tube help the bike to keep the weight lower to the ground.

The Gambler has two BB height options adjusted by the lower shock bolt. The lower hole provides a 0mm BB Drop, while the upper hole gives a +10mm BB Drop.

The Gambler has two head angle options adjusted by the lower shock bolt. The lower hole provides a 62° head angle while the upper hole gives a 63° head angle. The head tube is also very short allowing an extra degree of adjustment by raising or lowering the crowns of the fork. Three centimeters of additional fork height equals one degree of head angle adjustment.

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