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Reviewed by Brian Mullin

The first time you see an SMP saddle it looks slightly alien or at least like some contortionist nightmare rig. With its wild beaked nose, swooping cradle and monster hand wide middle slot, it is a startling experience. Fortunately, all the features work well together, and make a saddle that is innovative, comfortable, functional, useful and medically beneficial.

Most any bike saddles on the market today are ergonomically designed, with vast amounts of technology and knowledge, usually drawn from the racing circuit. SMP saddles have refined their ergonomics even farther, and have incorporated in depth medical and anatomically analysis to realize a wildly innovative and functional product.

The main objective of their saddle is to reduce pressure on the perineum area of the body, which is the region of the body inferior to the pelvic diaphragm and between the legs. In more specific terms, it’s the area between the anus and the scrotum in the male, and between the anus and the vulva in the female. Riders with a long cycling history and frequent training sessions, can increase the incidence of genitourinary (urinary and reproductive organ) problems and disorders. An abundant list of issues can occur, such as infertility, premature or late ejaculation, prostrate problems, hormonal imbalance, etc. No wonder the Tour De France always has the Erectile Dysfunction ads?

This very small section of the pelvis receives prolonged compression, and traumas from impacts during a ride. Road biking tends to have more compression, while mountain biking is more varied, with long climbs (compression), frequent sprints (less to no compression) and technical descents and terrain (abrupt and violent impacts).

Their saddles have four outstanding features, the beaked nose, the central channel, the rear sitting area cradle and extra long rails, which all work synergistically in a functional partnership. The beak nose provides a long flat base for climbing, and allows for a very dynamic and forceful application of pressure for power transfer. In addition, the large nose offers excellent bike control using the thighs, and the shape doesn’t snag on shorts when moving around. It also prevents the testicles from being pressed upward. The central channel, or the slot, helps relieve pressure from a vast section of the perineum, including most of the naughty bits of the nether region, and provides excellent ventilation and less chafing. The sitting area cradle, holds the rear and the lower part of the ischial tuberosities (sitting bones), and helps reduce pressure on the coccyx (tailbone). Lastly, the rails are long, allowing a vast array of seating positions, providing a myriad of adjustability.

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