Sidi Dragon 2 SRS Carbon Shoes Pro Review

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Sidi Dragon 2 SRS Carbon Shoes Pro Review
By Russell Clark (this review courtesy of

  • Carbon Sole Replacement System (SRS), a pure carbon insert reaching from the heel to the toe
  • Patented Techno II buckle system and Caliper buckle
  • Sizes – 39 to 48
  • MSRP – $429

My name is Russell Clark. I’m an avid cyclist who dabbles a bit in competitive road cycling and cyclocross racing. Road cycling is a pretty big sport in Europe, and has really gained notoriety in the last decade with stellar performances by a handful of American riders. Cyclocross, on the other hand, is not as popular. I’d say it’s followed by more of what I call ‘the sub-culture of cycling. Cyclocross is a sport which transcended from more of an off-season training regime for professional road cyclists to stay in ‘cycling shape’ during the fall and winter months. In modern-day cyclocross racing, individuals are often challenged by the cold and wet elements of fall & winter. Additionally, courses are designed to challenge the riders’ skill level, often requiring them to dismount, run over/jump obstacles, and remount the machine to carry forward.

The demands of a competitive cyclocross racer are such that his or her shoe must be one that is stable, be compliant enough for the running/jumping bit, offer good traction, and be stiff enough to efficiently transfer the pedal power to forward motion. In my experience, Sidi has been one of the leaders and most highly sought-after shoes for this sport: Cyclocross.

During the past 3 months, I have been testing a pair of “mountain” shoes made by Sidi. This shoe, the Dragon 2 SRS Carbon was the shoe provided by Sidi for me to test. Mountain bike shoes are, for the most part, synonymous with cyclocross shoes. The shoe need for both sports are in parallel, with the added need for running & jumping of barriers, in cyclocross. Now, 3 months might seem like a long time to acquire data, but all weather & terrain conditions were considered…and only recently came to my disposal. My first few rides with the Dragon 2’s were short ones. Once the cleat position was dialed and the 2nd foot bed added, I was ready to venture further than the local trails. I think it took about 4-5 rides for the Dragon 2’s to break-in for me. As I have a low instep, it was necessary for me to add a 2nd foot bed to the shoe for proper fit. Once this was done, the shoe fit perfectly.

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  • bark says:

    Just an FYI, CX was developed with its running, run-ups, and barriers as a way to get the heart rate up during the cold months, but keep the wind chill factor to a minimum. Riding hard on the road produced lots of cold wind hitting the body.

  • Rocket! says:

    An insightful hypothesis…but I think you might be over-analyzing the methodology of a cyclocross course. Check this link:

    I think you’ll find that there has been a natural evolution of cyclocross as a sport.

    Thanks for the FYI, however! Ride hard or ride home!

  • bark says:

    So, because one “historian” didn’t mention that the guy rode on dirt roads in the winter to reduce wind chill makes my statement an over analyzation. I see.

    Why didn’t he ride on paved roads in the winter?

  • European American says:

    Couple things, but first, thanks for your report. I too have a pair of these shoes and am quite pleased with their performance thus far. You said “The only way I can get the buckle system to release is by holding the detention tab, and reversing the Tecno II dial. Perhaps a bit of lubrication will help. I’ll check the manual!” I’ve also got a pair of the Sidi Ergo’s for road and since day one I’ve always had to release the buckle system that way. Isn’t that the technique? And you said “The Sidi Dragon 2 SRS lies 2nd from the top of the Sidi mountain shoe hierarchy.” what is above it? I thought it was the top of the line model? Certainly the most expensive mt. shoe they carry…right?

  • Rocket! says:

    The Sidi MTB Dragon 2 Carbon SRS Vernice is the top-of-the-line shoe. Chek it!


  • Rocket! says:

    Bark: I think you are onto something there with the philosophy of “riding dirt roads”. It’s definitely a great workout and produces less wind chill. My deduction of your hypothesis was leaning more toward the inclusion of barriers and what-not. While not a historian on cyclocross, by any means, I do enjoy reading about the history of cyclocross. If you read the article, it’s quite interesting. I’ve seen some ‘cross pics from the 1920′s & 1930′s; they’re quite amazing.


  • hardmtnbiker says:

    MSRP $ 429?
    Need I say more.

  • colinago says:

    I thought this was an article about the shoe not about cyclocross.

  • Francois says:

    I have the older Dragons and they still work fine after 3 years. After the first month though, they were a bit scuffed up. This shoe is white and I’d like to see it after 10 or 100 mtb rides.

  • john habanero says:

    I’ll take mine in black, thanks

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