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The GRAND M.O.M or MTB Oversize Mudguard is their rear fender, and is 20 inches long and 4 inches wide, and is constructed with a dual-compound plastic, with a softer and flexible gray section at the rear. It clamps onto the seatpost with their SKS Power strip, which utilizes an adjustable length of nylon webbing that wraps around the post, and clamps shut with a rocker clasp. The angle of the fender can be adjusted, with a small hex bolt located aft of the strap system. The Power strip system and angle adjustment allow the fender to fit a wide variety of frames and suspension travel. It comes in basic Black, and retails for $30.

Initially installing the fender was simple, and you just adjust the strap’s length until the clasp clamps down snugly onto the seatpost without any unnecessary movement from the fender. You’ll need to adjust the angle of the fender depending on the requirements of the frame geometry and suspension travel constraints, which requires the loosening of the bolts on both sides of the unit, and tilting the fender to its desired pitch. Taking the fender on and off was a simple task, and only took a few moments to install.

Unfortunately, the seemingly simple strap system frequently loosened, and would require minor re-adjustments to get the proper amount of tightness so that it wouldn’t move. When riding in rough terrain or if the fender was even slightly hit, the strap would sometimes loosen, making for an annoying experience. If it was raining really hard, the strap got wet and tended to stretch, and would require a re-tightening, but at least I expected that to happen. On extremely rough and bumpy terrain, the fender flopped around too much, and it could be felt bouncing around on the rear of the bike. I also found that when I tossed a leg over the bike, I tended to hit the fender, and the strap would loosen, or it would get knocked out of place, so I had to train myself with more agility when mounting my steed, or perhaps I need to do more yoga?

“Hey Yoga Girl… I just wanna know your world…
When you do your chattaranga do your toes curl? Hey Yoga Girl”

If you could get the strap set properly, and it didn’t loosen, it worked admirably, and the width of the fender gave good coverage, and prevented unwanted debris from flinging up, even on long travel bikes. I enjoyed not having mud tossed up onto my back, and it worked nicely with my fat 2.4 inch tires and 6 inches of suspension. Perhaps their ratchet lock-down system where the webbing is adjusted needs to clamp with more force to keep the strap from sliding?

Measured Specs:

  • Length – 20 inches
  • Width – 4 inches
  • Weight – 185 grams


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  • Kilpatrick says:

    “Yevgen Lasman” asked: It used to be Shockblade and X-Blade. Or these are noticeably bigger than previous “versions”?

    These are completely different in construction. The shockblade and X-blade are both still available.

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