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Syntace Vector 31.8 Carbon Handlebar Review

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The Syntace Vector 31.8 Carbon handlebars are one sweet toy that I am really enjoying. I like the sweep of the bars, which are ergonomic and very comfortable to me, although I am still getting used to how wide they are. They have an incredible feel to them, a touch of silky titanium along with carbon stiffness and damping. The bars have several unique features, including the stem clamp protection area (with no slippage), and the additional wall thickness under the brake and shifter clamps sections. The bars meet the DH 2002.4 accreditation, the world‘s toughest test standard for handlebars and stem, and have been tested and abused by the voracious VR-3 testing machine. Safety is what comes to mind about these bars!

-Durable and strong
-Titanium feel
-Look good
-Excellent damping qualities

-No bar ends are allowed
-Grips are tough to get on

Value Rating: 4 Flamin’ Chili Peppers
Overall Rating: 4.5 Flamin’ Chili Peppers

MSRP: $150

Syntace Vector 31.8 Carbon url:

About the author: Brian Mullin

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  • bruce brown says:

    Pastajet, is that Vector you tested and pictured the 9 degree or 12 degree version? It looks very nice and would be sweet on my RIP….

  • bruce brown says:

    Is that bar the 9 degree or 12 degree that you tested?

  • red endozo says:

    On the first picture, it has the spec on the right side and it has 12 degree of sweep. I have one also that i’m going to put on my Turner Sultan. Last year the cost was less, but now it went up. Get one now co’z by 2010, it might go up again.

  • pastajet says:

    12 degrees

  • bruce brown says:

    Thanks. I missed the 12 degree imprint on the bar thanks to leaving my reading glasses at the office for the weekend.

  • learn to read says:

    Did anyone leaving comments even read this review? Not only does he have a photo of the 12 degree bar posted, it says on page two it’s available in a 9 or 12 degree sweep, and the 12 degree version was tested.

  • Brian Mullin says:

    Ok, lets play nice, I did add the (12° tested) for clarity!

    Weight 189 g (verified at 190.7 grams)
    Width 680 mm
    Rise 10 mm
    Clamp Ø 31.8 mm
    Sweep 9° or 12° (12° tested)

  • oldassracer says:

    meh – why use this carbon bar when there are aluminum bars weigh about the same or less and are more durable?

    I think this bar is a bit over engineered. What I can’t believe are the carbon bars that are 69grams. Let’s test some of those…

  • Nicholas says:

    They make tough bars and I now use them all- carbon and Alu, but I do wish the carbon one was 15mm – 20mm wider. The carbon bar is ridiculously tough. I have crashed a couple of times and messed up the levers and myself but the carbon bars wear like iron.

  • Pete says:

    Nicholas, Syntace have been showing a 740mm Vector carbon at interbike this year. Claiming it to weigh 235g. Worth a look!

  • Jwilli says:

    WHat stem model is that? Looks nice!

  • Brian Mullin says:

    That is the Moots Open Trail Ti stem, and it is very sweet indeed

  • John says:

    What bar was tested, the 9 or 12 degree sweep?

  • pastajet says:

    Per the article…

    Weight 189 g (verified at 190.7 grams)
    Width 680 mm
    Rise 10 mm
    Clamp Ø 31.8 mm
    Sweep 9° or 12° (12° tested)
    Color Carbon

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