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Alpinestars Reviews and News

Review: Alpinestars All Mountain Rain Jacket

Will the Alpinestars All Mountain Rain Jacket keep you dry when it’s coming down in buckets? We braved the elements to find out.

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Review: Alpinestars Paragon kneepads

Priced at just under the cost of dinner for two, these kneepads might be one of the most affordable products we’ve reviewed all year. So how do they stack up against the competition?

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Eurobike 2015: Alpinestars new lightweight protection

Last year, the Evolution vest was presented as a way to integrate body protection in a lightweight vest. The new Paragon vest is based on the same technology.

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Enduro knee pads

Whether you race Enduro or just rally down the mountain with your buddies, the best ways to show up healthy to work on Monday are: maintain your focus, get bike lessons and wear bike protection. In the holiday spirit, here’s some buying suggestions for bike protection.

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Round-up: Best new lightweight knee and elbow pads

For folks who wouldn’t wear knee pads because they are too cumbersome, now there are good options.

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Alpinestars Hyperlight, Drop and Manual Jersey and Shorts

Alpinestars is a brand that is well known for quality, innovation and style. They have a huge following in the world of motorcycle road racing and I have personally owned several pairs of Alpinestars motorcycle boots and leather jackets for years. In the early 90′s, Alpinestars made several different bicycle products (from shoes and clothes […]

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Alpinestars Launches 2013 Cycling Collection

The 2013 Cycling Collection incorporates a specialized selection of new products that offer class leading safety, comfort and performance to mountain bike riders in every discipline.

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Alpinestars Manual Shorts and Drop Jersey

Alpinestars is a brand that is very familiar to motorcycle enthusiasts for their clothing and protection gear. It also brings me back when I started riding in the nineties and Alpinestars was active in cycling as they produced bikes, shoes and clothing. Nic Sims called and said he had some cool Alpinestars clothing to show […]

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