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G-Form Reviews and News

Round-up: Best new lightweight knee and elbow pads

For folks who wouldn’t wear knee pads because they are too cumbersome, now there are good options.

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G-Form Protected iPhone dropped from 1000 Feet

Extreme Wingsuit Base Jumpers Drop G-Form Protected iPhone from More than 1000 Feet Base jumper successfully recovers iPhone undamaged and with full free fall video footage – see video here Providence, R.I. (Aug. 9, 2012) – Many may have last seen Gary Connery posed as the Queen mum while parachuting into the opening ceremonies of […]

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G-Form Knee, Elbow and Shin Pad Review

The G-Form company makes protection gear for consumer electronics and extreme athletic endeavors, that makes use of PORON XRD, which is a density changing and impact rate-dependent material. The basis of their product is RPT, which is Reactive Protection Technology, and is a combination of the PORON XRD material and their proprietary G-Form technology. What […]

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