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Praxis Works Reviews and News

Best new value priced products of 2015

We love covering the latest and greatest, but the truth is, most of us can’t afford to drop 10 large on a mountain bike or 3k on an electronic shifting drivetrain. Here is our list of 2015 products that offered the best bang for the buck.

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Praxis adds new 1x MTB chainring offerings

Praxis built their reputation on high quality chainrings and the brand is constantly expanding their lineup. Recently, they released three new chainrings for MTBs equipped with 1x drivetrains.

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Praxis Works offers narrow/wide chainring for Shimano XT and XTR

For all those Shimano devotees looking for a narrow/wide chainring solution, Praxis Works now has you covered, releasing a new 96 BCD thick-thin-tooth single chainring for XT and XTR drivetrains.

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Sneak Peek: Praxis Works wide range 11-40 10-speed MTB cassette

There is a market for 1×10 drivetrain systems but riders often run out of low gears. So they slap on aftermarket 42 tooth cogs, but there is some compromise in shifting. Praxis aims to solve that with their 11-40 10-speed cog.

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On test: Praxis Works 1X Wide/Narrow and Cold Forged 2x chainrings

Praxis Works launches narrow-wide chainrings and new cold-forged 2X MTB ring sets. See what they look like before we mount and abuse them.

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Praxis Works Conversion BB Kits

Adam shows us one of Praxis Works Conversion BB Kits on a new Look BB30 bike. 68mm and 73mm shell widths for both Road or Mountain

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