The Norco Roundup – 2012 Event Schedule is Out


Norco’s Upcoming Event Schedule
A 2012 Where and When

Norco has a jam packed event schedule for the 2012 season. Nearly every weekend Norco is on-site showing off new products, supporting races or fixing bikes at a charity ride. Traveling around North America the Norco event crew will travel see a very large chunk of both the United States and Canada in the coming months. While we don’t have enough space here to list every event on the schedule here are a few key dates coming up.

March 10-11 – Seattle Bike Expo – Seattle, WA
April 15 – Paris to Ancaster Classic – Paris, ON
April 19-22 – Sea Otter Classic – Monterey, CA
June 9-10 – Toronto Ride To Conquer Cancer – Toronto, ON
June 16-17 – Vancouver Ride To Conquer Cancer – Vancouver, BC
June 16-17 – Canadian MTB Nationals – St. Felicien, QC
June 23-24 – 24 Hour Summer Solstice – Albion Hills, ON
June 23-24 – Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer – Calgary, AB
June 23-25 – Mont St Anne World Cup – Mont St Anne, QC
June 30 – Jul 1 – Windam World Cup – Windam, NY
July 7-8 – Montreal Ride To Conquer Cancer – Montreal, QC
July 14-15 – Horseshoe Centurion, Horseshoe Valley, ON
TBA – Norco International Product Launch – TBA
July 21-22 – Gran Fondo Ottawa – Ottawa, ON
August 8 – MS Bike Tour – Vancouver, BC
August 10-19 – Kokanee Crankworx – Whistler, BC
August 18-19 – MS Bike Tour – Waterloo, ON
August 26 – MS Bike Tour – Niagara, ON
September 8-10 – Expocycle – Toronto, ON
September 19-21 – Interbike – Las Vegas, NV

It Ain’t Easy Being Green
Norco’s Green Team in Action

Being green is not always an easy task. Cycling itself is inherently green but many aspects of daily business require additional effort to stay mother nature friendly. While a bicycle a green transportation alternative, at Norco we feel the need to take our daily actions into account in order to be sure that we are ensuring a healthy planet moving forward.

In an effort to save this home we call earth there are many small things that Norco does to help. It is our idea that enough small changes will amount to one big difference.

Norco has a very diverse recycling program. In addition to each and every desk having a recycling bin there are receptacles for everything from paper, plastic, metal, rubber, glass, returnables and even organics scattered around the office. Over the past two years Norco has created a recycling program that has cut waste materials by more than 50%. What started as a means of saving paper has created a whole mind-shift in the materials we use and how we dispose of daily waste.

One of the larger projects the Norco undertook was the complete replacement of all Lighting fixtures in our Vancouver BC headquarters. The new low-drain fixtures were able to reduce consumption to a fraction of its former height.

Encouraging transportation alternatives is another area that makes a huge difference. Norco’s offices feature showers, bike storage and areas to dry clothing during the work day. For mid-day errands there is a fleet of bikes available for borrowing and taking for a ride. Short trips for lunch, coffee or a bit of fresh air can be done easily with Norco’s Green Fleet. These green-projects are further encouraged by a participaction cash bonus for active employees and a monthly draw for those that commute to work. Getting people out of their cars and on to bikes is good for the environment, good for health and it is just plain old fun.

The business world is plagued with paper. With every TPS coversheet comes another fallen tree and Norco is committed to reducing the amount of paper used in and around the office. Through digital invoicing, pay stubs, reduced reporting and double-sided printing the paper consumption at Norco office has also been cut in half.

The use of paper products can not be eliminated completey but choosing recycled, non-bleached products for use in kitchens and bathrooms means that no additional trees are being sacrificed.

These are just a few measures Norco has taken to reduce its environmental impact. There are new ideas popping up every day and Norco’s Green Team is doing their best to keep everyone as environmentally friendly as possible. What are you doing to keep this world pristine for upcoming generations of cyclists?

Solo or group rides, what’s your thing?

Out west we have had a pretty mild winter and have only had one Sunday ride cancelled due to snow; it’s nice to see people outside riding already. We have had plenty of rain over the past few months, with many wet Sunday rides. Luckily our group is a pretty keen bunch and a bit of rain doesn’t usually scare them off. Of course all our bikes are all running full fenders with extra long rear flaps for nice pace-line work sans spray.

So, as this month’s title asks — what’s your preference? A solo ride or hooking up with a few riding friends and heading out for a trail or road ride? I see solo riders quite often when we are riding and I always wonder if they are riding alone by choice or because of they don’t have like-minded friends that they can ride with?

I know what it is for me… riding is all about the social aspect, so the more the merrier. It isn’t like we would prefer to sit and BS in a coffee shop instead of actually going riding. No, far from that. We meet up early, do our ride then go for coffee or some well deserved food. The visiting and ride de-briefing can be over some sustenance. It’s always nice to chat about something cool that you saw on the ride or “the big hill” – or when (insert name here) put the hammer down and made everyone else work a little harder or get dropped.

Actually, I’m stoked about the riding we have been doing so far in 2012. With a few from our group doing one of the Ride to Conquer Cancer events, a few doing a Gran Fondo or two and a few others, myself included, doing the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride – in one day I might add – there is some purpose in our spring madness. Some of the keeners in our group are doing all 3, and even some other events too so training mileage is starting to ramp up. Here it is early March and our first 100k’er is already behind us. WhooHooo.

Anyway, I hope your current ride outings (or soon-to-be outings) are exactly where you want to be in your free time. Remember, that cycling is meant to be recreation and the more fun you make it, the more you will love doing it.

So, until next time – hope you find fun people to ride with and don’t get rained on too much. Have fun out there !!!

Source: Norco News

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