Travel Oregon Contest – Enter To Win a FREE Mountain Bike Vacation!


Contest closed. Congrats to the winner: Jennie S. from Hawthorne, CA

Travel Oregon Contest – Enter To Win!

Travel Oregon is giving away a FREE Oregon Mountain Bike Vacation. Choose from 11 different adventures courtesy of Cog Wild Bike Tours. The 3-Day vacations run from May – September and include such great riding locations such as the Cascade Mountains, Bend, Hood River, Umpqua River and Mackenzie River.

How To Enter

Simply reply to this post (with your email) with what Oregon trail you would like to ride the most and why. Haven’t ridden any trails in Oregon? No problem, your favorite Oregon trail could be one that you’ve heard about from friends or fellow riders. Tell us what it is you look for in your favorite trails. The winner will be chosen on June 9.

If you like beer, the Bend and Hood River locations offer private tastings at select local breweries. And if camping is not really your thing, there are tours with hotel options as well.
No matter which of the vacations you choose, you will be provided with:

  -Routes chosen based on optimal trail conditions and your riding level/style.
  -Amazing food from the first day to the end of the tour.
  -2 nights’ accommodations in either a hotel or camping location, depending on which tour you choose.
  -Local professional guides.
  -Post ride refreshments, including beer from Deschutes Brewery.
  -Transportation throughout your tour to the trailhead, brewery, swimming hole and more..
  -Cog Wild t-shirt.

Note: Contest does not include Baja, Family, Ellsworth or Cannondale tour.

(If you do not have your own mountain bike, rentals are available at an additional cost. Travel to Cog Wild in Bend, OR is not included)

About the author: Gregg Kato

Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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  • Francis Cebedo says:

    Entries from Facebook up to May 2, 12:19 pm.
    ick Kalb Both my kids go to college in Oregon. So any trail is perfect since I get to combine my 2 passions. My kids and mountain biking!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:30pm via mobile

    Brian King Lawler & Hardesty! At least that’s the one I remember the best… Reminds me of Laurel and Hardy
    Like · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 5:30pm via mobile

    Eric Stobin North Fork in Bend is my favorite because it passes over 7 waterfalls and has awesome climbing and scenery
    Like · Reply · 21 hours ago

    Rudy Spajic Post Canyon outside of Hood Riv
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 10:48pm via mobile

    Andrea Sparzo Blomquist We went there last year- it was pretty much destroyed by loggers ):
    Like · 23 hours ago

    Tim Michalik I’ve never been able to travel for mountain biking yet. But a good friend of mine has really helped me get into it. Josh Flori. I’ve always wanted to travel to Oregon and what better reason than to do something I love! It would be epic.
    Like · Reply · 23 · 23 hours ago via mobile
    2 Replies

    Roger N. Denver I hear you Chris. It should just be a Random Drawing, not a matter of who got the most likes. I’ve never ridden Oregon and by Fall, my wife’s shoulder should be healed so this would be a great trip to win, but I have no illusion that I stand even the slightest chance of winning. We’d totally be open to suggestions from the MTBR or Travel Oregon crews on where to go if we win – a total mystery trip!
    Like · Reply · 12 · Tuesday at 7:55pm · Edited

    Josh Flori Can I just say all of them?

    I’ve never been to Oregon. But when I saw the travel Oregon ad on mtbr, I thought it was really cool, so I youtubed the rest of them. When I saw the two-wheeled love story, I was hooked. Now, every time I go ride and hit a…See More
    Like · Reply · 10 · Yesterday at 8:43am · Edited

    Lance Lau I’ve never been to oregon, so I don’t have a favorite trail, but if I get a chance to ride there, I’ll be sure to tell the world about it!
    Like · Reply · 30 · 19 hours ago

    Rob Huguez On my end-of-twenties bucket list before going to Physical Therapy school: McKenzie River trail as part of the Oregon Three Rivers bikepacking route.
    Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 8:11am

    Jerri Halgowich Any one you send me to! I have never ridden any of them and being from Miami, I would love to have the experience of riding them. Will let you stay in my place on the bay and a short 5 mile bike ride to the Virginia Key Bike Trails that I helped build while I ride your trails!
    Like · Reply · 4 · Tuesday at 5:29pm

    Justin Kennedy My favorite is the McKenzie trail. I love that trail. I have more stories about that trail than any other I have ever ridden. Most recent broke my pelvis on the lava section and the ride before that stitches to the chin after endowing off one if the bridges. And I would do it all again.
    Like · Reply · 4 · 15 hours ago via mobile

    Craig Pullen Flagline, no, Umqua River, erm, MacKenzie River, um, Waldo Lake was awesome, oh, but I loved Alpine….. All some of the best rides I’ve ever done and totally worth the travel time from Australia. But I have to say……. Bunchgrass! is the most memor…See More
    Like · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 9:37pm

    Scott Bojanowski I grew up riding in Corvallis, Oregon, but only recently started mountain biking again. I got back into it while stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, and read the article in Mountain Bike Action about the McKenzie River Trail while I was deployed in Afghanistan last year. Now that I’m stationed back in the PNW…I would love to ride the McKenzie River Trail!
    Like · Reply · 3 · 21 hours ago

    Nat Kidder I went to U of O in the early 90’s and spent lots of time riding in the Oakridge area–Larison rock, Hardesty, Alpine Trail, Tire Mt, etc. Even though it’s not that long, the Moon Point trail stands out in my memory as one of the most fun downhills I’v…See More
    Like · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 6:55pm · Edited

    Jean-Paul Bouvier I always ended up getting dysentery too early on and dying… Had I lived longer I’m sure I’d have enjoyed all trails.
    Like · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 6:04pm via mobile

    Wesley Wells I have been in love with mtb for 4 years now and have dreamed of doing makenzie river trail. Through this excitement my wife has to become addicted to riding and is now my riding buddy and we are going to oregon in august to ride for our anniversary!
    Like · Reply · 1 · 5 hours ago

    Chad Billings ive always wanted to ride my bike in oregon. Always see lots of cool trail videos. tiddlywinks looks fun.
    Like · Reply · 16 hours ago

    Douglas Byrne I’ve only been to Oregon once and it was on my birthday so i rented a mountain bike in the afternoon and rode it up from Portland to Forest Park and around on some of the fireroads and singletrack up there. Then i went to a McMenamens pub for a post-ride refreshment. That was a pretty good birthday.
    Like · Reply · 22 hours ago

    Evilous Toad Whoomps because of the flow, jumps and….
    WHOOMPS, THERE IT IS!!! Shaka laka shaka laka….
    Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 7:28pm via mobile

    Jack Mahler Mrazek trail near Bend, because super flowy and tons of fun.
    Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 6:29pm

    Zach Seely BULL GAP, bull gap, bull gap! A fast and flowy ribbon of singletrack that rips through the trees and down the mountain. You cant help but be grinning ear to ear when you are done riding this trail. Plus it leads to trails that bring you right back into Ashland where you can ride right to the brew pub, down a couple of cold ones and catch the shuttle back to the top to do it all again. Doesnt get any better than that.
    Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 5:49pm

    YakapAral YA Looks like the person who wins will have a blast Good luck everyone !
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:47pm

    Jake Sawyer Middle Fork of the Willamette. Like the MRT only a fraction of the people and just as beautiful and challenging!
    Like · Reply · 2 hours ago

    Sophie Riddle im 16 and from and i i love mountain biking ive never been futher than aussie and would love to travel with my mountain biking. also ive never been to oregon trails would be amazing
    Like · Reply · 13 hours ago

    Naoko Fujimaki ATC in Oakridge OR. I it is fast and almost like an outer space experience.
    Like · Reply · 16 hours ago via mobile

    Scott D James The best trail is the trail not yet ridden…so I hope to ride one of these this year!! The pictures are killing me though!! Pick me Pick me…LOL
    Like · Reply · 17 hours ago

    Tim Doyle It would have to be McKinsey trail, I have read so much about it feels like its my back yard, but have yet to actually ride it sssoooooo jealous !!!!
    Like · Reply · 18 hours ago via mobile

    Angela Coupe Boss One of my favorite bike trails in Oregon is the McKenzie River trail. So beautiful, such variety of riding and nice and long!
    Like · Reply · 18 hours ago

    Maverick Moto Media our favorite Oregon trail? All of them! why pick just one?!
    Like · Reply · 3 · 19 hours ago

    Jeff Newman Tiddleywinks. Built by masterful craftsman and loving volunteers. It has it all, Swoopy single track, climbing, options, dirt jumps, downhill radness. What isnt there to like about it!!!
    Like · Reply · 19 hours ago

    Michał Klimek McKenzie River Trail! I’ve never been to Oregon, for riding or otherwise. This trail has been on the list of destinations for years; maybe with the contest this will happen!
    Like · Reply · 20 hours ago

    Thomas Bouse Already planning my trip Oregon MTB trip for August. MRT has got to be the ride I am looking forward to the most. Hook-up with CogWild in Bend for a shuttle!
    Like · Reply · 20 hours ago

    Cary McLaren I could list all the trails in Bend, But from Mt. Bachelor to Bend is one my favorite ways to spend a day!
    Like · Reply · 20 hours ago via mobile

    Scott Bigalke I did a solo motorcycle trip to Oregon last summer from Minnesota to do the Bike and Brew tour. And it was fabulous. But, on my wish list is the Mackenzie River trail for it’s epicness. Seeing pictures and watching video, it looks amazing and is now on…See More
    Like · Reply · 21 hours ago

    Andrea Sparzo Blomquist My favorite oregon trail, so far, is “Funner” in Bend, because I love its drops and techy stuff.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 23 hours ago

    Tim Schaefer Years ago I had the opportunity to ride the McKenzie River trail with my brother-in-law and nephew, probably the most beautiful and enjoyable mountain bike ride of my lifetime. I recommend that every mountain biker add this one to their bucket list. Simply spectacular!
    Like · Reply · 23 hours ago via mobile

    Jim Courtois but yeah I love riding singletrack so pick me
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:41am

    Jim Courtois My favorite Oregon Trail is the original one that came out for PC back in the 90’s. You played it on a green screen monitor and the hunting was way harder than it needed to be. You’d name your crew after your friends and then they’d all slowly die before you made it.
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:40am

    Sarah Bacon The Mackenzie River Trail is, hands down, the best trail in Oregon. You cannot beat the old-growth forest, the amazing waterfalls and getting beat up by lava rocks. Mackenzie has set expectations that I’m not sure any trail in the US can exceed!
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:40am

    Bill Salie I love my California trails!!!! I need someone to prove Oregon is better. Bring it on!!!!:)
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 9:37am via mobile

    Kim Carter My husband and I started mountain biking last year. We took a trip to Bend in July and fell in love with the trails. Our favorite so far is the Phil’s Trail system. Never get bored, always another trail to try out there. This summer we have four camping vacations booked in Bend for the summer. LOVE, LOVE that place!
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 6:34am

    Sharon Godlewski Has to be bike and brew. I was just in Portland and went to Mt Hood to ski while I was there. I didn’t know about your trips!!! I will have to talk to my gang out there and see who wants to ride. I WANT TO WIN!!! I’m happier on a bike than on my skiis
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 10:30pm

    Sharon Godlewski Bike and Brew is HOOD RIVER. I went to Multnomah falls along the Columbia. I would love to explore more trails and more falls!
    Like · Tuesday at 10:59pm

    Matt Dorgan Josh didn’t know oregon existed?! Move back to mars
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:48pm via mobile

    Matt Dorgan I’ve been trying to ride In Bend for 5 years. Flagline baby!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:48pm via mobile

    Paul Brent Just riding these trails makes one a winner!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:44pm

    Rachell Lindley The post canyon trail systems in Hood River. Built by the riders who love it & make it awesome. It’s where I learned to love Mountain biking, and look forward to riding every chance I get.
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 8:30pm via mobile

    Ben Doney “ATC” or Alpine up in Oakridge!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 7:55pm

    Stephen Alrubaiie The one that doesn’t give me dysentery. Pick me!!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 7:19pm via mobile

    Ryan Gibson Bull gap. Would love to win…holding my breath
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 7:05pm via mobile

    Sara Ballantine Because I want to show my little brother (who lives there) that there are places where his fixie just can’t take him.
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:57pm via mobile

    James Scarlett-Lyon FlagLine! Awesome trail in every way! I’ve only been to Bend once but loved this trail, starting from Tumalo Falls and doing the loop was wonderful….definitely in my Epic category.
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:56pm

    Justin Miller Deschutes river trail in early spring. Fun, fast, flowy and long!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:53pm via mobile

    Rick Brown I’ve really been wanting to ride the trails in Sandy, and can’t wait to ride at Timberline when they get their trails built!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:39pm via mobile

    Jessica Ryder Lanier Bend!!!! Bring it on!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:29pm via mobile

    Emmett Ryder Cascade mountains!! Pretty please!!!
    Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 6:27pm via mobile

    Matt Schockmel Bend!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:24pm

    Dave Patterson My favorite Oregon trail is one you can’t win a vacation to . A trail that has been built by blood , sweat and gears ! A trail that is right in my backyard ! One where if you advertise it and too many people know about it you would ruin it ! So choose me so I can win the trip to one of those “other” places on Oregon that everybody already rides .
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:17pm via mobile

    Lindsey Bauer Wins*
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:03pm via mobile

    Sam Hollis My favorite OR Trail??? Whichever trail I’m on with my mtn bike
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 6:01pm via mobile

    Paully SuperSlack I have no idea what trail’s the best in OR, I live in CO. Send me for free and I’ll report back
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:53pm

    Lindsey Bauer I’ve never been to Oregon so I don’t have a favorite trail. Unfortunately, I have over a 180k in student loans and will probably never get to go unless I win the lottery or win. Hope who ever wind has fun! Lol.
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:53pm via mobile

    Ryan Chambers Never ridden in Oregon, but would really love to!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:49pm via mobile

    Frank Stanton I have friends who have told me I need to hit up the trails along the Umpqua, Hood River and in Bend…. It would be hard to pick just one that I’d want to ride as long as I can get some elevation, technical rocky rooty stuff and some fast and flowy trails in as well, that’s all I care about.
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:40pm

    Grant Matsushige Aloha, I take a mountain bike trip somewhere every year. I had the pleasure of riding out in Oregon a handful of times. My favorite trail I have to say is the McKenzie River Trail. I liked it because it had a bit of everything from smooth flowy to rocky volcanic rock to crazy beauty!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:41pm · Edited

    Randall Stephens Trail of my dreams – because I have never had the pleasure of riding in Oregon. My fenders came from Woody’s in Bend though, so that’s where I want to ride.
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:36pm

    Justin Stroud I have never been, but my step-mom is from there, and from what she’s told me, it’s paradise compared to Florida. I don’t know any trails, but I’d love to go to Oregon and find them for myself!
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:32pm

    Dan Krause This is my favorite Oregon Trail –

    No explanation necessary.
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:32pm

    Chris Gartenmann I hate contests like this. There is always the guy who has a million facebook friends, I don’t add everyone I have ever met, so I can’t win. That being said, would LOVE to mountain bike in Oregon.
    Like · Reply · Tuesday at 5:31pm

  • Peter Inglis says:

    That would be wicked!!

  • Bradley Sikes says:

    I went to school in Oregon 20 years ago. I haven’t been able to ride it but I’ve heard a lot about the MacKenzie River Trail. I’d really like to ride there.

  • Ryan Hanser says:

    Mackensie River, for starters! My brother-in-law is in Corvallis. Need to ride with him and catch some trout on the fly! Oh, and I’ll promote the heck out of Cog Wild if I win 😉

  • Zack Schnepf says:

    Any of the trails around Oakridge

  • Jeff Schaeffer says:

    The Cascades. Lakes trail or 3 Sisters. I have ridden the Bend area and it was a great trip.

  • Tammy Frederick says:

    4 years ago I took a 17 day driving vacation from Alberta through Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah and back. Oregon was the most beautiful state. I always tell everyone what a beautiful state it is. I have not had the opportunity to ride the trails but would love to experience the Umpqua River trail.

  • Mike says:

    Give me a reason to take a vacation from work! I’ve ridden once with Cog Wild and it was a blast. If I don’t quit my job and move to Bend, maybe I could at least win this contest and ride McKenzie or Umpqua.

  • Joe says:

    I’d LOVE to ride the trail that ends with a cold beer! You know the one? It’s all singletrack… that one.

  • Gent Armedo says:

    I would love to try the McKenzie River Trail as I haven’t been outside Norcal and some of my MTB friends have been there. It is also where some new bikes are being test- ridden so I would like to have a go at the trail. After a day’s ride, a beer is a most refreshing sight!

  • Kevin Corcoran says:

    My favorite trail in Oregon is Sandy Ridge! I really wanna ride Mackenzie River, because it’s supposed to be one of the best rides anywhere. I look for a little variety on my rides – a little technical climbing is good and I like both technical and flowy descents. Flat is boring.

  • ed neilson says:

    As a newer mountain bike rider, I have yet to bike up in Oregon. The McKenzie River Trail sounds pretty good to me though!

  • Mike DeJarnett says:

    The Mackenzie River Trail!

  • Austin Lancaster says:

    I would be so stoked to get to ride all the trails up at Post Canyon with my dad. I have ridden many trails and riding areas in Oregon, but still need to get Post Canyon off my bucket list, and then back on it because I will like it so much I will want to go back!

  • william Keys says:

    I have never ridden in OR, but I here that Mckenzie River is a bucket list trail. The beer tours intrigue me as well.

  • Schwim Dandy says:

    Mckenzie River Trail, because I’ve read great things about it.

    Now Gimme Mah Vacation!

  • Philip Higgins says:

    Phil’s Trail in Bend – becasue we share a name and a love of the outdoors!

  • Stephen morrisey says:

    Looks awesome, would love this!!

    • Stephen morrisey says:

      Would be the perfect excuse to travel half way across the world for a MTB adventure, I don’t have a favourite but anything that’s fast and flowing single track with some north shore fun, finishing with a few beers would have to be and epic 2 wheel experience to remember for a lifetime!!

  • Joost Huele says:

    I would love to say I have a favorite trail, but I’d love to go and find it even more!
    I love steep, technical climbs, good scenery and reaching extraordinary places. It seems Oregon scores on all three, so I’m sure i’ll be able to find it there 😀

  • Chris Peterson says:

    I’d love to ride some parts of the North Umpqua trail. Hiked it and enjoyed the hot springs, but yet to ride it. It’s on my bucket list!

  • shiggy says:

    Lawler is about my favorite. Has most everything, but short.
    North Umpqua is wonderful for many reasons, and I have spent too little time on it.
    Want to explore the Fremont.
    Still want to ride the entire length of Windigo-Metolous (riding around the wilderness). 99(+) miles on trail 99

  • shiggy says:

    And the big ride: Bend to Oakridge via trail

  • Ted Pierpont says:

    My favorite Oregon trail is Black Rock because it’s the most fun riding I’ve experienced. Well conceived, expertly executed and maintained at a high standard by the local club. If you’ve been there, no explanation is needed; if you haven’t, no explanation will suffice.

  • Dan M says:

    I’ve always wanted to try riding in the Pacific Northwest! I would start with the North Umpqua Trail given the chance 🙂

  • Jennie Steele says:

    My husband and I keep coming back to Oregon from California to get our fix of buff, forested singletrack and there are so many trails to love here. It’s hard to pick just one, but we loved Alpine/Tire Mt/Cloverpatch in Oakridge most recently, and can’t wait to get back to Bend to check out what we haven’t ridden!

  • Sean McQuilliams says:

    Easy one for Cog Wild. I guarantee another rider- my wife- would come along. Making your give away cost only half as much. Plus, we’ve been considering booking in September for the Beer, Bike and Bend. Also, we’d have to add the Mackenzie River trail due to the insane videos and too to many rumors of how incredible it is. If you give it, we will come.

    • Randy K. Beck says:

      I have never ridden or even been to Oregon. I dream about going to Oregon just to see the state. People I have met who have lived in Oregon are so excited when they tell me how beautiful it is. To actually ride any of the trails in Oregon would simply be ” Icing on the Cake” I ride The Wabash Trace here in Iowa and while I think it is beautiful… I can’t imagine what kind of effect Oregon would have on me! Whether I win this trip or not I AM GOING!!! That much I know for sure!

  • Jerry W. Cole says:

    McKenzie River Trail – Always great to ride a classic trail, especially through old growth and river scenery. The Paha Sapa (Black Hills of SD) trails are great but it always good to get out and about. Love the Northwest!

  • Trevor Walls says:

    Bend and Hood River biking? Private tastings at local breweries? Could life get any better?

  • Bert Boutte says:

    Ok, I have this insane collection of pamphlets from places all over the country in the hopes of one day hitting the lottery and being able to put endless miles on my car traveling the country exploring trails. I’ll have to cross my fingers hoping to ride trails like McKenzie River Trail with chances like this.

  • Jordan Dyar says:

    I have been to Oregon before and know just how amazing the scenery and wooded areas get. However, it made me wish I had my mtn bike along! If I HAD to pick what trails I would ride… it would have to be the Alpine trail and the Cloverpatch trail. Man would I love to be picked for this wicked vacation!

  • Luis Ruiz says:

    McKenzie river is just amazing

  • Keith Hanigan says:

    I spent a good deal of time it OR as a youngster but was never able to line up any serious riding. Looking forward to winning the trip

  • Jonathan Becerra says:

    I like scenic x-country trails with fast descents.

  • Clint Callahan says:

    I worked as a bike messenger in Portland for 3 years loved to ride in Forest Park. But since I no longer live there the Mackenzie River trail sounds like a trail worth going back there for.

  • Rob says:

    Hide and Seek at Sandy Ridge. Upper part is fast and somewhat technical, lower part is all flow. Really fun.

  • Jeremy Wenner says:

    Never been to Oregon, so I’d have to try the McKenzie River trail.

  • Jeff Egan says:

    I’ve never been to Oregon; but I would love to ride the Mackenzie River Trail. I saw an article about it in Mountain Bike Action Magazine and it looked amazing!

  • larry says:

    I live and ride in the pdx area. I rode Ashland once and it was one of my favorites

  • eshew says:

    Hood River, any trails out there…it’s great!

    I do have an issue with your advertisement here. Please add some real mountain biking to your ad, all the groomed dirt roads are boring as hell. We need some freeride baby! I understand you’re catering to families with disposable income, but you might want to try some exciting footage to get the older children excited. Send the kids to Hood River while you go wine tasting. Fun for the whole family!

  • Chester says:

    I would love the opportunity to ride the trails at Hood River! I have friends in the area and being from NY only see them for snow vacations. This would be another great opportunity to sneak a visit in. Seeing Mt Bachelor in Bend I simply fell in love with the area and all its great brew pubs. It has amazing character. Please pick me!

  • Nick says:

    I haven’t rode a trail in Oregon yet, but I’ve only heard good things. The McKenzie River trail would be awesome to ride. I just got my brother back in to riding and would love to take a trip with him!

  • Row Iliescu says:

    What??? Beer, bikes, and…Bend, of course!! Please pick me 🙂

  • Tommy says:

    Never been to Oregon and have no idea how the trails are but have heard wonderful things about them; please pick me.

  • Pepe says:

    Want to go with my dad, we have never been there and only have a year of riding with him before I head out to college, would be a great bonding opportunity doing what we both love to do together.

  • Jonathan says:

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Oregon this fall. We’re doing a ton of research currently and have looked up many trails / places to stay. We’re currently not planning on going to Bend, as it’s a bit out of our loop. Although the plans are not final.

    She’s going for the nature, the waterfalls, the hot springs, and the easier trails. I’m going to challenge myself and put in some miles on some of the more technical single track. I would love to be able to persuade her to add Bend to the list. I hear it’s fantastic.

    And even though I will be bringing my rig, I would love to demo a few bikes on the trip. I’ve heard of some shops in Bend with really nice demo fleets. I’m super excited that I found this article. I’ll be looking up the trails people are mentioning to get a better sense for what to ride. Stoked to visit Oregon for the first time!

  • James Jordan says:

    Would like to ride Cascade Mountains at some altitude. My fav trails here in the Pacific Northwest are technical rooted and rocky and wet. Love XC long rides.
    I’ll be bringing the Funk La Ruta. My XC dream machine. (If I win) 😉

  • Owen O'Connell says:

    This is sweet.

  • Kent Robertson says:

    Count me in. Just got back from an Oregon Spring Break trip and loved the few trails we were able to sample but would love to see more. North Umpqua, Oakridge, Bend, more MRT. Giddyup!

  • Aaron says:

    McKenzie River trail has been on my list for a few years now. I have heard nothing but amazing things about the area and the riding. Would love to ride it!

  • Amy says:

    I’m a new mountain biker (and long time road rider) and want to ride any and all trails in beautiful Oregon! Skippy, my new Specialized Carve, is chomping at the bit to explore Oregon!

  • Flatlander says:

    I’ve never been to OR and the Umpqua trails are near the top of my list. Winning this trip would help me in convincing my wife we should move away from Chicago. Please help! 🙂

  • Tony says:

    I’m from Oregon but have lived in Europe most of my adult life. The last time I went back on vacation I rode some trails around Hood River with my brother in law plus the section of the old highway that has been paved for bikes and beautiful scenery but not quite mountain biking. I’d like to ride the Cascade Mountains, or Hood River, or bend…I can’t decide because all of those locations holds special memories in my heart…and I like beer!

  • chris chambers says:

    umpqua baby!

  • Douglas Kok says:

    I live in Socal and because of that I do not get to ride forest trails very much. I have friends that have ridden in Oregon and they rave about it. I would love to get up there and ride everything, but if forced to choose it would have to be the McKenzie River Trail. All of the pics I have seen of that place look amazing. I love all kinds of trails from beginner to advanced. I ride to clear my mind and push my body. My favorite trails are ones that put a huge smile on my face.

  • gregcamplin says:

    I live in the desert of socal please let me see green grass, rivers,and trees

  • Joby Dynneson says:

    The McKenzie River Trail looks like something to try. I would love to try a lot of central Oregon if I really think about it. I would appreciate any opportunity to get tires on dirt and any new trail would be appreciated.

  • Steven Adler says:

    Enjoy riding at Echo (by Hermiston). Would also like to ride around Bend. My wife rode there at a mtn bike training camp, attempted to take out some trees and had some spectacular bruises to show for her efforts. Thank you

  • Bill Singer says:

    I’ve never ridden there, but I’ve heard great things about North Umpqua and any of the great trails around Bend.

    Would love to give it a try!

  • Amber Hatfield says:

    I’ve never have had the opportunity to ride in Oregon. To start off, I would like to ride the north umpqua and the Mackenzie river trails.

  • Brent Stewart says:

    I rode the MacKenzie river trail years ago, and had a blast… I’m up for anything!

  • Brendan Osborne says:

    I have always wanted to go to Oregon

  • Scott Raines says:

    My wife and I went to Bend for our honeymoon in the hopes that we could ride or ski. We went in April. It turns out the weather was terrible for either activity and we both had high fevers most of the week. Blah. We did get in some good hikes though. There seemed to be MTB trails everywhere. The ride out to Tumalo Falls from Bend looked “easy” and fun way to ride right out of town on Skyliners. We’d love a redo trip!

  • Christopher Gerber says:

    I have never ridden a bike in Oregon, but I will be this summer. My girlfriend and I live in Seattle, and to celebrate our 3 year PNW arrival-versary, we are riding the STP (2 days.) This is special for me, because while I have been an avid cyclist most of my life (racing riding, wrenching, fabricating), she only took up biking this year! Bite the bullet, got a capable road bike, and has been hitting the road… and hard. Hasn’t quit yet, and her 2nd ever ride was a 50 miler!

    I’m a mountain biker at heart, so getting some dirt under my wheels ANYWHERE in our beautiful neighboring state would be wonderful. Love me, pick me!

    – Chris

  • Marilyn Manso says:

    I just got back from Oregon a few days ago and I now realize what I’ve been missing since I started looking for Mt. bike riding destinations back in 1998. I am stoked that I have more than a couple of favorite trails in Oregon, but a trail that I haven’t ridden and would like to be able to include among my favorites is the Umpqua. If I win this contest I will be able to make my husband an offer he can’t refuse. If I win this contest, I’ll bring at least two of our favorite riding buddies along, too. They’d be all over it, even if they don’t win. If I win this contest I’ll be able to come back to Oregon before the snow falls. If I win this contest it will be so much fun!

  • Brandy Kilkenny says:

    I would like to try Phil’s and Horse ridge. And of course kick back with an Oregon brew post ride. ahhh Heavenly.

  • Fred says:

    North Umpqua River Trail for me! Why? I’d like to ride in solitude & beauty & end up at the hot springs.

  • John Parrott says:

    Used to live in Oregon and at the time didn’t know about mountain biking. Would love to be in Bend again.

  • Rich Richie says:

    Mckenzie river, never been to oregon so anything will do.

  • Evil Patrick says:

    McKenzie, Umpqua, Alpine…all fantabulous! I’d like to go back to all, but this time, I’d spend more days in the Oakridge area as I’m certain there are miles of gems in there that don’t get their due respect. youtube/patrel

  • walt lees says:

    Visited Oregon 34 years ago. Suppose it’s time to go back.

  • Kevin Woodward says:

    McKenzie River Trail with Cog Wild would be sweet. Just got to do that ride … and Umpqua, too, of course.

  • Jeanie Pankey says:

    Tiddlywinks. Love Bend!! My favorite place to go on vacation.

  • Dale Pankey says:

    McKenzie River Trail.

  • Robert says:

    Just would like to get away for some real time off. Haven’t really done that in a long time. Love to ride my bike most anywhere. Hope whoever wins, really enjoys it.

  • Rob Charron says:

    I would love to ride in Bend and Umpqua River! Oakridge looks amazing as well! I’ve never been to Oregon but I’ve heard the riding there is second to none. Saw what the riding looks like in Bend and Oakridge on “The Ride Guide”, it looks phenomenal!

  • Andy Crow says:

    So many rides I’d love to do, North Umpqua & Mackenzie do top the list.

  • Martin Duguay says:

    Having recently moved to Western Canada (from the Maritimes), I have never been to Oregon. It is for me, a dreamland (Mountain biking & beer paradise) and would love to get to get a chance to see it! I figure the Bend and Hoor river would be perfect for me!

  • Chris McGourty says:

    McKenzie River Trail! I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’ve heard of it from various sources, and how incredible it is. I’m now in Chicago, and have been grounded here for the past 2 years. Car and school finally paid off. I use to live in Vegas 2-1/2 years ago, and loved the technical rocky stuff, and needless to say, I could use some mountain west coast time! I’ve covered most everything except the Pac N/W, so I’m itching to get out there. Especially to catch up with my friend Donny, who I just recently got into mountain biking by mailing him my old mountain bike parts for his shit bike 🙂 Hope to hear from ya! Chris

  • Jared sellers says:

    Alwsys wanted to try mackenzie river trail! And plan to travel with my fam late june…

  • Kyle says:

    Being from Texas there just is nothing like Oregon here. I was there a month ago, and can’t wait to go back! Would love to ride Mckenzie River, Office Bridge, really would feel lucky to do any of them! The fact I have not taken a vacation in a number of years would make this especially sweet!

  • Doug says:

    Bend – Funner, what could be more fun than good friends, good rides, and good beer. Sign me up!

  • Jonathan says:

    I would love the opportunity and privilege to take a trip anywhere in Oregon for mountain biking. It seems to be an amazing state for outdoor enthusiasts and fortunately has an ocean coastline unlike where I live! I humbly ride an old second-hand Trek 930 and have developed such a love for it and being on trails during warm, sunny, summer days. I look for diversity during my trail rides. Some challenging inclines, craggy downhill paths so that I get to turn a lot, and some obstacles such as an occasional log or stony path help to keep things interesting! It would be such a luxury to be able to afford time for a trip like this just to mountain bike. Many thanks for reading my reply! 🙂

  • Stephen says:

    I would like to ride McKenzie River Trail

  • jeff says:

    Hmmm. I’d get there early and windsurf the gorge a couple days, then do the mountain bike tour, and finish up with a trip to Mt. Hood for some snowboarding!! Oh yeah. That’s a good holiday!

  • rich says:

    Anywhere in oregon, been trying to get there but hasn’t worked out.

  • Kristina Hanson says:

    I’d like to ride the Umpquah River Trail in Oregon because that was my FIRST single track experience as a mountain biker. “Growing up” (as an adult, on my mountain bike) in Orange County, I was exposed to a lot of fire roads and hot, dry, exposed routes. I went to Oregon on my first guided trip and could not believe my eyes when I saw “singletrack” along a river. That trip changed my life (I now live in Santa Cruz where I can ride singletrack when I like) but I’d like to go back, ride the trail without fear and reminisce about my “first day on a singletrack”. xo

  • Leanne says:


  • fernando posadas says:

    it would be a great trip.

  • Chad says:

    I’d love to ride the McKenzie River trail; it looks like Montana!

  • James says:

    I have been daydream-planning a trip to ride in Oregon for several years. This year I even picked a date (July 4th-7th) which is on my wife’s birthday weekend. Its funny, because she and I talk about this trip that’s not going to happen from time to time. Its even funnier that I already have the time off. I manage a Community Bike Shop though, so daydreaming is as close as my wife and I are going to get for a while. My trail of choice would be any trail in Oregon. Its all new dirt for me and I love new dirt.

    Awesome contest. Whether drawn or not, all the folks that responded are dreaming up trips now and that is what makes bikes so rad. They take us places.


  • Drew Hotchkiss says:

    My uncle is like a father to me. He moved away from California to Oregon 20 yrs ago to raise his kids. Now I’m a father of three and respect all my uncle did for me even more. He took me on an amazing ride on mt Ashland a few years ago. To take him on a ride would be a great way to thank him.

  • Jenny Shepard says:

    I would love to win this trip. I have been to Oregon before but not to ride my bike, I would like the Deschutes River Trail for scenery or any that has great single lane down hill sections.

  • Dirk says:

    I want to ride the north umpqua trail. Get in the hot springs. Normally what i look for in a trail, is fluidity. I guess that’s the dream trail, a trail where you aren’t fighting the terrain to keep the wheels pointed forwards. The terrain can be gnarly, but you can still be fluid through those sections. I of course like jumps, berms, hips on the side of the trail etc. Even the uphills, it gives you time to appreciate the beauty. I’m 24, and am thinking about finishing college in oregon. This would be an awesome trip and a great excuse to take a vacation from my job to get out there. Anyways, thanks for the chance.

  • Kevin says:

    I am from seattle and riding around bend or hood river would be an awesome 60th bd party present .

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