Video: 26 Ain’t Dead

26er Video

26ers are under attack and in the crosshairs is the bike most of us started with, the 26er hardtail. While sales forecasts may not show growth in this segment, they are still incredibly fun to ride. Do you still ride yours?


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  • WANNABE says:

    Because I am a total WANNABE, I feel as though I have to ride as pro as possible. So, I can no longer have fun Mountain Biking, but instead I feel the need to buy the lightest carbon fiber 29er my inheritance can get me.

  • carver says:

    Have not ridden a 26 in years. tried a 29 this season it was a hot mess lol
    650B is all I ride. Bury the 26 and save a few 29rs for the xc riders who want them.

  • Maxman6000 says:

    26 wheels and flat pedals to boot, just proves it’s more
    about the rider than the wheel size

  • Vytas says:

    I dont care about the inches, but this video is cool, I like the way you ride, man.

  • XR600 says:

    Great riding vid.
    I want to stay with 26″
    Especially when on full suspension.
    No matter what they do with 29 or 650B, they could always build the same bike stiffer. lighter, with shorter stays, and be more fun to ride if they stuck with 26″.
    If I could have literally 6 of road bicycles in my garage, then I would for sure have a 29 hardtail and and a 650B full suss or similar in there somewhere, as I like all bikes. I would also have a rigid, a fat bike, a cyclocross bike etc and ride them all.
    But 26″ will always be my preference for MTB.
    I hope the day is not to far away when the A-holes in the bike industry return to them, but there will be a lot of mixed wheel size combos and the like to be exploited first!

  • aliikane says:

    That guy is just ripping on a hardtail. Shows everyone on full suspension bikes that we aren’t going fast enough. Haha.

  • ginsu says:

    Jeez, I through out my 26er when I read the Press Release on 29ers like last decade…in fact, I saw some teenager on a 26er Wal-Mart bike and I beat the crap out of him and gave him my 29er because I felt bad about it afterward, and I know 29ers are old school so it gave me an excuse to get rid of it because I ride only 650b now anyway.

  • JimmyDee says:

    Yes, I have two bikes, both 26. One is an old hardtail I now use for commuting sometimes that has just been upgraded over the years. The other is a medium-old Cannondale Perp 1 that will probably never die. I have a brand new wheelset for it and tons of custom parts.

    It’s stronger, more versatile and more awesome than any newer FR carbon bike on the market. It can DH if I need and between the custom remote lockout (true lockout) coil shock and the rotor cranks and QR, I can ride it *to* the trail as well, not dependent on a gas vehicle. 36.5lbs is getting up there for weight, but not terrible considering the strength.

    I’d consider a larger wheel diameter for a city commuter, but I am not very tall, so I’m quite happy with 26″.

    Oh and I actually happen to understand the physics of the differences between the sizes, so I’m not sucked in by silly marketing claims.

    The wheel will roll better because of momentum. The more rotational mass and the farther it is from center, the more it will feel stable. But the opposite is also true. Lower rotational mass and closer to center makes it more nimble and faster accelerating.

  • ahaha says:

    This guy is faster than exactly 100% of MTB forum members despite riding a hardtail 26. Yes, he’s faster than the “If u can’t spend $5,000 then don’t bother” fatass “extreme bicycle collector” club.

  • tim walsh says:

    That kid can ride, no doubt about it. On a hardtail, no less. I feel like the larger wheel sizes have been forced on us to keep up bike company profits. Of course, ride whatever wheel size you want – but keep the 26″ for those who want a bike that handles.

  • patrick says:

    Good to know that a bike that rewards skill (and isn’t for the lost roadies) is still out there (I’ve been looking at BFe’s for a while, love cotic).

  • Rafael says:

    Tried a 29er, Too sluggish to get it going. Too long to get right in the air. The big wheel was just about impossible to turn in some tight switchbacks, I am short so it looked like a circus bike. Had a nasty crash trying to jump it (land it) and broke my humerus, a rib and tore my labrum, I have not tried any 650b so I don’t have an opinion yet. But between the 26er and 29er,,,the 26er wins hand down because it is just more fun to ride and that is what mountain biking is all about.

  • Mattias says:

    It’s not the size that matter guys, it’s how we use it…

  • James says:

    ‘Great riding. The kind of stuff a 26″ HT is great for, no debates, even if 95% or more of us are not capable of that level of almost 4-cross riding.
    —My personal comment on wheel sizes beyond that has no relevance to anyone else and is biased by whatever I own or my general perceptions of how I fit into this very broad thing called ‘mountain biking’ goes in here. I hereby recognise I am wasting my time posting on the internet on this topic. —
    A rider on one of three wheel sizes, some point between 0-200mm travel, any number of gears including 30 or just one and my own choice of handlebars’

  • bryan says:

    I own and ride bikes from all disciplines of the spectrum, 26ers, 29ers, downhill, carbon roadbike, singlespeed, fatbike, (although no 650b’s yet), blah blah blah. I’m really getting tired of the wheel size bashing thing and it’s starting to piss me off how stupid some diehards can be. If you don’t like it, ride whatever you want and STFU already!

  • kyle says:

    29> 27.5> gay> 26 freeride or die

  • Chinman says:

    Just goes to show it’s not the size of the sword, but the fury of the attack that is important.

  • john says:

    need help…..just standing 5’3″ in height, as a beginner how do i choose a right size mountain bike for me?

  • Steve says:

    Many good comments above. This video and conversation make me miss my 26 Turner Nitrous! Just can’t wait to ride.

  • john says:

    So glad to see these comments! I love my 26ers, I have one 26 FS that is a total blast to ride, a rigid 26 SS bike and am starting to build a third. 26′s are light, agile and completely valid for any terrain!

  • Dave "doesn't normally leave replies" Jones says:

    Damn, I just got a 26er…

  • Cookie says:

    I’m waiting for the 36ers to catch on so there are better tire choices. 36 inch fat bikes are truly the way of the future (why go around stuff when you can roll over it nestled in between 2 tractor tires). Gary Fisher just needs to “invent” that idea too (oops, just gave away my secret plan to make millions).

    And don’t forget, DH’ers used to run 24s in the back. There needs to be another revival!

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