Video: Christmas Riding – Jumps in Mud and Snow


Another great vid from the ShapeRideShoot crew, this one hot off the presses with some winter time riding. Digging dirt in the summer is one thing, but you know you’re hard core if you are making jumps out of snow and mud!

Official Video Description:
“Conditions are pretty good here in France to ride bikes. Snow is up the mountain and we got tons of water on our favorite trails. That makes our ride a little bit nasty and sketchy but still very funny!”

Or if you prefer it in it’s native French:
“Les conditions sont excellente ici en France pour rouler. La neige est remontée assez haut en montagne et des tonnes d’eau se sont déversées sur nos sentiers préférés. Cela rend notre façon de rouler sale et approximative mais toujours aussi drôle.”

There’s a ton more great pix below>>

Thanks again to the ShapeRideShoot Guys!

(Be sure to click on “FULL SCREEN” to see big pix!)

Video: Christmas Riding – Jumps in Mud and Snow Gallery


Photo: Gaetan Rey. David Dondana testing his new Gambler


Photo: Gaetan Rey. Vincent Tupin in a Kyle Strait signature move


Photo: Gaetan Rey. David Dondana geting up the trail for next shot


Photo: Gaetan Rey. Vincent Tupin motocross style




Photo: Gaetan Rey. David Dondana and Vincent Tupin


Photo : David Dondana. Benoît Gurnel is so proud of his Dorado


Photo: Gaetan Rey. Etienne Gurnel, logger, dirter, freerider

Gaetan-7d copie

Photo : David Dondana. Gaëtan Rey filming


Photo : David Dondana. Gaëtan rey, Benoît Gurnel, Vincent Tupin preparing next drift


Photo : David Dondana. Gaëtan Rey's bike




Photo: Gaetan Rey. Benji Rouiller's bike


Photo: Gaetan Rey. David Dondana's bike


Photo : David Dondana. Benoît Gurnel muddy rider


Photo : David Dondana. Benoît Gurnel and Vincent Tupin muddy riders
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