Video: Top of the World Trail, Summer 2013 Opening – Whistler, BC


Whistler Mountain’s Alpine Trail is now open! As avid skiers we love the alpine, accessing this area on bikes is limited and where possible requires a full days effort of climbing. Whistler offers this experience from the top of their lifts for more people to enjoy. With limited tickets sold, this trail will not be as crowded as the lower trails in the bike park. In fact, it could be even less crowded then some of the alpine areas in Switzerland (one of the areas you would have to travel to to get this experience).

This is not your typical gnar core bike park trail. This trail is more about accessing beautiful terrain, it is labelled black, but any experienced rider could ride it. Take your time, enjoy the view and smell the flowers.

More information about Top of the World Trail in the Peak Zone follows:

  • Built by Gravity Logic, construction started in September 2011.
  • Built over the course of two years in five sections the first time the trail was opened it only had two sections operational giving it the reputation of being mainly a road ride down a cat-track. Total trail length is now 4.3km
  • Top of the World is rated black because the top portion has some exposure and the most technical difficulty. While it’s considerably less steep at the mid-points (and is also less steep in the bottom portion) the rating reflects the length and possible weather elements.
  • Including the rest of the bike park total vertical possible is 1500m
  • Peak chair ticket to get to the TOTW with a day pass or season’s pass is $16.00, $12.00 if booked 7 days in advance.
  • Single ride ticket from Gondola to Peak is $31.00 (i.e. you get the full 1500m descent but that’s it).

Video: Top of the World alpine opening – Whistler July 2013

Video: Top of the World Trail, Summer 2013 Opening – Whistler, BC Gallery

Trail Crew

Trail Crew is working hard to keep the trails maintained for you!


We did one run on Blue Velvet to check out the new bottom section. Its very nice. The trail crew is really getting creative at the sculpting!


Then we headed up the Gondola to the Roundhouse

Trail to Peak Chair

Took the new machine built trail from the top of the Roundhouse to the bottom of the Peak Chair. Much nicer then the road.

Peak Chair

Heading up the Peak Chair.

Sharon Top of the World Trail

Enjoying the views of Black Tusk.

Top of the World Trail

Then we go down.

Lee Top of the World Trail

Great rock work at the rocky top to keep the trail consistent.

Top of the World

Shot from last fall when KRob visited.

Top of the World

Shot from last fall when KRob visited.

Sharon Top of the World Trail


Lee to TW Lower

Views then into the trees.

XC on Top of the World Trail

You can even do this on an xc bike!

Bermed Turns


2012 Top of the World Trail

Berms on the last secction of trail before going back into the bike park. (Shot from last fall when KRob visited); Great start to the Alpine Riding season 2013!
About the author: Sharon Bader

I am 5’9″, weigh 154lbs. I have been riding since 1991. I started on a classic XC hard tail but have moved with technology and now ride a Pivot Mach 5.7 for XC, a Trek Session for DH and a Pivot Firebird and Knolly Endorphin for freeriding/shore/technical XC riding.

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  • james says:

    the trail looks fun but i would rather ride it going up first than ride down. anyone can ride a trail down hill. real mountain bikers ride up than down

  • keith says:

    Real mountain bikers aren’t elitest James.

  • Roy Miller says:

    James wants to climb 5000 vertical up a gravel road so he can join us on the ride down ;)

  • colin barlow says:

    Also, generally – really boring watching videos of climbing a trail… lets go to you tube and find the ratio of downhill vs climbing vid’s posted or viewed..

  • craig says:

    I’m going to ride the top of the world trail, I’m not a downhiller but I like going downhill as long as I’m not risking my health. The lost lake trails(free and awesome) are more somewhat cross country type trails and fairly technical with wooden bridges etc…

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