WTB Enhances Tubeless Rim Market With Frequency Rims

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WTB Attacks Tubeless Rim Market With “Frequency”
Compatible Integrated Design (CID), 4D Drilling, and TCS Join WTB’s Market Leading Rim Technologies fro Cost-Effective Tubeless Performance

Mill Valley, CA (CFEpr+) November 30, 2011 - WTB is attacking the wheelbuilder market with its new FREQUENCY rim designs. FREQUENCY rims introduce new market-leading technologies that allow wheel builders and consumers to build reasonably priced high-performance tubeless wheels in 26″ and 29″ and to replace their current non-tubeless rims with Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) hoops.

TCS technology is the solution for riders seeking high performance, lightweight and durable mountain bike wheel systems that are easy to build and simple to service. TCS rims are:

Smart. TCS comply UST and ETRTO specifications to enable industry wide
compatibility. Factoriess can combine WTB TCS products with any UST compliant product. The proprietary “On-Ramp” found on TCS rims allows easy tire mounting.

WTB’s “Bead Lock” ensures that the tire stays locked onto the rim even in the most rugged riding conditions. TCS tire sealant, rim tape and removable core valve complete the lightweight system.

Simple. With ultimate control over the rim and tire fit, TCS products ensure the installation process is simple. With the use of a floor pump, no special tools are required making the process as easier to install than a tire with an inner tube.

Fun. TCS technology enables the end user to maximize the ride experience on the trail. Improved wheel stiffness and reduced weight improves suspension performance. Reduced tire pressure improves traction and control.

Frequency TCS Rims Features Include:

CID - Compatible Integrated Design is a WTB design philosophy that allows ANY bicycle wheel builder, dealer or qualified mechanic to be able to build and service the components of a Frequency equipped wheel set without the need for special tools or techniques. Simple, reliable wheel building!

TCS - Frequency rims allow riders to build or convert their current wheelsets to TCS. Performance features include ON-RAMP inner profile, and BEAD LOCK UST shape and diameter for superior tire fit and retention, TCS RIM TAPE for a consistent air-tight seal, and TCS Sealant for superior flat protection.

4D DRILLING - Directional drilling on FREQUENCY rims provides stress-free, straight to the source angling for spokes towards the hub. Normal spoke drilling patterns put undo stress to the spoke and rim at the nipple. 4D eliminates this, resulting in a stronger, lighter wheel build.

I-BEAM - Pioneered by WTB in 1994, the I-BEAM provides vertical support and torsional rigidity for the rim and wheel, while counter-acting spoke loads and stress on the wheel.

7000 SERIES ALUMINUM - FREQUENCY rims provide super-light and stiff performance in both 26″ and 29″, and 19 and 23mm width designs weighing in from 390 to 530 grams.

ON-RAMP - WTB’s On-Ramp helps the bead of your tire slide up and into the “groove”, providing a consistent fit between your tire and rim, resulting in easy installation and inflation.

UNBENDIUM BULGE - Additional material is added to the outer sidewall, improving torsional, radial and lateral strength.

About WTB:
Founded in 1982, WTB has been defining State-of-the-Art cycling products since its inception. With a profound focus on wheel, tire, rim, saddle, grip and accessory technology, this rider-owned and staffed company builds superior products through constant real-world testing and a ground-breaking passion for mountain biking.

Visit WTB.com to get a glimpse into the next 30 years of mountain bike design.

Source: Jason Moeschler

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