16 Money Saving Tips For Mountain Biking

You don’t have to go broke just the shred the gnar

Money Saving Tips for Mountain Biking

Some of the best money saving tips for mountain biking include working on your own bike, saving old parts, and not worrying about always having the latest and greatest stuff. Just ride your bike and have fun.

Mountain biking can be an expensive sport. Check that. Mountain biking is an expensive sport. But that doesn’t mean you have to go broke just to shred the gnar. There are some ways to save a little cash along the way to two-wheeled bliss, and our friends at the Global Mountain Bike Network are here to help. Press play to hear about 16 money saving tips for mountain biking.

Re-using old parts, hunting for bargains online, strategically swapping tires, and working on your own bike are all great ways to save a few bucks. What would you add to this list of money saving tips for mountain biking? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • John says:

    Best way to save time viewing the oft too long GMBN vids:

    1) Turn off the sound !
    2) Fast Forward to each subject box.

  • owen says:

    No.1 way to save money is dont view bike websites, dont buy bike magazines and stay away from bike shops, marketing will make you want new stuff you dont need.

  • Dee says:

    The whole idea of using short videos came about as a study by CNN (yes, THAT CNN) to make the news appeal to younger viewers. Basically, “young people are observed spending time on short stupid Youtbue videos, let’s make the news match that format.” After that, everyone caught on.

    The problem is, there’s a difference between zoning out watching Youtube vs getting onto the internet with the mindset of wanting to learn something. I don’t know of a single person who mountain bikes, who actually watches these videos to find the content. The guy next to me went on this very article, saw it was a video, and closed the webpage.

    One day, the folks who make this content will actually realize they could save a lot of time/money on video production time by just typing up the article instead. Not everything is an in-depth instruction that best fits the short video clip format.

  • abe says:

    full suspension – only few really use it
    dropper/ remote / 12 speed cassettes /

    practice = skill
    $$$$ = you like to spend money

  • Juan says:

    A lot of riders think they need 150mm or more of travel and12 speeds. Just pushing around extra weight. They don’t realize there’s a guy on an aluminum hardtail single speed right behind them.

  • joeyMa says:

    Get a single speed…………… lots of money saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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