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Ayup: Roadie Kit $190.00 | MTB Kit $320.00 | Endurance Kit $415.00

The MTB Kit we tested at $320 includes the two lights below:

Light Price Claimed Lumens Runtime Battery Type Light head weight Battery Weight Installed Weight Lumens per gram Lumens per dollar
Ayup Standard $160 320 3:40 Lithium Polymer 57g 100g 191g 1.57 1.88
Ayup Narrow $160 320 3:40 Lithium Polymer 57g 100g 191g 1.57 1.88

Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.


Ahh Ayup. This was our discovery last year as the land Down Under surprised us with a very fresh approach to lighting. Gone were the fancy everything found in lights these days. What they delivered is a singleminded focus towards simplicity, bright lights and light weight.  It seemed like the racer’s choice. It was light, bright and basic. But it wasn’t for everyone. Their approach yielded no light switch and very basic mounting setups. This is ok for some but not for all.

Enter the new Ayup lights. Let me just say that we are floored by their new offerings. First things first, they are much brighter. Next, it seems they went through our ‘Weaknesses’ list from last year and worked to address them all.  And they did it without losing the essence of an Ayup light. A no-frills approach to light and bright lights.

The most obvious of these changes is the light switch. There is an orange bulb on the battery and it does a fine job of turning the system on and off. It is big but unobtrusive. You can feel your way in the dark and click that sucker. There’s no fancy double-clicking or depressing for many seconds. Just on and off.

The second update is the very svelte helmet mounting system that they have designed. Gone is the tape and the zip ties and having an obnoxious black piece on your helmet when you don’t have the light mounted.  What they have now is a velcro mounted system that supports the light on four legs. It kind of looks like a gecko mounted on your helmet. It works very well and could not be easier to mount and remove.

The basics:

The Ayup ‘regular kit’ is a light system from Australia that features two light heads. Each light head has two LEDs that can be tilted up and down independently. The kit includes two small batteries and a large battery. Aside from the 110 volt charger, a 12 volt car charger is included as well. The whole system comes with a handy neoprene case to transport everything.

The beam patterns are selectable at the time of purchase. The patterns available are wide, intermediate and narrow. We tested the intermediate on the bar lights and the narrow beam on the helmet light.

Light Head and Switch Close ups:


The ‘regular set’ comes with two lights, one for the handlebar and one for the helmet. The mounting system uses zip-ties and thus can’t be moved to other bikes/helmets easily. The battery is so small that it is meant to be mounted on the stem and on the helmet.

As mentioned, the helmet mount is completely new and extremely convenient and effective.

Light Meter Measurements:

On our light meter, measuring ambient light, the narrow helmet mount measured 33 Lux for the Standard beam  and the Narrow beam. This is more than double the output of the Ayup lights we tested last year at 16 and 17 Lux.


  • At 33 Lux per light, they are now extremely bright
  • Light switch is well integrated and easy to use
  • Helmet mount is very innovative
  • Incredible value with two lights, three batteries and a car charger
  • Very, very light
  • Great run-time


  • No dimming modes or flash mode
  • Handlebar mount still requires zip ties

Bottom Line:

This was good last year and way better this year. Our concerns have been addressed and the light has gotten twice as bright. It doesn’t have flash or dimming modes and that might detract some. But if you want the lightest, affordable high-powered system, this may be the lightset for you. The light output , weight, convenience and price equation adds up to a very nice system.

Beam Pattern Photos:

Ayup Narrow

Ayup Wide

Ayup Standard

Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4.75 out of 5 Stars

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  • VEF says:

    these look exactly like 08 kit. are there any diference?

  • Cotic Soda says:

    ^ Did you not read the review?

  • VEF says:

    I red review and it is 2008 year model. At least these were listed on Ayups website as 08 model in 2008 year. Where does 2009 comes from? Date of publishing review?

  • DontFive says:

    “2009 Ayup MTB Kit”

    “This was our discovery last year”

    “Next, it seems they went through our ‘Weaknesses’ list from last year and worked to address them all.”

    “This was good last year and way better this year.”

  • John says:

    If I read the lux chart correctly, these Ayup lights at 320 lumens are the same lux rating as the Dinotte 600L (600 lumens)? both come in at 33 lux?! If so, then these ought to be like having a 600L on the helmet. Is that right?


  • Toby says:

    Enduro racing in Australia – half of the field uses these lights in the Scott and Mont 24hr races (2000 plus riders each) This should tell you something! My night laps for the Mont were 57mins and day laps 55mins – plenty of light and no worries about batteries as the kit has 2 x 3 hour batteries AND a 6 hour as standard. What more could you need?

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