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Norco Fluid LT 2: (X-Large) $3375
Travel: 137mm-152mm Weight: ~35.5 lbs/16.6 kgs
1. Solid feel and great handling
2. Comfortable, neutral and natural body position
3. Solid steering, not twitchy
4. Good component to price ratio
5. Corners very well
6. Solid frame, stiff front and rear ends
1. Pedal bob
2. Not a great sprinter
3. Doesn’t actually come with Joplin
4. Slight brake jack
5. Needs stronger stem
Reviewer: Adam LaBarge

Age: 31 Height: 6’4”

Weight: 235 lbs

Bike Size: XL

Introduction –

After the ’09 Norco product launch, I asked Norco if I could spend more time on the Fluid LT. At Whistler last year, I was able to spend about 30 minutes on the Fluid LT 1. I took an easy ride around the Lost Lake XC loop after a few days of bombing the rest of the Whistler trails on Norco’s bigger bikes. I was keenly interested in getting more saddle time on the Fluid LT for two reasons: first, the 30 minute pedal around the lake was just too short a time for this fun a bike, and second, I had just finished reviewing a similar long travel all mountain bike that I was less than thrilled about. I needed to know if I really did have a substantial distaste for this genre of bike or if it was just that particular bike. I’ve been pegged as a ‘downhiller’ and it isn’t unfair to say that when I look at a bike with over 4 inches of rear travel I am mostly interested in how well it will handle going downhill. I personally see very little reason to have 5 or more inches of travel on a bike if it is only good at going uphill. Although to peg me purely as a downhiller isn’t a complete picture of my bicycling character. I do enjoy putting in the time and effort in a good long pedal uphill. I enjoy the physical challenge and the accomplishment of ascending to a mountain’s top. But I can get that same feeling of accomplishment on a road bike. So for me, a bike with suspension has to perform best with the nose pointed down the trail. With this knowledge of my riding style I hope this review will help you decide if the Norco Fluid LT 2 is a good bike for you. Ask any question you like in the comments and I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

First glance –

At first glance the Fluid LT 2 can’t be missed. The bright neon green frame means you will stand out even at a rave. But colors can change and don’t indicate how well the bike rides. With riding in mind, the Norco strikes me as a beefy All Mountain bike with semi-slack geometry and a strong component spec. The Fluid LT series is important to Norco so making the bike perfect is a priority for them. The ’09 Fluid LT also saw some improvements over the previous year. These include new stylized and stronger rocker arms, square tubed seat stays that do not hum under breaking, as well as a gusset re-enforcement on the non-drive side. Attention was paid to making the frame as light and stiff as possible. The headtube got a slight shave and anywhere else that Norco could save weight by shaving off material while not weakening the frame, they did (like in the design of the seat and chain stays.) Components have been upgraded as well. The ’09 comes with a Marzocchi 55 ATA 120-160mm travel, SRAM X-7 shifter and X-9 rear derailleur Shimano XT center lock hubs with Mavic XM 317 rims. Avid Juicy 5 brakes with 7″ rotors actually work really well. Kenda Nevegal 2.35 downhill casing Kevlar bead Stick-E tires show that Norco thought from top to bottom about making this bike the best they could.

Components and More…

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  • keith hames says:

    that’s a sick bike dude.

  • dragos-Romania says:

    super bike man, take care of it and use it to maximum

  • Soon to be Norco Fluid LT 2 owner says:

    Great review! BRAVO!!! I was torn between this and some other ‘more’ costly rides out there.. I think the Fluid is right on the sweet spot for BFYB.. Thanks again for a great comprehensive review..

  • Joe says:

    Awesome bike, had it for a year now, only problem…no ISCG mount points 🙁 = no HammerSchmidt for me

  • Chad Kolcze says:

    Im looking at buying one of these bikes now.
    And as im an all mountain guy, forced to be not prefered, then im concerned about the peddle bob. How much bob are we talking & in comparison to other ‘all mtn bikes’, where does it stand in the area of up hill performance?

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