2012 All Mountain Bike Tests at Interbike Outdoor Demo

26er 27.5 29er Enduro

Devinci Dixon

Next I went to the Devinci booth to check out either a Dixon or their new Atlas 29er. No Atlas was available so opted for a Dixon. These guys were not interested in getting a lot of bikes out as they were really slow (or thorough depending on how you looked at it) in getting the bike set up (and I even put on my own pedals). Drove me nuts watching the tech check every bolt and micro adjust the position of the brake levers. When I finally got the bike in my hot little hands I met back up with Craig who I was hoping would score a Rocky Mountain Altitude 650B as a nice complement to the Dixon but had to settle for a Element 950 Carbon instead.

The Dixon is an impressively stout bike for 145mm of travel. In fact I thought it was a 160mm bike and wondered why the Fox 32 was spec’d. Sturdy tubing and stiff looking links, solid axles, and ISCG mountas made it look bomb proof (Devinci’s lifetime warranty backs up that look). I was excited to try Dave Weagle’s split pivot design the Devinci has adopted and it did not disappoint. Pedaling up the smooth dirt to the shuttle pick up it felt very efficient and dw-like. It might have been a bit more active than the dw-link on smooth climbs but felt plusher and more active under power in rougher, rockier conditions. On the the techy Skyline descent it felt unflapable from the head tube back. No flex. Controlled, plusher-than-you-would-expect travel. I was getting bounced around quite a bit by the fork though. This thing screamed for a plush 160mm fork with some beefier stanchions. The 67deg HA (with 150 fork), the burliness, the freight train tracking all add up to a downhiller’s trail bike. It needed a fork to match.

When I turned it back in I mentioned this to the tech and he said, “Oh you shouldve tried the (??) build.” It had the dropper post and 160 fork. That’s the way I would go if I were buying this bike. Not sure why they build it any other way.

Totally forgot to take pictures of this bike and kept meaning to go back over to the booth to shoot a few but never made it.

About the author: Kent Robertson

Kent Robertson (better known to Mtbr forum users as KRob) is just a guy who likes to ride. A lot. Kent’s 52 and has been riding mountain bikes for almost two decades, though he says his love of two-wheeled conveyances began when he was 5. His favorite trail type is any, be it fast and flowy, steep and chunky, or jumpy and droppy. Even a mellow bike path cruise with his wife makes him happy. “If I’m on two wheels it’s a good day.” Kent calls Ely, Nevada, home, but he’s ridden all over the western U.S. from Moab and Fruita, to Tahoe and Oregon, to a bunch of places in between. And while Kent focuses on the ride more than the bike, he’s ridden and tested a ton of bikes and knows what makes for a good ride — and a good bike. You can read more from Kent on his personal website, www.stuckinthespokes.com

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