2012 Bike Lights Shootout – Backyard Beam Pattern Photos

Lights Shootout

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  • froze says:

    I purchased the Phillips Saferide after reviewing the comparisons here on MTBR and I am very glad I did. I’ve compared this light in real life to several friends lights who paid quite a bit more for theirs, and all of us were surprised that the Phillips was actually the brightest. Not only was the Phillips the brightest but it more side illumination then theirs. The MTBR photos are sort of misleading in that just because the light tested shows tree tops lit up real well and thus has the appearance of being brighter when in actual road test the light casts a flat beam that is brighter at longer distances then those that cast the round shaped beams that light up trees. My friends and I all noticed that beam effect, that effect was remarked by a friend that likened it to a motorcycle or car head light pattern. If you study the beam comparison here on MTBR closely and notice the intensity of the brightness of the wood fence behind the swing set and on the grass in front of the swing set you see what I’m talking about. None of the tested lights have as much light on the grass as the Phillips, and that’s what you need…the beam to light up the road not the trees.

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