2012 Bike Lights Shootout – Trail Beam Pattern Photos

Lights Shootout

Here are the trail beam patterns for all the lights in our 2012 shootout. They are separated by Flashlight Lights, Commuter Lights, and High End Lights.

We photographed the lights in the same location setting with the same camera settings. The photos were taken in a singletrack trail that is about 300 feet long, slightly uphill. There is an orange 8×11″ cardboard marker at the 100 foot mark and then a green marker at the 200 foot mark.

Note that there are a lot of features on the trail and on the upper canopy to exhibit the output of each light. Most of the lights were pointed at the 200 foot marker. The weaker (under $100) lights were pointed lower at about the 100 foot marker.

The camera settings we used are the following:

  • Camera: Canon PowerShot G9
  • Setting: Full manual
  • ISO: 100
  • Exposure: 4 seconds
  • Aperture: F4.0
  • Focus: Manual
  • White Balance: Daylight

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Flashlight Lights

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