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Their new product line includes redesigned mallet and 5050 pedals, wider handlebars, a level 1 group, saddle, new or redesigned tools, wheels and packs. Crank Brothers has been realigning their product suite, and they have divided it up into collections (cobalt-Cross Country, iodine-All Mountain, sage-Freeride and opium-Downhill), and then levels within each product line (11-Best, 3-Better, 2-Good, 1-Entry), except for the pedals, which are only categorized by their numerical level.

Magura USA (aka Magura Direct) hosted an incredible press camp in spectacular Sedona Arizona in mid-May, and they were kind enough to invite Francis and I on the wondrous shindig. The invited editors and writers got to test out the Magura Direct products that they distribute, which includes Magura (brakes and forks), uvex (helmets and sunglasses) and Vaude (packs and apparel), and they also were joined by SKS and Crank Brothers. We got to test the products from each of the companies on the inspiring, scary and extremely technical trails of Sedona, and the riding experience was simply superb. Our awesome Crank Brothers hosts, Amanda Schaper and Jason Firsty, gave us an excellent and in depth walkthrough of their entire product suite.

The cobalt and iodine bars (1, 2, 3, 11) get a larger selection of widths, including the addition of an ultra wide 780mm in the 11 level, which is made from strong and lightweight carbon. The cockpit (bars, stems, seatpost) gets a new level 1, which is for entry level users and will be spec’ed on OEM bikes, and they come in cobalt (seatpost, bar) and iodine (bar, stem). The opium 3 and sage 2 bars have been added, and they measure in at a whopping 780mm wide with two rise heights (15 or 30mm).

Bar Model cobalt, iodine 11 cobalt, iodine, opium 3 cobalt, iodine, sage 2 cobalt, iodine 1
Weight (narrowest) flat: 132g, rise: 160g
iodine -178g
flat: 180g, rise: 230g
iodine – 238g
Opium – 290g
flat: 227g, rise: 262g
sage – 325g
flat: 278g, rise: 318g
iodine – 328g
Rise Flat: 8mm, Low: 15mm
iodine – 30mm
Flat: 8mm, Low: 15mm
iodine – 30mm
opium – 15, 30mm
Flat: 8mm, Low: 15mm
iodine – 30mm
sage – 15, 30mm
Flat: 8mm, Low: 15mm
iodine – 30mm
Sweep (only cobalt flat) Flat: 6°
Rise: 6° 680mm
9° 700, 740, 780mm
Flat: 6°
Rise: 6° 680, 700mm
9° 720mm, 780mm
Flat: 6°
Rise: 6° 680, 700mm
9° 720mm, 780mm
Flat: 6° 600, 680mm
Rise: 6° 680, 700mm
Width (only cobalt flat) Flat: 600, 680mm
Rise: 680, 700, 740, 780mm
Flat: 600, 680mm
Rise: 680, 700, 720mm
opium – 780mm
Flat: 600, 680mm
Rise: 680, 700, 720mm
sage – 780mm
Flat: 600, 680mm
Rise: 680, 700mm
MSRP $120 $80 $50 $30

The cobalt (2, 3, 11) and iodine (1, 2, 3) stems are very trick, and the cobalt 11 is a gorgeous full carbon unit. For clamping purposes the cobalt series uses an innovative plunger system that uses a single torx bolt at both the steerer and handlebar, which pushes out in a uniform manner, giving a cleaner surface area and a more distributed load, and allows a much higher torque setting. The iodine series uses the typical clamping systems, except for the iodine 3, which uses a carbon faceplate for weight savings and a plunger system on the steerer.

Stem Model cobalt 11 cobalt, iodine 3 cobalt, iodine 2 iodine 1
Weight 100mm 125 grams cobalt 140 grams
iodine 158 grams
cobalt 158 grams
iodine 167 grams
190 grams
Length 80mm-120mm cobalt 80mm-120mm
iodine 65mm – 100mm
cobalt 80mm-120mm
iodine 65, 80-120mm
50, 65, 80 – 110mm
MSRP $300 cobalt $100
iodine $130
cobalt $80
iodine $90

About the author: Brian Mullin

Brian likes to push the limits in all the sports he obsesses in, whether it's mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, skiing, or sport climbing. He takes those same strengths and a good dose of insanity to his reviewing and writing on mountain biking products, creating technical, in-depth articles. Whenever he's not on the bike, he might be found watching MotoGP racing, otherwise look for him out on the trail.

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  • rkone says:

    I bought the cobolt grips, they were noticeably wearing down after the first ride. After 5 rides the texture was totally worn off in places. Stick with just the pedals!

  • willtsmith_nwi says:

    Crank Brothers products have traditionally been some clever twist combined with poor execution packaged and polished nicely. I expect nothing different from anything new they make. Early reports have it that their “new” Egg Beaters aren’t much more reliable than the old ones.

    Anyone should think twice about investing in their products.

  • 29ers247 says:

    Yeah, the grips probably wore down because they weren’t on a 29er. If they were on a 29er they’d last until the end of time. Just like titanium.

  • rkone says:

    Actually they were on a 29er. Maybe they wouldn’t wear down on a full suspension, mine’s SS rigid..

  • Brian Mullin says:


    Sorry to hear about the issues. I am an SPD pedal person myself, so I never really use Egg Beaters.

    I will be testing and reviewing the iodine wheels, bars, saddle and stem shortly, so I can’t comment on the longevity of those items, but they were fine in the week of abusive terrain I tossed them into in at Sedona.

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