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Ed Kwaterski, the chief engineer and product manager from Manitou, highlights the Tower, Marvel, R7 and Circus forks at Dealer Camp 2011. Ed shows us some of the new features you can expect from Manitou in their 2012 lineup of suspension forks.

Manitou Tower 29er Fork

  • Available in Pro and Expert models
  • New 1.5 crown
  • 9mm new casting
  • New arch design
  • Pro model has material removed for weight saving
  • New cosmetics on casting
  • QR15 version will be coming shortly
  • Absolute+ compression damping
  • TPC adjustable rebound
  • Pro model comes with MARS Air
  • Expert models comes with ACT Air
  • Available late fall

Manitou Marvel Fork

  • Cross country 32mm
  • Available in Pro and Expert models
  • QR15mm quick release axle system
  • 1/4 turn hex lock system
  • Expert model has in leg compression damping
  • Pro model has cartridge system compression damping (previously only on MRD forks)

Manitou R7 Fork

  • Available in Pro and MRD models
  • 3 lb cross country fork
  • MRD eliminates V-brake post and has cartridge system damping

Manitou Circus Dirt Jump Fork

  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Absolute+ compression damping
  • Tuned for dirt jump with higher platform and damping force
  • Dual bottom-outs
  • Gives riders cushion on wrists

Manitou Dorado Fork Photos

About the author: Thien Dinh

Thien Dinh gained most his cycling knowledge the old fashioned way, by immersing himself in the sport. Thien enjoys the year round riding and great climbs the Bay Area offers. When not riding, he enjoys tinkering with photography and discovering new music.

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  • jp says:

    Really? Nothing yet in the 150-160 range? Well I am glad I bought my X-Fusions but I would really like to see Manitou get back into that range again. The tower fork looks solid but lets see some travel.

  • Nick says:

    Sooooo, what different from the 2011 line up then? it all seems the same to me.
    Give me something to replace my Lyrik with please!

  • tnt says:

    Yes, where is the 150-170mm fork with 20mm axle? Please fork companies stop making white forks.

  • Matt Savage says:

    Yup… I don’t ride an XC bike, don’t have a 29er, I don’t have a full blown dedicated DH rig… Where’s the 160-170mm forks? Almost no frame manufacturers use a 1.5″ headtube so my Sherman is out. My Nixon 160 is awesome, but it just isn’t comparable to the new batches of 36’s and Lyriks out there (other than reliability and weight..) My Travis 150 is a great fork, but it’s a porker.

    Come on Manitou, it can’t be that hard… Please give us something!!!

  • BikeThrasher says:

    Stoked to see the Tower I just hope it comes in 130mm travel to acomidate the new longer travel 9ers that we should be seeing soon. I still haven’t made the 9er switch because I still feel the 26in trail bike is still better than any 9er I’ve ridden. When Pivot introduces it’s new Niner that may change but in the mean time. Where is the Minute? Trail bikes are the largest segment in Mt Biking. I know lots of guys who only use their 9er for racing and have built up 26er trailbikes again.

    A 120-150 travel Minute, with a 15mm QR and one click travel adjust between the 120 and the 150 setting, would be really nice. I’m over Fox and Rockshock. A bunch of us were talking after a group ride the other day wondering when Manitou would make a come back in the Trialbike fork world. We all loved our old Minutes Feel and stiffness, but the 20mm through bolt was a pain to use and the IT travel adjust Was finiky if not requarly lubed and it didn’t like the cold at all. Come on Manitou. I’d love to tell Fox were to shove my Talas.

  • Rigel says:

    So much 9mm lowers, what for???????? haven’t they heard of 15mm replacing those??? Cmon Manitou when you guys are gonna start upping your game. I still have my Nixon 145 / 20mm TPC+, awesome fork that still gets some respect and it’s reliable!!!!

    Need ideas? see the comment above, Trail and AM forks please!!

  • Junior Varsity says:

    Umm, QR15 is available on the Marvel and the Tower for 2012.

  • Yogiprophet says:

    The new 15 QR looks awesome.
    I am wondering if the Tower will be available in a straight steerer…..and what travel options it will come with.

  • Joules says:

    alright, new 9mm lowers…. to go with the v-brake R7s, that was a great R&D investment, for you know, when you guys start sending forks back in time.

    I’m no marketing genius, but Manitou, I’d suggest focusing your efforts on things people are actually buying. Today. As opposed to stuff we wanted in 2005. TPC+ is still one of the best dampers ever made, if you tossed it in a fork with the travel people want these days, you’d probably sell tons of them, especially if it was a little cheaper than Fox or RS.

  • David P. says:

    On to 2014, and you’ve got to applaud Manitou for their lineup at that time. So many complaints about lack of travel and 9mm… It’s 2014 and QR15 is just starting to make inroads into the largest bike sales segments (low end MTB and XC). Most AM bikes now sport QR15 and 20mm, but you can’t ignore that even today, 9mm forks are, by a wide margin, the most numerous in use, and still make up the largest segment of new MTB/XC bike sales. For all those riding 9mm that need to upgrade or replace, but don’t want to buy a new wheel… 9mm forks will be a major staple of any fork lineup for some time, even as the quality and feature sets of 9mm forks narrows. Hucking survived 9mm for many decades, and many are still perfectly happy with the spec. Change is good, and Manitou continues to focus on what is trending (hence the new Mattoc), so cut out the armchair quarterbacking and enjoy the great products that are available today!

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