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The 2012 Norco Product Launch is underway in Whistler BC. There are a ton of new bikes and we want you to know all the details. Here is a quick rundown of the Revolver, Sight, and Aurum, the latest and greatest from Norco. See New 2012 Road Bikes and Cyclocross Bikes from Norco on RoadBikeReview.com

2012 Norco Revolver – 100mm 29er

Maybe you are ahead of the curve, someone who can see the benefits and advantages of new technologies long before others catch on. You’re a rider who wants to lead the pack rather than follow, and a rider who doesn’t let their equipment hold them back. This 29er is designed for you.

The new REVOLVER from Norco brings a unique blend of technologies, spec philosophy and industrial design to 29-inch wheels. A competitive bike for the masses, the REVOLVER is a lightweight trail weapon with poised confidence on the way down and explosive speed on the way up. A bike for epic rides, endurance races and new adventures, it is agile, stiff and responsive. This is the all-trail, singletrack killer that will leave you with no regrets and an upward curve at the ends of your mouth. Once you try this 29er you’ll never be able to look at small wheels the same way again.

Intended Use
For fast, flowing California-style singletrack, 24-hour endurance races or just a local trail with good friends, this is the bike you need. The REVOLVER was designed to be lightweight and competitive while maintaining a healthy amount of versatility. With a carefully selected spec and a meticulously engineered and sculpted frame, this is the un-race bike that can be raced. Light enough to be competitive and stiff enough to be fun, it’s a 29er for the people … the faster people.

The Revolver Story: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

If you already ride a 29er, then you know. You know they are quicker, smoother and more fun than their small-wheeled counterparts. You know that with the right 29er you are faster than the competition and your friends too. And you know that a 29er can be versatile and competitive. If you don’t ride a 29er, try the REVOLVER. Then you’ll be in the know too.

Quickly gaining traction as the definitive choice for riders that want unmatched speed and a smooth ride, 29ers are moving into the mainstream. To date, though, many 29ers lacked the versatility that riders hunger for. We took note and engineered the REVOLVER from the ground up to be a bike that will turn heads and convert 26” diehards. Nimble yet stable, versatile yet lightweight, this unique combination
was made possible by combining an excellent component spec with a carefully designed frame.

Built on the new A.R.T. suspension platform, the REVOLVER combines technologies like a tapered head tube, integrated dropouts and custom hydroformed tubing. The end result is a bicycle that is incredibly stiff and efficient while remaining lightweight. Surprising to many riders is the balance that the REVOLVER finds between both climbing and descending abilities, while being capable of winning endurance races.

Frame Technology
Every aspect of the design, suspension and spec was carefully scrutinized, engineered and tuned to ensure that the final product is as close to perfection as possible. With 100 mm of trail optimized a.R.T. Travel creating a rigid, active and efficient platform, the revolver provides an ideal riding experience. The suspension kinematics were carefully refined to create the perfect balance of pedaling efficiency and bump
compliance. The frame is lightweight yet laterally rigid for precise and nimble handling characteristics. The end result is a beautifully balanced and efficient bicycle that is above all fast!

  • 100 Mm of a.R.T. (Advanced ride technology) rear suspension travel. Pivot placement has been optimized for xc/trail performance to take advantage of four main benefits: increased pedaling efficiency, improved braking performance, increased square-edge bump compliance and easier-to-tune, bottomless-feeling suspension.
  • Custom hydroformed tubeset: each tube has been meticulously engineered to be lightweight and stiff, providing a responsive and lively bike that goes exactly where it is pointed. Using hydroforming also allowed us to shape the tubes to create an aesthetically stunning frame. Some key frame features are: seat tube with integrated link arm pivot, asymmetrical seatstay tubing, and curved top tube for low stand-over height.
  • Holloform® link arm: forged and then welded to create a one-piece linkarm that resists torsional forces and provides a solid, predictable ride
  • Wrap-around seatstay yoke: by wrapping the seatstay yoke around the front of the seat tube, the rear wheel can come closer to the seat tube at full travel. This allows for a shorter chainstay length which improves the handling characteristics.
  • Integrated dropout design: forged dropouts with integrated axle and pivot points, integral brake caliper post-mount and seat stay support gussets. This unique structure works with the holloform link arm to provide an incredibly stiff rear triangle that resists the lateral forces of the rear wheel. The bike tracks straight and is very stable and predictable. The integrated dropout design of the revolver includes:Syntace x-12 142 mm x 12 mm axle: stiffer and stronger than other axle designs. Integrated derailleur hanger is stronger and much stiffer than conventional designs for crisp, precise shifting in any condition. Post-mount brake mount: reduces the mounting hardware to half of a normal brake mount, provides a stiffer interface for the brake and reduces brake noise. The net effect is improved braking performance. Integrated gussets: strong, light and nice to look at, these stiffen the rear end, improving riding performance
  • Clevis-less pivots: if you were to look at a normal pivot point, you would notice that the end point is connected by a piece of material welded to the tube, also known as a clevis. A stride forward in bicycle design, we found a way to eliminate the clevis by mounting the pivot hardware directly into the tapered tube design. With fewer welds these pivots are stiffer, stronger and lighter, giving you a better ride.
  • Tapered head tube: a huge step forward in bicycle design providing three major benefits, all making the bike more responsive, stiffer and exciting to ride. Larger tubing at the front end – where the head tube meets the top and down tubes – making it stiffer and more resistant to side loading, ensuring precise steering and bicycle control. It allows fork manufacturers to make a stronger crown (the piece that connects the legs of the fork to the steer tube) with no weight penalty. Increased strength means less flex and more precision with no downsides. The bearings in the lower headset cup are oversized, allowing them to be stronger, smoother and longer lasting.
  • One-piece, asymmetric chainstay yoke: optimized strength, stiffness and weight. Also reduces chain slap by lowering the drive side chainstay.
  • Forged lower shock mounts: designed to better disperse shock forces by creating an improved structure near the bb area.
  • Proprietary aluminum and stainless steel pivot/shock hardware: simple and stays tight.
  • Chainstay mounted front derailleur: to allow the front derailleur to follow the suspension as it moves through its travel, we have mounted the front derailleur to the chainstay yoke, to improve shifting performance.

More than a single suspension system, A.R.T. is optimized for each frame platform. Our engineers strategically refine the pivot locations to tune suspension characteristics for each application so that every frame excels in its intended environment.

Increased Pedaling Efficiency
To combat the mortal enemy of suspension known as bob (the bouncing that occurs when pedaling), A.R.T. was designed to provide increased chain growth. This creates anti-squat forces, effectively counteracting the forces that produce suspension bob. The result is incredibly efficient power transfer and excellent climbing ability for our bikes.

Increased Square-Edge Bump Compliance
Square-edge bumps will slow most suspension designs down in a hurry. A.R.T., however, improves the wheel’s ability to travel rearward as it travels up, allowing the wheel to move out of the way of obstacles. When put in practice, this provides a smoother, faster ride over rough and varied terrain, perfect for mountain bikes.

Improved Braking Performance
You may have heard of brake-jack before, and perhaps you’ve seen the interesting contraptions bolted to the rear of bicycles to mitigate braking forces. With A.R.T. the rearward axle path allows the suspension to remain incredibly active under braking. The result is smooth, powerful braking with fully active suspension and a whole lot of traction when you need to slow down immediately.

Improved Leverage Ratio Curve
To make the suspension easier to tune and give it the bottomless feel riders are looking for, A.R.T. suspension uses a progressive leverage ratio curve. At the beginning of the stroke, the shock is very responsive to improve traction and small bump absorption. As the shock goes through its stroke, it becomes progressively stiffer to absorb larger bumps, drops or hits. We also lowered the overall leverage ratio to reduce forces in the shock and increase tuneability and shock life.

Spec Philosophy
A bicycle is really the sum of its parts; the frame, the fork, the wheels and the brakes are useless by themselves. But when you put it all together, that is when the magic happens.

We have taken our time and carefully selected the ideal combination of parts to complement the frame and ultimately the rider’s needs. It is our philosophy that bicycles need to be versatile, enabling riders to explore their idea of adventure wherever the trail or road may take them. Our component specs reflect this ideology and provide the perfect blend of true performance and versatility. The REVOLVER spec was selected to provide cross-country performance with all-mountain prowess, so it’s both lightweight and adaptable. These are some of the highlights of the spec:

  • 3 x 10 drivetrains (44/33/22 front with 11-36 rear): provide a real granny-gear for improved performance when climbing. We’ve found that some 2 x 10 combinations are punishing while climbing steep terrain on a 29er, unless you have legs and lungs of steel, so we opted for the extra ring to ensure that the perfect gear ratio is only a click away.
  • Wider 680 mm low-rise (15 mm) bars and shorter stems than traditional XC bikes. More leverage and control while enabling an aggressive body position improves performance on a variety of trails.
  • 100 mm travel forks with 20 mm and 15 mm dropouts, tapered steer tube and remote lockout lever for all Revolver models. Stiffer axle and steer tube as well as offering a quick lockout climbing setting.
  • 29” tubeless-compatible rims for Revolver 1 and 2. Gives you the option to run a tubeless for weight savings, lower tire pressure and fewer pinch flats.
  • Lockout or ProPedal rear air shocks improve climbing efficiency.
  • 160mm front and rear brake rotors: lightweight with all of the stopping power you need, and some to spare.
  • Colour ties on components, including saddle graphics, rim graphics, bar, stem and seatpost: the aesthetic is an important part of a bicycle and we’ve gone over and refined every detail to ensure the perfect ride and look.
  • Low-stack headsets: We have specifically used a low-stack 1.6 mm or 5.3 mm top cone to allow for lower stem height adjustment. Bikes will come with spacers for adjustment.
  • Larger volume 29 x 2.2 tires with trail (mid-knob design tread), work well with the larger 29” wheels.


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