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Welcome to the Interbike 2013 Live Blog coming to you from Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s day 3 of North America’s biggest bicycling industry trade show. All this week we’ll be bringing you photos and info on the latest mountain bikes, gear, apparel and new technology. The newest updates will always appear on the top of the page. Also check out‘s Interbike content here for all the latest road gear updates.

By Jason Sumner

Day 1 of indoor show done. Everybody leaving at once…

By Jason Sumner

Want to ride all winter long? The SH-MW81 is Shimano’s premium off-road cold — and wet — weather shoe. Gore Tex insulated. Full grain upper. Glass fiber sole. MSRP: $230.

By Jason Sumner

Shimano makes just about everything else, so why not hydration packs.

By Gregg Kato

Here is a shot of the brand new dropper seatpost from Azonic called the Drop-In. It has 110mm of travel, comes in 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9 sizes and is machined from 7050 aluminum. It has an MSRP of $299.99 and will be available early November.

Here’s the technical features of the new Drop-In post from Azonic.

By Gregg Kato

The Solo has been renamed the 5010 due to some kind of copyright issue. Shown here in gloss orange/blue, the 5010 has 125mm of travel and rolls on 27.5 wheels. The model shown here has the SPX-AM kit with Fox float CTD rear shock and Fox 32 Float 27.5 130 CTD fork. Frame weight with rear shock is 6.74 lbs. Weight for the complete bike as shown is 29.49 lbs.

By Jason Sumner

The buzz word in mountain biking this year? Enduro. Already we’ve seen enduro bikes, enduro wheels, enduro shoes, enduro helmets, and of course enduro races, lots and lots of enduro races. So why not enduro specific grips. These new grips from Ergon have texture that is oriented against the rotation of the hand better grip, and a soft rubber compound in the mid-palm zone for increased comfort.

By John Shafer

Ergon is showing off new Enduro grips and saddles at Interbike. There’s a lot more to them than just the word “enduro,” too.

By Jason Sumner

This is what Interbike does to people.

By John Shafer

X-Fusion’s new Revel inverted single-crown fork. What do you think?

By Jason Sumner

Ergon is also showing off this new high volume enduro specific hydration pack. It’s highly adjustable and can be outfitted with a back protector, which are required equipment at many enduro races.

By Jason Sumner

The gang from Ergon have three new saddles, road, enduro and CX specific.

By Jason Sumner

Props to the folks at Chrome for this cool display.

By Jason Sumner

Brand new from the folks at Chamois Butt’r a women’s specific chamois cream and a sports kit wash that’s gentle on fabrics.

By Gregg Kato

The Norco Sight LE Carbon is the top of the line model among several models and options. Expect this to be a popular bike for 2014.

The Norco Sight LE Carbon has an MSRP of $6850 and is one of 7 models in the Sight lineup (4 carbon and 3 alloy).

By Jason Sumner

Miss lunch at Interbike? No problem. Clif has you covered with an array of ride food samples. We’re a big fan of the blocks. Gummy food that is good for you.

By Gregg Kato

The new Revel HLR USD is one of the hottest products at Interbike this year. The Revel features 34mm stanchions and is an inverted fork. It is made for 27.5 or 29 wheels and has 160mm of enduro travel. It uses a 20mm axle and has 46mm of offset.

The Revel has a weight of 4.5 lbs (2041 grams) and has 140, 150, 160mm of travel. Only 200 are being made and this fork is assembled at X-Fusion’s US headquarters.

By Gregg Kato

Zoic was showing some new apparel. Shown here are the Fade jersey and Ether shorts for men and the Terra jersey and Navaeh shorts for women. These will be available February 2014.

By Jason Sumner

Messenger bag maker Chrome has a cool custom bag program going on at Interbike. For $125 you can choose your own color among 11 choices. Turnaround time is about 2 hours.

By Gregg Kato

Feedback Sports has a clean, simple solution for maximizing space for bike storage. Called the Velo Hinge, it is a pivoting wall hook that allows the bike to swing out of the way. The hook folds away when not in use and works with road and mountain bikes.

The Velo Hinge from Feedback Sports retails for $24.99 available end of October.

By Gregg Kato

Feedback Sports new stand for fat bikes. $47.99 available October called the Fatt Rakk.

By Jason Sumner

Not sure what it has to do with cycling, but everyone loves a Delorean.

By John Shafer

Getting some scooter love from professional mountain bike racer, Sonya Looney!

By Gregg Kato

Fox has new lightweight armor called the Launch Enduro coming soon. They are slip on style made for the enduro racer or trail rider.

The knee armor is $59.95 and the elbow guards are $49.95 and will be available in Feb 2014.

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  • Harry says:

    When I look at that Revel fork this tune comes into my head,
    “Transformers!..Robots in disguise!….”

  • Nick says:

    “Here is a shot of the brand new dropper seatpost from Azonic called the Drop-In.” Are you sure? I don’t see any dropper post in that picture…

  • bob says:

    How did the Enduro beer taste? Does LV have an Enduro hotel casino yet?

  • Mike says:

    That fatbike stand looks like a rip! $50 for some square tubing and molded cones?

  • TooTall says:

    Have another look at the Drop In seatpost. The MAX and MIN insertion lines. They are the wrong way round aren’t they?

  • Teddy Dickman says:

    “Here’s the technical features of the new Drop-In post from Azonic.” HOLD ON…. I’m still looking… at those two.

  • Enduro says:

    Rumors that Santa Cruz has an enduro fat bike in the works! Enduro!!!!

  • BKM says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you like enduro so we put some enduro grips and an enduro saddle on your enduro bike so you can ride enduro while you ride enduro.

    This sh*t is so gratuitous.

  • DMFT says:

    5, 4, 3,… 2,..1 Here comes “Sh*t Enduro Riders Say” video on YouTube!!

  • Ergon USA says:

    What people need to remember is that enduro is now the modern day word for all-mountain….freeride….or just mountain bike in general. You ride up….you ride down. That is enduro. These grips fit under our “enduro” product line……or in other words products that are designed for aggressive and technical riding. That could be enduro, park riding, DH racing, etc. The GE1 works best on wide bars….780+. The clamps are inboard so you can ride wide on the bars. The rubber, when looked at in a profile view is a saw blade design. You have more grip when pulling back….as opposed to forward. Also wide bars = riding elbows out. When elbows are out your hands rotate inward. The grip shape and location on the bar fits to this riding position. Call it marketing. Call it hype. From us, this is a product that has been in the design pipeline for the last 2.5 year, well before the industry started using the “enduro” label.

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