2013 Tifosi Rumor, Saxon, Duro, Mast Eyewear


Riding with the Tifosi Mast glasses.

One of our favorite eyewear companies is Tifosi Optics. We like the quality of their optics, the style and features of their glasses and the fact they don’t charge $100-$200 for a pair of glasses. Most of their products are in the $30-$60 range. The fact that the company is run by extremely friendly folks from Watkinsville, Georgia is just an added bonus.

Note that in the list above, we mention ‘quality of optics’ first. Cycling eyewear for us is all about seeing better, first and foremost. A good set of glasses allows the riders to see better with no distortion while minimizing glare and blocking UV rays. Tifosi does all that and more. And they’re safe too as they will protect your eyes from trail debris, flying critters and low hanging obstacles.

About four years ago, the Tifosi glasses we used were not quite dialed in terms of style and color. And the plastics and hinge quality were a step down from the more expensive premium brands. But we’re happy to report that the new glasses like the Mast, Duro and Rumor feel like top quality products. We think they look good and that is confirmed by the number of fellow riders who ask us about these glasses while out on a ride.

And finally, there’s the issue of price. Paying $200 for a pair of Oakleys is a painful decision and losing a pair of those is even more demoralizing. The Tifosi glasses can be had for $30 and the full featured ones with multiple lenses or photochromic lenses are around $60.

So here’s a rundown of what’s new from them in the coming season:

The Rumor is a full-framed model with an oversized lens that is continuous across the nose bridge area. It comes in many colors and is as stylish on and off the bike. It is ideal for women or guys with with a lot of panache.

Rumor: $60, includes 3 sets of lenses.

The Saxon and Lore are nice glasses with thick arms but open, single lenses. The arms are coated with rubber at the ears for a non-slip fit.

The Saxon is $50 or $70 for the polarized model (pictured above).

The Lore above with the Fototec lens is $70. Fototec is Tifosi’s light sensing lens that gets darker when in bright light.

And a favorite of ours this last year has been the Tifosi Mast which has a sculpted full frame with well-defined angles. These glasses look good on and off the bike and they stay on the face with an adjustable nose piece and rubberized arms. The Mast glasses now come in their light adjusting Fototec lens.

Duro in Matte White with Light Night Fototec lens, $70

Tifosi Mast in Bend, Oregon’s Phil’s Trails.

And finally, here’s some Readers glasses which are bifocal sunglasses. You’re aging and you have to look at your phone or GPS while on the trail. Nobody needs to know that you have cheater glasses that magnify those tiny letters.

All Readers glasses are $50.

Tifosi Duro in green looks pretty darn good and it’s $60 with three sets of lenses.

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