2013 Trek Fuel EX Review

All Mountain Trail

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  • Izzy says:

    Wow! Awesome photos! The beauty of that place is beyond words. Definitely one for the bucket list πŸ˜‰
    About the bike… “CTD is very plush indeed as it is wide open and maximum suspension action is made available. But there is little damping and that may not be ideal if the terrain has a lot of drops and jumps. It’s a compromise…”
    This is why I don’t like FS bikes that require switches/levers to make the suspension work optimally in different conditions (can you say ‘Scott?’). I’d take dw-link, VPP or ART any day over this.

  • Davidcopperfield says:

    Will this be available in 29er version? Trek Fuel EX 29er a great competition for a Specialized Stumpjumper 130mm πŸ™‚

    • Rexlaroo says:

      Did you not notice that many of the pics in this article were of the 2013 Rumblefish Pro. There’s your 29er.

  • Rob says:

    “Mtbr was given the opportunity to ride the 2013 Trek Fuel EX in the rocky trails of the Dolomite mountains in Cortina, Italy”…I read this while riding my chair, in my cubicle. Jerks.

  • BicycleKicks says:

    Now put a 29 front wheel on it and make a proper all-mountain 69er again please.

  • Don Morningstar says:

    Great assembly of Video! Makes one want to plan a trip somewhere…..an ectra 10 on the suspension, Ill take that!

  • Tim C says:

    I seriously doubt this bike is more capable at descending than the original remedy that came with the Fox 160 up front. That said, I will be taking a hard look at a fuel ex, but not the 9.9 — $9,000 dollar model.

    • Ruffino EX7 says:

      Tim C I have the 2013 fuel ex 7 and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it is such an amazing through and through. Its tough as nails, fast as hell and very very maneuverable! Best part is I only spent a little over $2100!

  • Gav H says:

    why would they bring out a Fuel EX29er when they have the Gary Fisher range of 29ers…which ride real well compared against the other 29ers on the market.

  • Daniel says:

    just bought a 2013 EX8. The above article says there are spacers for the fork air chamber included. none came with my bike. trek europe says these do not exist. can anybody give me insight? thanks in advance!!

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