2016 Bike Lights Shootout: Headlights

Bike light reviews, measurements and beam shots

Lights Lights Shootout

2016 Bike Lights Shootout Headlights

2016 is an exciting year for lights with brighter lights, more affordable options and new features such as wireless. We’ll have mountain bike trail headlights here in one section and commuter lights on RoadBikeReview with many tail light options in another section.

The components to this light shootout are:

1. Integrating Sphere Lumen Measurements – View actual measured Lumen charts of each light
2. Beam Pattern Shots – Compare all the beam patterns photos side by side
3. Individual Reviews – Click on each light below to read the editorial review

This article is part of Mtbr and RoadBikeReview’s 2016 Bike Lights Shootout. See the 2016 Mtbr Headlights Index and the RoadBikeReview Commuter Lights Index.

About the author: Mtbr

Mtbr.com is a site by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. We are the best online resource for information for mountain bikers of all abilities, ages and interests.

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  • Peper says:

    I love the NightRider lights. 700 Lumina on helmet and Pro 2400 on bars. Puts out sooo much light on high that you can actually see the leaves wilting on the trees and bushes next to the trail…..JK You can’t out run the lights.

  • Matt says:

    I’m surprised the latest 2016 XML-3 Dinotte was not included. I know it’s listed as a 2016 but I believe the 2015 was tested in this review. The 2016 version now produces 2,000+ claimed lumens with 2.5hrs claimed on high and 1,400 lumens on medium with 5hrs runtime. That runtime is exactly what I need and it’s still in the same small form factor light head and battery. The new battery has 10% more claimed capacity and I’ve been wanting to buy a second battery for a long time. I think this is the push I needed. It should take my 2015 XML-3 at 1,500 lumens up to at least 4hrs if not 4.5hrs on high. Knowing myself, I’ll probably buy the second battery…. with a new 2016 light head attached lol.

    The reason I didn’t buy the more powerful XML-4 was that it was a little bigger (not a deal breaker by any means), but it also used the same battery and had a considerably shorter runtime which was the deal breaker. 1.5hrs and 2,100 lumens or 3hrs and 2,000 lumens and $30 cheaper . Easy choice. I wonder if the XML-4 is going to get the same update treatment.

    I also love my Lumina for helmet mount, I don’t think it gets any better when all things are considered but I like my Dinotte considerably better for the bars over anything I’ve owned from Niterider. I feel like Dinotte is really over engineered and I like that the LEDs are only run a 50% capacity when on high. I guess that’s why they run 3-4 LEDs where some use only one of the same type of LED for similar output. But, to be fair, all of my Niteriders have been flawless as has my Dinotte. Not to start a Dinotte vs Niterider war, both are very good lights and both excel in different areas.

  • bike rider says:

    What happened to the Bar Charts you used to have? Price, $ per gram, lumens per gram, lumens per $, stuff like that? Did you get in trouble with the manufacturers? 😀

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