2017 Dainese Protection

Impressive line-up of protection, including new Trail Skins 2 knee pads

The Armoform Lite version has added shin protection.

The Armoform Lite version has added shin protection.

Armoform Knee Guard Lite Ext

Featuring the same hard-shell design of the Armoform Knee Guards, these lightweight pads utilize an open-back design for simplicity and ease of use. An additional shock absorbent memory foam extends coverage to the lower shins for aggressive riding.

This gives even more protection, especially on the shin area from rocks and flat pedals. Straps are not as high end as the Armoform, which results in a lower price.

  • Elastic adjustable bands
  • Polypropylene knee/shin plates Crash Absorb shin pad extension
  • Homologation: EN 1621.1
  • Armoform Knee Lite knee guard: $90
The fabulous Doug Barnett demonstrates how well the jacket fits and articulates with movement.

The fabulous Doug Barnett demonstrates how well the jacket fits and articulates with movement.

Rhyolite 2 Safety Jacket

We used the original Rhyolite jacket in Whistler and put it to good use as we ran off the side after one of the big jumps on the Crank it Up More trail. The jacket protected our upper body and we came away unscathed.

The Rhyolite 2 makes the jacket even lighter and more conforming to the body, especially the joint areas. It uses the new Pro Armor soft pads that ventilate very well but offer good protection. The back pad is a dual layer piece that allows some slip movement, as one piece conforms to the back and the outer piece can take the exterior shock.

Back articulates very well.

The back articulates very well.

  • Removable sleeves
  • Crash Absorb soft memory foam
  • Jersey Hole highly breathable, run- resistant mesh
  • Pro Armor elbow pads
  • Pro Armor shoulder pads
  • Flexagon Technology back protector Crash Absorb chest and rib pads
  • Homologation: EN 1621.2 level 2 EN 1621.1
  • Rhyolite 2 jacket: $300
Back protection is configurable.

Back protection is configurable.

Trailknit Pro Armor Tee

Finally, here is a base layer that offers protection, the Trailknit Pro Armor Tee. Providing the benefits of a traditional next-to-skin base layer, including temperature regulation and muscle compression, the Trailknit Pro Armor Tee eliminates the need for wearing multiple layers by incorporating protection directly into the structure. This allows very close fitting of the armor to the joints and it ensures the protection stays in place during impact.

  • Seamless construction
  • Bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic and anti-odor
  • Abrasion resistant, tear-resistant and anti-pilling
  • Dryer material
  • Pro Armor shoulder pads
  • Multi-layer Crash Absorb back protector
  • Homologation: EN 1621.2 level 1 EN 1621.1
  • Trail knit Pro Armor Tee: $190

For more information visit www.dainese.com.

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