2017 World Whip Off Championships

Presented by SPANK from Crankwork Whistler

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2017 Official World  Whip Off Championships

Want to win a full Spank cockpit, pedal and wheelset worth over $700? Watch the 2017 Official World Whip Off Championships, then head over to www.spank-ind.com and vote for your three favorite whips.

How to Judge a Whip

So what is the criteria that the judges are considering? In a nutshell, it’s summed up as “sideways, amplitude and style.” Breaking it down, here are the key components that combine to create the perfect whip:

Sideways: How far sideways you can get your bike. Ultimately, its about getting that bike to 90 degrees or beyond.

Style: It’s an artistic thing. Is that sideways, high and forward, or low and forward.

Amplitude: The height and trajectory of a perfectly styled whip is usually the tie breaker factor.

Fluidity (aka steeze): Is the rider looking comfortable, carving off the lip, not looking stiff and landing nicely.

2017 Official World  Whip Off Championships

To learn more about the contest, head to www.spank-ind.com.

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